Monday, February 25, 2013


A good story is a timeless and beautiful thing to enjoy and share.
A good story is a timeless and beautiful thing to enjoy and share.
Well here I am plopped on my couch watching the Oscars.  Are you really surprised? I mean I am Greek... We did invent "Acting" remember?  That along with the windex, politics and good food of course.
So it's got me to thinking about the whole process.  The glitz, the glam, who gets nominated, who doesn't.  Whose wearing what and whom.  Who is so and so's date and on and on...  We all know so much of what goes on Oscar night boils down to a popularity contest.  Yet there are so many amazing stories that because of popularity do not get the attention they deserve.  So many stories yet unseen, and even more stories who are yet untold.
There are screenplays from countless storytellers from all over the world that are waiting to come to life.  Not only that but the world is full of great storytellers.  Almost everything we experience on a daily basis is a story.  Not just the movies, but TV, animation, music, blogs, newspapers, and magazines.  Stories are everywhere.
We have such a strong connection to stories.  Really who doesn't want their life to be like a story?  The good guy wins, gets the girl, and the dog finds his way home again.  If only life were that simple.  Stories help us to find our way through life through the good times and the bad.  And the greatest storyteller of all... Jesus.
He used stories to tell us how we are to live and how to navigate through this life according to his plan and purpose for us.  It was his primary message of communicating with us and delivering God's message.  Modern theatre was birthed from the Church (the Greek one of course - the "Correct Church" that is - LOL) ;D Think about it...  That is why most churches are designed in the way they are.  The pastor is telling a story, conveying a message and most times the choir helps drive home that message with songs, that also tell stories.  Which is ironic because that very industry (the film industry) was birthed from the church, and it is doing everything it can to keep God out of it.
Geeze... it's a good thing there are people like me ;D Who desire to tell stories using my talents through music and acting that invoke thinking and promote morals, values and yes even Godliness into our Pop Culture and into society.  Yes I said it that bad word that might possibly offend someone "Godliness".  The best part is, I'm not alone.  There are so many amazingly talented artists out there who create and produce thought provoking stories that are also funny and entertaining.
At the end of the day... isn't that what we all want anyway?  To be inspired and to smile... I will say that the entire cast of Les Miserables singing the finale song on stage - that sure did make Greek Girl smile.
Ava :D xox

Monday, February 18, 2013

Don't Quit

If you stop Gargamel just might get you, so you have to keep on going!
If you stop Gargamel just might get you, so you have to keep on going!
Did you ever have one of those days?...  Of course you have.  I mean that is unless you're one of the Smurf's living in a cartoon world where everything is drawn out for you.  I mean imagine if you were a Smurf, what's the worst thing that could ever happen?  You get chased by Gargamel?
Seriously though... if you're not a Smurf and you're a real person living in the real world it is highly plausible that at one time or another you've had a bad day.  So what do you do when that happens to you?  Are you the kind of person who just buries their head under the covers to hide until it has passed?  Or do you dig your heels in and push back when the world pushes at you.
Because no matter who we are, where we live, or what we do or are trying to do, there always comes a point where we have to make a choice.  Chose to keep going or give up.  For me there is no other option, I keep going.  Maybe it's that Greek "Stubborn" gene I was born with, you know the same Greek gene that invented the Windex, Acting, Politics, or any of the other cool stuff that came from the ancient Greeks.  Or maybe it's because I have spent my entire life chasing the same goal, I don't know.
For some people it's not that easy.  Some people find out what they are made of early on in life, for others it comes later.  Some, however never discover how strong they really are.  That makes me sad.  Some people give up before they have ever really reached their true potential, and even worse some do the unthinkable, they kill themselves.
How is it that so many celebrities have committed suicide lately?  Some have flat out killed themselves.  Others did it slower with drugs and alcohol and overdosed.  My question is, how is it that so many people with seemingly so much to live for and to look forward to could give up so easily?  I think part of it, well maybe a big part of it is because as a society we are living in very negatively infused times.
The media is quick to prop up, chew up and spit out sensation or celebrity of the week.  While the powers that be are pushing the idea that hard work should not be rewarded and everything in life is fair.  But in reality - life is not fair at all.  The good guys don't always win, and the bad guys don't always lose.  So when life beats down on the people who do not have a strong sense of who they are and where they are going, what happens?  When God has been removed from everywhere he might be able to "offend" anyone, what do these people who do not know where to turn do?  Sadly we see the results all around us.
Many people are so much stronger than then give themselves credit for.  Quick to assume they can't do something, when in reality they have no idea how strong they really are until they push themselves past where they thought they "couldn't" go.  I just have one wish for everyone who is having a bad day... Don't quit.  You might not "feel" like you can do it, you might not see how now.  But if you quit, you will never reach your goal.  If you keep going, there is always hope.
One of my favorite quotes from one of my fitness heros:
"Your legs are not giving out, your head is giving out, keep going." ~ Jillian Michaels
Blessings, Love & Music ~
Ava :D xo

Tuesday, February 12, 2013

Oh No Not Again


So I was getting ready the other day to head Upstate NY where I would be working on my new music video for, "I Don't Even Care" when I was shocked to read the latest news blurb.  It turns out, yet again in an unfortunate scenario a young and aspiring artist jumped to her death off the George Washington Bridge.  What's so awful about this is that she did it out of being "bullied" in the workplace.  She apparently also had a history of being bullied early on in both high school and while working as a model.
Now you might be wondering why Greek Girl is blogging about such a sad story.  Well, it's simple: I HATE BULLIES!
Here's my point:  Unless you have heard the song you wouldn't know, "I Don't Even Care" is written about this very issue.  In my own life I have faced bullies for as far back as I can remember.  It wasn't because I came from a lower income family or that I was the little "fat-kid", it was with my music.  Even now I face it with the know-it-all so-called "experts" and critics who say I am too old to have a music career, or that my political views are wrong and even that I am a Christian.  I mean what is this world coming too?
Take this girl who killed herself for instance.  Here she is trying to build a life in the Fashion Industry.  Meanwhile her colleagues are tearing at her and beating her up verbally so much that out of some twisted sense of revenge and self-pity she ended her life.  Why?  What is going on in our world that we are so obsessed with having to make other people feel bad about themselves in order to puff our own selves up?  What is it that we must despise people and treat them so poorly that they would do something such as kill themselves?
I know all too well what it's like to face these giants in life.   I am often faced with being unaccepted, mocked or ridiculed and I am not even in any major spot-light like the typical "celebrity".  It's for this reason I wrote this song and am now working with my husband to develop the music video.  It's with a passion I want the world to know it's not okay to bully people and for those who are being bullied they can stand up and they are not alone.
For whatever reason we as a society have gone in the wrong direction. On one hand we celebrate people because they can sing or dance, hit a ball or run the fastest and even have lists for the "100 Hottest" of whatever.  Meanwhile the media is out there doing everything they can to destroy the very people they are putting on a pedestal.  So it's a twisted web people have been indoctrinated into.  We praise those for superficial greatness then can't wait to tear them down.  Everyone is vying for the most attention and greatness.  Everywhere we turn there is another reality show promising to make "stars" out of anyone and everyone and that it doesn't take hard work to succeed.  Then we glamorize the demise and destruction of these same "stars" and like cannibals we feed off of and relish in the idea of watching someone fall and fail.
My question to you is, "when are we going to start turning the tables?"  When are we as a society ever going to wake up and realize we need to celebrate hard work and intelligence.  We are becoming a self-obsessed society that is focused on stardom and pick on and beat up on the "nerd" who will most-likely one day be your boss and write your paycheck.
God made us all with unique talents and unique abilities and unique looks.  Each of us is made special for our own purpose that God has for us to fulfill.  But because we live in a society full of celebrating the wrong kind of success most forget or lose track of what great things they can become and never know why God put them here in the first place.  We need more Doctors and Rocket Scientists not more Justin Bieber's or Kim Kardashian's.  On top of that the last thing we need is more Michael Vick's and cheaters like Lance Armstrong.

Now some of you may say "What about you Greek Girl? Aren't you chasing the same stardom?!?" But it's not the same thing.  I have been working as a singer and actor for many years.  It's not a pipe-dream or something I want to just "try out".  This is who I am and what I know God put me on this Earth to do.  To sing and perform as a positive role model, to be salt and light in this crazy messed up world.  This is why I am working tirelessly to win in the VeeWall Original Song Contest.  Winning will give me the chance to connect with more people and organizations in an effort to share my message.  It's the same message found in my song, "I Don't Even Care".  You can Click Here to read the entire story about me and what I want to do with my music career.  So, if you want to help me in making a difference and help me start a change in our society,  I would very much appreciate it.  Winning is far more than the prize money.  It is a tool I need to put my message out there and help maybe stop the next bullied person from taking their own life and making a positive difference in a world so full of hate.

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Blessings, Love & Music~

Monday, February 4, 2013

Superbowl XLVII

Like they say,  picture is worth a 1000 words.  Oh to hear Greek girl's "inside voice" on this one.
Like they say, a picture is worth a 1000 words. Oh to only hear the Greek Girl's "inside voice" on this one.
Being that the Patriots didn't get in the Superbowl this year Greek Girl decided straight away that she was watching the Superbowl for the commercials, music and the eats prepared by Mr. Aston (today was our wedding anniversary after all). ;D I admit I expected some pushing of the envelope, but I wasn't quite prepared for what I was about to see.
Well... where shall I begin?  Was it the sudden burning of my eyeballs - or the piercing in my ears that was worse?  Listen I'll be first to admit I've never been much of a Beyonce fan, I just think she is way over rated.  But being an artist I am always fair to give credit for talent where credit is due, even if I don't agree with the message.
In this case there is just so little to offer.  First I realize that "Sex Sells", however someone needs to give the memo to Miss Thang that she is idolized and looked up to by millions of little girls.  So when you're doing a show with millions of these little kids (and adults I might add) watching, it might be a good idea to do the show with a bit more clothing on your body than just your skivvies.
I'm not sure why anyone with a functioning organ in their coconut would think it is appropriate or cool to perform in a getup fit for a stripper.  Call me crazy, or maybe I should have just been born in the 1940's to grow up in the 1950'd because the line is being pushed so far, heck as I see it - it's on the verge of being erased.
As for the "singing" what little their was of it, the best part was when she was singing with Destiny's Child.  Still even then the content was beyond trashy.  And what was the point of the little publicity stunt the other day at the Superbowl press conference with the Acapella National Anthem anyway...?  In case you missed it: She comes out and sings it (the most on key I've ever heard her sing in my life btw) then gets done and asks "Any Questions".   Well um yeah I do have a question?  Why is it acceptable to lip synch at a Presidential Inauguration? Ever...?  Because "There was not time to rehearse with the Orchestra?..."  She said.  Well um it's called - You make time.  When you're combined net worth with your husband JayZ is over 775 Million Dollars...  and you're best buddies with Obama, I'm pretty sure you can figure out how to facilitate rehearsing with the the Orchestra "ahead of time".  She did have "time" though to schedule the recording of the National Anthem and arrange for it to be played ahead of time.  Ironic dontcha think? Or was it just that she couldn't be bothered?
People, I might not be at Beyonce status yet... but I have performed our National Anthem everywhere from high school football games, to college games, to AAA Baseball Games, to Professional Sports Teams across the country - and even on Greatest Day in Mets History Day at Shea Stadium for The NY Mets.  I have performed with the flu, strep throat and even food poisoning...  It's called suck it up - you just do it.  You do not lip synch the National Anthem at an Inauguration, I'm sorry.  What kind of message does that send?  Oh whatever we feel like doing, or whatever is easiest.  Great lets just keep rewarding and encouraging mediocrity.
While I'm at it lets discuss writing the words on your hands so you don't forget them Kelly Clarkson... not cool either.  If you don't know the words to our National Anthem (which as a professional singer should qualify for A Stupidity Award in the first place) then how about - don't accept a gig singing it on national television with billions of people watching.
I'm sick and tired of seeing celebrities being rewarded for acting like crazy people.  Newsflash to Media & Law Makers: Guns are not the problem in this country, the decline of Morality is.  The everyone gets a trophy way of doing things, the Decline of the family unit, celebrating and promoting alternative lifestyles and families, giving TV shows to the most outrageous immoral people so they can in turn influence the culture - that is the problem.  Kardashians in Miami getting drunk, breaking dishes, partying acting like ho's.  Well... why is that bad, I mean our favorite music artists give concerts in their undies - even Ga Ga donned a Gun Bra a few weeks ago.  These people can not even demonstrate the intelligence to dress themselves to get out of the house properly without looking like they belong in a brothel, yet they somehow feel qualified to speak out about politics.
Yup these are exactly the kind of people we need to keep rewarding.  So you know, the next time you turn on the Superbowl, or sit down to watch TV with your kids or family, open a magazine or movie and are bothered by the trash you see in front of you... Greek Girl has a very simple suggestion.  Change the channel.  If you want to stop seeing trash, then stop buying, rewarding and participating in trash.  When people stop buying it, then trust me, they will stop selling it.
Ava :D