Monday, March 25, 2013


When God winks it's like He is saying, "I have you in the palm of my hand".
When God winks it's like He is saying, "I have you in the palm of my hand".

When you have a dream or goal, sometimes it can seem like it's taking a long time, or like nothing is happening.  Anyone who knows anything about Greek Girl knows that I have been going after my dream and goal for a long time.  Yes, even your "Happy the Glass is Always Full Greek Girl next door" can come down with the blahs every now and again.  Happens even to the best of us.
Well this weekend I performed at an event in NJ where Governor Chris Christie was speaking.  One thing you might not know about me is that I got my start performing by doing National Anthems.  Starting with High School sports games, College and local events.  Then I got my courage up and started reaching out to Professional Sports Teams.  I got a reputation for showing up on time, singing it on key, respectful (that's without a lot of crazy ornamentation that dilutes the original melody of the song for anyone who might be wondering), and for doing it in the time they asked for, either 90 or 120 seconds.  One of the teams I developed a great relationship with was The NJ Devils Hockey Team.
Back to present day, Saturday at the event.  Someone I had not seen in over 10+ yrs. wasn't aware that I was performing.  When I started singing in his head he went "That's AVA!"  He recognized my voice.  After I was done I went back to my seat at a table in the front.  So I'm sitting there waiting for the program to begin and I see a face I recognized scooting up to our table with a Great Big smile on his mug.
He said "Do you remember me"?...  Talk about a Godwink.  One of my very favorite books is "Godwinks" by Squire Rushnell.  If you've never read it, here's my short interpretation: It illustrates through a series of unique stories from all kinds of different people in different situations and walks of life - that although at the time we might not see it, God always has us in the palm of his hands.  He is there lining up the details, arranging things, the right people, the right breaks, all of it.  He knows the end from the beginning, and when you look back on a situation it is clear that God was there all along.  Some might brush these stories off as coincidences...  but when you have an "ah ha" moment about a person or situation looking back on it, that at the time was difficult or confusing.... you have a feeling, a knowing a peace.  It was God, and all along he was there giving you little winks of encouragement, as if to say "I'm here, trust me, I have you in the palm of my hand."  If we watch for them we can spot them, it's amazing to have these moments in our lives.
After pursuing something for so long, something that I know was put in me for a reason, that seems in the natural to be taking way too long...  what happened Saturday for me was a total Godwink.  Turns out that smiling mug was the very same guy who used to book me to sing The Anthem for the NJ Devils.  To have a person from the past who has not heard me sing in over 10+ years, not have any idea Who was singing, to hear me sing and "recognize my voice" from the way way way back of the ballroom.  To be excited enough to walk all the way up to the front of the room, seek me out to tell me - for me, that was confirmation.   It was like God saying to me, "Chill out Greek Girl, I have you in the palm of my hand'.
There are times today when it can be hard sometimes "not" to be discouraged.  Things are going faster, the world is getting crazier by the day, and all too often we are bombarded with so much of the bad news that it can be hard to see the "good".  In these times, it is more important than ever that we keep on the lookout.  Remember the one who cares for us, loves us, is there with us.  Holding and guiding us, Godwinks like a little smile from heaven signaling everything will be alright.
Blessings, Love & Music~
Ava xo

Monday, March 18, 2013

Out Like a Lamb

Time to see some Lamb weather - just sayin.
Time to see some Lamb weather - just sayin.
Most people who have been reading my blog for a while know one thing, I loathe the Winter.  What you didn't know that?...  Well now you do.  So why do you live in the North East Greek Girl?  I don't know and every year I keep asking myself the same question.
Is it just me or does March seem like it's taking entirely too long to get to the "Out Like a Lamb" part or what?!  Oh it definitely got the "Coming in Like a Lion" part right this year.  Let's see we've had one, two, three, nope make that Four snow episodes so far this March, and it is only March 17th.  Good grief, seems like every time the snow melts all the way off so I can finally see the grass again... guess what - more snow.  Oh goodie gumdrops.
So in case anyone can't understand why Greek Girl loathes the Winter, here are ten reasons why.
1. Too cold to go for a nice long date with my sneakers, the road and my iPod.
2. Too cold for Flip Flops.
3. Mud.
4. I have five furkids (that's dog for those who are not animal savvy). Therefore when five furkids come in from going potty ten to fifteen times a day... there are oodles of paw prints all over the house to clean up.
5. Did I say Mud?...
6. Shoveling snow.
7. Sleeping in the equivalent of an eskimo outfit and still being cold.
8. Outrageous $400+ utility bill every month of the winter.
9.  Greek Girl needs some Vitamin D.
10. Winter is too dang long... Time for some warm weather already!
Here's to March going "Out Like a Lamb" sooner rather than later.  ;D
Blessings, Love & Music ~
Ava :D xo

Monday, March 11, 2013

The Bible

The Greatest Story is not just a story it's who we are and what makes us so.
The Greatest Story is not just a story it's who we are and what makes us so.

So I was all excited to settle down tonight with a hot cup of Dunkin' Donut's (decaf of course) and a few Pekingese to snuggle up with and watch History Channel's "The Bible" by Mark Burnett and Roma Downey.  Now, I know it's the second week of the 5-part series, and yes I did watch last week.  That's why I was so excited to get to watch it this week.  In case you haven't tuned in, which I can't imagine why you wouldn't, this is a really neat and one of a kind production.  Instead of a full length film about one character from the Bible we are getting to see and meet the main characters throughout the entire Bible.  It's actually pretty cool to see it like this.
Now, because I 'love' Roma Downey from Touched By an Angel and I used to watch that show whenever I could, I am not surprised she is a Christian and would want to produce this project.  What I did not know is that Mark Burnett was a Christian and would also be involved in making this project.  So for that, I say Kudos! That's Greek for "two-thumbs up" in case you didn't know.  What is even more interesting was that after reading about the production aspect of the mini-series, I learned the crew insisted on having prayer-circles and really dedicating the production to the guidance of God's hand in making it come to life.  One other thing I didn't know but find interesting is that when they produced it they wanted it to be engaging from the perspective of both those who are of the faith and for those who may not know the Bible story and therefore find it interesting.  So instead of making it over-dramatic with an overtly religious tone they insisted on it being made as a tool to minister to those who would possibly come to know Jesus and God through the Bible mini-series.
But then during the commercial break I made a mistake.  I opened my facebook to read my thread only to be completely disappointed.  If any of you know anything about me you would know how much it upsets me that our society is going down the drain with all the Beyonce, Housewife of Whatevertown, Lady Gaga and the idolized overpaid criminal gangster athletes leading the way.  So like I was saying, all I see in my newsfeed is a bunch of Christians complaining about how bad The Bible mini-series is and how it's so inaccurate. Some people were saying how they should be ashamed and that they can't watch it because it was blasphemous or whatever.
Let's just say, this kind of attitude really irked Greek Girl.  I was a bit perturbed to say the least.  Here I am thinking, "Isn't this great, we have a Hollywood Powerhouse couple making an effort to impact society through producing Godly Christian content in the mainstream arena and it falls in line with my ideals.  Meanwhile a whole bunch of miserable Christians are bashing it as if it were Beyonce flashing the Illuminati sign while half-naked during the Super Bowl.  Ironically, most people didn't even complain nearly as much about that as they did about The Bible mini-series.
So, I just have to ask, "What in the heck in the world is wrong with some people?"  Seriously, if we have any desire to change the way people act and behave in society and the direction of where we are taking, we have to start somewhere.  I tip my hat off to Burnett and Downey for taking a risk and trying to connect with both believers and no-believers alike while trying to honor the message and story of God and Jesus at the same time.  Here's my Greek Girl suggestion, instead of "bashing" what others are doing about spreading God's message of love and faith why not embrace it and promote it for what it is and encourage more content like it to be produced.  By doing so, we just might actually start to see this country begin to slowly turn around and just maybe we can start seeing morals and values come back "into fashion"...  Just a thought.
Blessings, Love & Music~
Ava xo

Monday, March 4, 2013

Bad Dog

"Creature" The Hero Pitbull

Anyone who knows me knows one thing, Greek Girl loves animals, dogs in particular.  What else could explain how I ended up having five of them?  So it's not surprising to me when I see a story like the one I'm about to share with you.
Recently a Pitbull named "Creature" saved an elderly woman with Alzheimer's Disease in New Jersey.  The woman had wandered off, her daughter and son in law called the authorities.  They came in droves, and even had helicopter's aide in the search to find her.  They were having no luck at all.  Meanwhile an unsuspecting woman was walking her Pitbull "Creature" that evening.  Creature kept taking her back into the woods, she would try to leave and he would turn back leading her to the woods.  She came upon the elderly woman trying to get up, but every time she did the branches she was lying on would break and she would fall back down.

So heartwarming, and so special one might say.  Really it is not uncommon of a Pitbull at all.  Despite being the world's most misunderstood breed of dog, they are also immensely intelligent.  How do I know all this stuff about Pitbulls you might be wondering?  "Pitbulls and Paroles" on Animal Planet of course! ;D  Seriously though... I have rescued many a dog in my day (Pitbulls included) and all dogs are good dogs.  There are not "Bad Dogs", just bad people.

People who abuse, mistreat, neglect, do not spay/neuter, backyard breed, abandon, torture and do unthinkable things to animals.  I can not understand it, they are God's creatures.  All dogs want is to love us and to make us happy.  A safe place to sleep (preferably in our beds) lol, food in their little bellies, and love.  It's that simple.  Too many people view them as dispensable, and get rid of them if it becomes inconvenient.  Or they think maybe they can make a couple of bucks by breeding them.  Not realizing that those are not cupcakes.  Chances are not all the puppies in that litter will have a long happy life with the owner who bought it.  Many will end up in shelters, and that is why thousands upon thousands of dogs are euthanized every single day.

There are dogs living in the streets who have been discarded.  The cat situation is even worse.  The Ferrell cat problem is almost epidemic in some ares.  They are not vaccinated, not people friendly, and just breed out of control.  So many things like feline leukemia, feline aides, rabies, and a whole bunch of other things that are all preventable.

Not everyone has the patience to deal with a dog that has been abused.  Some you would never know they had been abused, they are so loving, like it never happened.  Yet others like my "Pepe" are so scarred, even after almost five months in a loving safe home he still does not fully trust and is afraid.  Our poor guy had his fang tooth knocked out, burns all over his back of his little body and weighed only 9 lbs when we took him in.  He's now a plump 14.5 - little chow hound.

It's not the dogs fault the people do bad things.  Just like it's not the Pitbulls fault they are bred to feed the disgusting industry of dog fighting, and are treated like garbage.  They are not "Bad Dogs".  Yes temperament and health issues can be passed along especially in backyard breeding.  But to label and entire breed of dogs "Bad" just because people have abused it for decades it not right at all.

Creature is a hero and just one example of the incredible Pit Bull.  Right now there are dogs in shelters across the country waiting to get a second chance.  Waiting for someone to love them.  My little "Pepe" is not a Pitbull, but I can tell you that when I see him sleeping on his side, doing his little exhale and in full relaxation.  My heart breaks a million times over for what he went through.  To see his little face light up when we go for a walk or in the car for bye bye, his life is changed forever.

Could you imagine someone abusing this little face?... Well they did.
I'd like to meet them in a dark alley. Just sayin.

I've rescued and helped place all kinds of dogs including Pitbulls and they are so special.  If anyone is thinking about a companion... before you shop, please won't you consider adoption?  There are rescue's all over the country, and all kinds of breeds, including mutts.  Visit, type in your zip code, what kind of pet you are looking for, and you are on your way to saving someone's life.
Blessings, Love & Music ~
Ava :D xox