Thursday, June 30, 2011

What If

Einstein is seen here asking, "What if I lick that frozen metal pole?"
"What if...?" A question pondered by all the great Greek philosophers and smart people throughout time, (mostly though they were Greeks who taught others to ask this question.)  Regardless, it's quite the deep thought if you ask me.  The possibilities are endless.  Two words can help cure cancer, inspire greatness, lead to ending hunger or in Mr. Brick's case help decide on if he will wear his circa 1986 high-wasted flare legged white jeans or not.  "What if I wear my white jeans today?" Okay, wait! I gotta stop right there, I just had a mental image that was just really bad for this Greek Girl's noggin. White jeans on Mr. Bricks is like the Pope wearing a speedo or Lady Gaga wearing a turtleneck.  Either way, it's just plain wrong.
Anyway, back to the question at hand.  "What if..?"
It really makes me wonder, "What if Mr. Bricks can actually mentally go deeper than anything other than fastfood?" Here is my impersonation of 5 minutes in the mind of Mr. Bricks as he makes his lunch selection:
"What if McDonald's ever stopped making the McRib?" Would I find a way to survive? "What if McDonald's would make a Green Diet Coke Milkshake?" Maybe I should patent that and sell it to them in exchange for a lifetime of fries.  What if McDonald's joined forces with Slim Jim and made Slim Jim French Fries?" That would be great, then I could have a lifetime of Slim Jim fries of course after I patent that and sell it for a lifetime of McRibs of course.  "What if McDonald's changed the #1 meal deal to be a Double McRib with Slim-Jim fries and a Green Diet Coke Milkshake?"  Then his brain would instantly freeze and he'd become like one of those wax figures in Maddam Tusseau's wax museum. (Side note: no matter how famous I ever get I never want to be embodied in a wax sculpture.  That is by far one of the most creepy things ever invented.)
Okay, like I was saying.  Every great philosopher has always asked "What if?" It is kind of how we get everything around us to be made or invented.  Questions like:
"What if the world were round?" - Columbus 1492
"What if we could travel through time?" - Einstein 1930's (still working on this one)
"What if I could walk on the moon?" - Neil Armstrong 1960
"What if we protest the tax on tea?" - American Patriots 1776
"What makes this apple fall to the ground instead of float away?" - Newton 1500's
"What if we gave peace a chance?" - John Lennon  1969
"What if we could make tasty delivery pizza?" - Papa John 1984
"What if we sell coffee in Styrofoam cups?" - Mr. Donut 1956
Sometimes I ask, "What if Mr. Bricks DID get me a record deal?" Then I would be able to buy all those glorious new sneakers I got my eye on.  Or "What if John Rzeznik from the Goo-Goo Dolls were to produce my next album?" Then I would most definitely have my first, second and third Grammy in no time.  This leads me to ask "What if I do become really famous, will they make one of those creepy wax sculptures of me anyway?" My goodness I hope not.
Have a blessed day,
PS ~ What if you passed on this blog on to 5 of your best friends?

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

#hashtag #poundsign #numbersign

Are you confused yet?
So Mr. Bricks has given me a homework assignment.  I know I'm with you, I'm thinking "inside Ava Voice": "seriously Mr. Bricks what exactly is it you are going to tell me about technology Mr. My Cell Phone is From 1997" (I'm so not kidding about this)?....  So stand there with my big fat greek mouth shut (for once) I did while Mr. Bricks proceeds to tell me that my "twitter" needs some "serious work".
We all know how I like to make jokes about how old school Mr. Bricks is, but what you may not know is he is really hardcore old school.  He has charts and graphs and spreadsheets all documenting my "social media presence" as he likes to call it.  Which makes me laugh so hard my face hurts because Mr. Bricks is so old school that he used to carry his books to school with a leather strap that he slung over his shoulder walking five miles uphill in a snowstorm, did I fail to mention he wrote in school with a quill....  ;D So then Mr. technology proceeds to inform me that my numbers in all other areas such as myspace, facebook, reverbnation, my blog, etc. are all doing very well and going strong.  My twitter though.... not so much. He tells me that I really have to start paying a lot more attention to my twitter.  So being the good Greek Blonde Girl that I am, I jumped in full steam ahead.  However something happened and now my noggin wires are all crossed.
OK so I have been going along doing as I was instructed and have now spent a few months "paying attention" to my twitter...  So I start to see all the trending topics... yeah I get that, I start to get the hang of how to write down the random thoughts that roll out of my noggin, abbreviated and in very short form,  yeah I'm thinking I'm moving right along, then Bam.  This whole hash tag thing jumps out of left field.  Seriously now I'm confused.
So ~ the "#" is a "hashtag" and a "pound sign" and a "number sign" ?.....
What the heck?  Are we still talking in english here, why are we making up more stuff for letters and symbols we have always known as one thing?  Is it just me or do we possibly have enough things to do other than reinvent the wheel here on twitter? So I decided to put on my sherlock holmes cap and do some digging.  I wanted to get to the bottom of what in the world Old-Man Bricks was telling me.  Turns out I found something:
Hashtag: no it's not some sort of pricetag or information tag that is slapped on the side of a can of hash or hashish for those German readers of mine.  A Hashtag is a computer internet word designed to tell a computer to do something in relation to the word(s) it is connected or "Tagged" to.  In simple terms it's like a digital bookmark.
Poundsign: This one is a bit tricky and I am not so sure it still makes sense in my greek noggin.  When you google the word "poundsign" you get one of these:

The Pound Sign? Now I am more confused...
So now I am even more confused.  So I went to Wikipedia to learn more... Which then led me to the "Number Sign".  Confused yet?  Me too.  Even Wiki has to correct us.
Either way, I don't get it.  All I know is that I have to find a way to keep #oldmanBricks off my back.  So please go to my #TwitterPage and #FollowMe. (I hope this works) If not I guess I am going to wind up back in Mr. Brick's Detention.
Love and Blessings,
Ava :D xox

Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Why It Is Important to Always Have Internet Access

Florida's Friendliest Non-Internet Hometown...
Well.... this is an obvious for so many reasons. No matter how much we may say we want to or would like to be able to unplug, lets face it, you really can not even really enjoy free time without having internet access. For me anyway, it is just that simple. We have become so connected to our technology.  That is unless you are Mr. Bricks and still using the AOL dial up internet from the free CD they sent in the mail, just sayin.
For the rest of us however, not so much. It's a quaint little almost romantic thought to think things like:  hmmm I would love to spend the weekend reading a good book (I mean for crying out loud even books are electronic now), doing yard work (not so much for me on that one since I have to steer clear of the poison ivy/oak/sumack growing amuck in my yard - or go outside in a biohazard suit), not look at the multimedia cell phone, stay off of twitter, etc....  That is until you actually try it.  
Check movie times.... Nope
Create playlist for road trip... Nope
Update facebook status... Nope
Read your favorite blog by Ava Aston... Nope
Get directions to the beach... Nope
Find out how to soothe a sunburn... Nope
Find a good restaurant... Nope
Find out what happened on your favorite reality show that you missed... Nope
Write a letter, oops I mean who does that anyway I mean send an email... Nope
Find out the weather of where you're going before you go... Nope
Mobile banking... Nope
Get info about what the current Kohl's promotion is... Nope
Share vacation photos with friends/family instantly... Nope
Take a pic of your dinner, so you can email it to Mr. Bricks and gross him out because it is so healthy... Nope  
I mean think about it... just four short years ago being able to suf the web "on the go" meant using a blackberry which was not very fast with inet lets face it, or carrying your laptop with wifi around in your car and seeing how close you could get to a building to be able to log into an unsecured signal.... Me do that? I would never....But to make sure I was still winning my latest Ebay auction treasure, you bet I did.  
So even if you decide you want to give it up for a little bit, it really is not that realistic.  I mean unless you're retired and living in a retirement community like "The Villages" in sunny south Florida.  Why on earth would you need internet access living there where the number one used mobile device is a golf cart?  I mean this place even has their own Ruby Tuesday Restaurant, grocery store, entertainment, golf course, post office, church, movie theatre, heck they even have a college for lifetime learning.... So I guess in this case, if you are retired and living some place like The Villages, you may not "need" internet.  For the rest of us living in the 21st century it's just become a necessary part of life.   
 Have a blessed day & surf's up (internet surfing that is) ;D
Ava  xox

Monday, June 27, 2011

Cheese In A Can

Mr. Bricks Go To Cheese
There are some things that just don’t make sense in my little Greek noggin. Like why do some people call the things I wear on my feet tennis shoes when we all know their real name are sneakers? Do you see me running around with a tennis racquet? No.  They are called sneakers thank you very much. I also wonder why people think it is ok to put cheese that comes out of a can onto their crackers? Hello, cheese is not supposed to come out of a can. Isn’t it supposed to come in a giant hunk or a wheel?
I am all about bending the rules and doing things in my own way, but you won’t catch this Greek girl spraying cheese on her Ritz. It just won’t happen. I know the commercials say “anything taste good on a Ritz” but sometimes I must put my foot down and just say no - I don’t roll like that.
The first time I saw spray cheese was when Mr. Bricks was making himself a snack from the craft service table on one of my recent photo shoots. I am unsure if Mr. Bricks’ lazy eye was wreaking havoc on him or if he has incredibly bad aim and totally missed the crackers. I caught him red-handed spraying the cheese from the can directly into his mouth, and skipping the whole “spray it on to crackers first” part. What’s up with that? What will he do next, eat the McRib before McDonalds cooks it?
When I confronted him it was like a little kid getting caught with his hand in the cookie jar. His lips were saying, “what I didn’t do anything” but his mouth was trying to swallow huge amounts of cheese very quickly. I was praying he didn’t start choking on the processed pasteurized cheese product because, well the thought of having to personally perform mouth-to-mouth on Mr. Bricks creeps me out beyond words and I knew full well that going with in and close proximately of his mouth I would be able to smell the cheese. Don’t get me wrong, I like cheese (in moderation)  just like the next Greek girl does, but I DO NOT like smelling second hand cheese spray from a can on Mr. Bricks’ breath.

Sunday, June 26, 2011

Runaway Train

Unstoppable, a story about a runaway train.

Have you ever felt like you have absolutely no control of things and that you are watching someone you care about living like they are on a runaway train? That might be OK if it was Thomas the Tank that toy train for kids, but in some cases it is like that train in the movie "Unstoppable" with Denzel Washington with the brakes not working.

I am really thankful I was wired with what I like to call the "Danger Ahead" chip... you know that little voice in your head/gut where alarm bells go off very loudly & you just know if you continue there will most surely be "muckery" to deal with. I have always been this way, even as a little kid. I remember one time when my least favorite cousin stole my doll I ran all around my aunties house trying to get it back from him, outside and into the "woods". I remember standing there thinking to myself.... "Ava Inside Voice: it's dark in there, it's getting dark outside. You know you don't know how to get out of there, if you go in there after him there is going to be trouble", so back inside doll~less I went. I'm not saying I'm perfect, in fact far from it. I just have always had a knowing that life is short, it is precious, and that every day is a gift. It really is up to us what we do or do not "Do" with it. Some things are just not worth it, not worth fighting over. There are times in everyones life when we have to make a decision. Is this situation, thing, or even person worth it? To borrow a line from a very wise little book I recently read, these are times when you have decide to "stick or quit".

It seems like lately I have had to watch a few people I care about very much deal with some major amounts of muckery. The problem is, I'm not entirely convinced they even see that it is muckery, or that they can or will - have or - find the desire to pick themselves up by the bootstraps and get on with it. It is hard to be in this position, because you want to help people you love. You want to do whatever you can - but sometimes really after you have given your time, advise, been there and done that, there is nothing else you can do. I have come to a conclusion that in some cases the best thing to do is, nothing.

You can not make anyone do anything. You can not make people see things, even if they are as plain as the nose on their face. It is just a hard thing to watch people you care about live as if they are riding on a runaway train. However, there comes a time when you have to just let go and let God.

Have a Blessed Sunday ~

Ava ;D

Saturday, June 25, 2011

1600 Pennsylvania Avenue

It's Saturday Morning Cartoon Time! In this weeks episode "Ava the Diva's First Sold Out Concert ~ Part 2" tune in to see what happens when Ava the Diva travels to 1600 Pennsylvania Avenue to visit the White House and has a chat with President Obama...

Friday, June 24, 2011

The Sun Will Come Out Tomorrow

It's always sunny day when the Greek Girl is working out :D I know rain is a good thing, in moderation that is. The last few days around NYC the rain has been anything but moderation, it's been more like a long slow drowning. Wahh Wahh (Que. the sad violins). According to the weather app on my iphone ~ the sun is not supposed to come out tomorrow... however it is possible that it "may" come out on Sunday.

Most of my blog friends know about my love of running outdoors, and this rain frankly is cramping my style, no pun intended. Yeah I know I could go to the gym and run on the treadmill, but it's just not the same for me. There is just something magical about lacing up my sneakers and spending some quality alone time with my ipod, the road & the outdoors. My favorite time to run is magic hour just when it's turning dusk or mid afternoon when the sun is beating down on me.... Yeah yeah, I stay hydrated, wear sunscreen, all the things a good doobie does.

With all this rain lately I have had no choice but to take my cardio workout indoors. Which isn't necessarily a bad thing. Well that depends on how one defines good or bad. When it is raining so much that I can't run outdoors on a cardio day, I usually do one of the gazillion DVD's in my fitness war chest. Yes I have a fitness war chest, doesn't everyone? ;D So since all this rain got me whining about not being able to run outside, it got me thinking today may be a good day to talk about what kind of workouts I do. As I receive a lot of emails asking about what do I like to do to stay in shape, etc. So here we go ~ sharing: :DD

Most of you know I have a few "fitness gurus" who are trainers I have a tremendous admiration for. You could say they are my heros, each one of them have amazing workouts on DVD & do so many things to help people become healthy: Jillian Michaels, Bob Harper, Jackie Warner, Billy Blanks, Tony Horton, Debbie Siebers, Saun T, Brett Hoebel & Chalene Johnson. Jillian, Bob & Jackie & Billy's Tae Bo's DVD's are easy to come by, they each have their own web sites & most retailers like Target also carry them. All my other fav's come from

So to date I have completed several programs from Original P90, Slim in 6, Slim Series, P90X, Insanity, Rev Abs, Chalene Extreme, & last but not least I am currently checking out Turbo Fire before I start it full blast for 90 days. For me I just feel better when I workout it is that simple. Had I not been a little Greek Girl who at one time had a little extra baklava hanging around, and been born skinny like my sister's that may not have been the case. But alas, I have developed a serious addiction to endorphins (you know God's medicine, that makes you feel good) and end up working out 5-6 days a week. Hope you check out some of the workouts & find one that is right for you. Of course I just know your ipod will be loaded with Ava Aston Tunes to help push you through the hard workouts ;D just sayin.

Blessings ~
Ava :D xox

Wednesday, June 22, 2011

Who Is Courtney Alexis Stodden

Courtney Alexis Stodden
Courtney Alexis  Stodden was trending on Twitter.  Who is she and why was she trending? Today I heard something buzzing on the internet about her and yet  no one I knew had ever heard of her. So who is Courtney Alexis Stodden, and why does every major news outlet from ABC news to the Huffington Post have a story on their website today about her?
Like I did when Rebecca Black was breaking news, I put on my best detective hat, grabbed a magnifying glass and this Greek blonde girl set out on a journey to get to the bottom of the Courtney Alexis Stodden mystery. (Cue Pink Panther theme song)
Turns out, Courtney Alexis Stodden is a 16-year old teenage girl/model/country star wanna be who just married a 51 year old actor.  I smell publicity stunt. First off she looks like she is twice that age. And secondly, just the way the press releases were worded it seemed poised for maximum exposure and that is what they are getting, maximum exposure. Finally, country music stars don't wear bright pink bikinis in their music videos....sheesh, even Rebecca Black knows that!! And I have heard about May - December relationships before but this is more like  November to December, just sayin'
The teenager, yup this is a teenager recently married an actor, 51-year old Doug Hutchinson in a shot-gun Las Vegas Wedding. Turns out he wanted to marry her before her 17th birthday because he is not into older women.
Turns out Rebbeca Black's prayers have been answered, there is now a new "WORST VIDEO" ever. I am just the messenger, Don't Put It On Me if your ears start to bleed!


People Who Live in Glass Houses

It's OK to be Different ;D
We've all heard the saying more times probably than we care to remember.  If you stop to think about it, are most of the people who are throwing the saying around - really doing so?  Not throwing stones, that is.
I mean everyone wants or likes to "think" that they are open minded, and not really judging people.  But if you stop to really ask yourself, are you really accepting of others for who and what they are and or believe or does it only apply to people who share the same ideology, religion or political persuasion as you do?  Oh boy Mr. Bricks is probably going to choke on his MCrib sandwich today when he reads my blog because I just broke the cardinal rule of a Rock Star.  I just used the words politics and religion in the same sentence...  Yikes ~ I may just end up in Bricks Jail after this blog.
Seriously though.... with so much media inundating us from every direction, there's facebook, twitter, and about a zillion news channels to watch as well as internet websites.  I can see where it could be easy to let your mind be swayed to a "popular" opinion on anything, without even realizing it is happening to you.  Take for example any murder trial such as the Casey Anthony Trial that has received a lot of media coverage.  No one knows what happened in any situation unless you were actually there.  Unless you are serving as a judge, juror or personally involved in a situation it's silly to make assumptions about a persons innocence or guilt.  Yet I would guess it'd be a safe bet to say we have all at one time or another been guilty of it.
There are some people who are so wrapped up into politics that they actually will not watch particular TV Networks just because that network may have a different view or ideology about things.  I just can not roll that way no matter how passionate about any particular subject I may be.  Because at the end of the day, life is just way too short to be so tightly wound up that you have to boycott networks, people or shows.  It would probably get pretty boring and or lonely.
Being in entertainment I have a lot of friends and associates with totally different views and thoughts about certain things ~ and you know what, that is OK with me. Not everyone has to agree on everything, and people can still be good people and have a lot of things in common even if they disagree about the two cardinal swear words... Religion & Politics.  I'm not saying to never speak your mind or get involved in the things and or causes that matter to you as an individual.  What I am saying, is everyone has the right to think what he or she thinks at the end of the day. ;D  "C'est la vie" the French phrase, "Such is life".
Have a beautiful blessed day ~
Ava :D xox

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

If You Can't Stand the Heat Get Out of the Kitchen...

To write or not to write.... that is the question.
(Image still from "I Adore You" music video, click to watch)
Today I started to write a new song.  But then I realized with all of the muckery that has been surrounding my noggin lately, I had no business trying to write a new song today. That is unless it was going to be a theme song for a new "the Munsters". (here's a little trivia from Mr. Bricks...  The Munster's address was 1313 Mockingbird Lane.  Seriously ~ why does he know about this kind of useless stuff, but doesn't know how to get me a record deal yet).
When I was a little Greek girl, my yaya would be slaving away in the kitchen making a batch of baklava & my aunt Kellopie would come into the kitchen and start wanting to talk about some "really important" family drama.  My yaya would say to her "Kellieopie, I'm busy working here ~ if you can't stand the heat get out of the kitchen".
That's how I felt today... it was almost like my paper was staring back at me saying "Ava, what are you doing, you can't stand the heat today - so get out of the songwriting kitchen".  So I put down my pen & notebook and put on my sneakers.  The best way for me to get rid of the "blahh's" is to workout.
As a songwriter you always want to write the best song you possibly can, but there are certain days where sometimes you just have no business doing so because your heart is just not in it. Your noggin needs to be able to say to you "Step away from the paper". Songwriting really has to come from the heart, and everyone has days where their heart is just not into it. Unfortunately if you listen to the radio at certain times, you might just realize that not everyone got that memo. ;D just sayin.
The great news is if you don't feel like writing a song today, you could always lace up your sneakers and go for a nice long run instead.  The even better news is that there is always tomorrow, tomorrow, tomorrow.... The Sun will come out tomorrow.... Hey I think I might just feel a song coming on here.  
Hope you have a beautiful "blah~less" day!
Blessings ~
Ava :D xox

Sunday, June 19, 2011

If You Don't Like The Weather Wait 5 Minutes

Don't forget your umbrella!
I travel a great deal and it seems like where ever I go there are always some old timers who love to have the same pat answers for questions that stumble out of my little Greek noggin.
Me: Wow, the weather is so unpredictable here
Old Timer:  We have a saying here that if you don't like the weather wait 5 minutes
Umm, that is what I was told in HooHoo, West Virginia, Waxahatchie, TX, Early Bird, Florida, Bumpass, Virginia, Embarrass, Wisconsin, Dead Horse, Alaska, Pig, Kentucky, Bullfrog, Utah, Snap Finger, Georgia, The Villages, Florida, etc, etc. The last time I was told that I timed it and it was actually more like 1 hour and 43 minutes in between major weather shifts. So for the old timers to be factually correct in Cluttsville, Alabama then they need to say, "If you don't like the weather here just wait 103 minutes."  Ok, I am a stickler for details ~ what can I say?
Another long-winded conversation about the weather with long-time residence of any community can start from a simple converstaion like this:
Me:  Wow, it is sure hot out today, I think I need to swap out my sneakers for my flip-flops.
Old Timer #1: Oh shucks this is nothing. You outta been here in the summer of '56. It was so hot the paint was peeling off the fire trucks
Old Timer #2: I remember the summer of  1943 when it was 120 degrees for 13 straight days
Hot enough to melt the paint off of fire trucks, seriously? 120 degrees for 13 straight days? I don't think so. Sounds like someone has been dipping into Mr. Bricks McRib sauce.

Why Do People Name Their Cars...

Lightning McQueen, Just love him!
So it is probably no surprise that I love the movie Cars, (especially knowing my love for animation & cartoons) and I'm super excited to see Cars 2 when it opens June 24th!  I remember when my niece & nephew were so into it when it came out I was thinking gee what is all the hoopla about? Then one day I sat down to watch it while I was getting my car detailed at one of the in & out joints in northern New Jersey and I was immediately taken.  Before I knew it almost the whole movie went by & my car had been sitting outside done for almost an hour....   It's amazing how two little things animation and a cup of coffee can amuse me.  ;D I think "Lightening Mc Queen" is a very cool name and I love his character, so adorable!
I guess you could say I have had a few cars in my day.  Truthfully I think there is a part of me that was a motor head in another life because, I love cars.  I really do, (not quite as much as I love my sneakers), but I have a definite love for them.  When I see a car that I like, my heart skips a beat.  So sometimes I have to wonder in my Greek coconut, was I a greaser in a former life?...  Cauz there is just something magical about a quality built piece of machinery whether it be a classic car or a new car, it is just plain hypnotic to me.
So I recently bought a second car since both my sweetie & I can't be in the same place at the same time ~ all the time...  As usual I had to pick out a name for the car, and it got me to thinking.  Why do we name our cars (well those of us that do anyway, why do we do it)?  Meet Johnny Jetta.

Meet my new ride Johnny Jetta
Here are the names of a few of the cars I have had in my day.  Of course my dream car is the Bumble Bee Camaro from the Transformers movie...  Maybe if Mr. Bricks would get off his duff and quit eating McRrib sandwiches all dang day long & finally get me a record deal - I would be able to go get my dream car Bumble Bee...

This is my dream car!
Til then a Greek Girl can dream, and drive a few of the cars below:
Saab~a~rina - Saab 9-5 Arc. Very nice car, with a lot of bells and whistles ~ but she was aging and she liked to make frequent trips to the nearest Saab dealer and have me deposit $100.  So they could hook her up to a computer and turn off the light that was on and proceed to tell me "oh nothing is wrong we turned off the light".  Usually this would be followed by another trip to another Saab dealer or mechanic to find out miss Saabarina needed hundreds if not thousands of dollars of TLC.  So she was retired...

Saab~a~Rina R.I.P.
A few more of my previous car friends:  There was "Prissy Passat" ~ a VW Passat, Jimmy Jaguar ~ my dad had a classic Jaguar, well one more year and it would have been a classic, that is until I wrecked it at the beginning of my senior year of high school.  ;( Thankfully I was not hurt too bad, and one of the reasons I tend to drive like a granny even to this day.
Well friends I hope you all have cute names for your cars & that you drive safe!  Have a beautiful day!
Blessings ~
Ava :D

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Secret Saturdays...

Secret?  Nah, it's no secret ~ all my blog friends know that every Saturday I post my animated series "Ava the Diva".  Summer is officially here & all of our favorite TV shows are on hiatus (re~runs).  So I decided this would be a good time to rerun 
"Ava the Diva" & let everyone who has not had a chance to see just how much muckery Mr. Bricks can bring into a day... ;D Below is episode one.  "Ava the Diva's First Sold Out Concert, Part One".  Hope you enjoy & have a beautiful day! 
Blessings ~ Ava xox  

Friday, June 17, 2011

Facedown vs Planking

Me planking (or so I thought) as a joke to Mr. Bricks ;D

So what is up with the "Planking" rage all of the sudden? What I can not seem to wrap my noggin around is why on earth people are all of the sudden so excited to lay down - on things?  I was working out one afternoon and I get a text from Mr. Bricks....   "Ava, have you heard about planking?"  I'm thinking... hmmm planking, what the heck is he talking about now...   Mr. Bricks have you been drinking?  I text him back "I'm working out, I'll be done in another hour or so, ttyl" He proceeds to continue to text me like something ~ really important is going on...
So I decided the following weekend to take a photo as a joke of me "Planking" (or so I thought I was planking) in front of my dream car the Bubble Bee Camaro.  So come to find out, I was actually not planking at all, I was "Facedown".  How did I learn this you may be asking yourself?  Well wouldn't you know it, old man Bricks has found the clarification to inform me that I was not planking and I was in fact facedown.  He even sent me the link to the video to prove it....
So here I am about a month or so later sitting here asking myself, why on earth does my manager Mr. Bricks know so much about "planking" & "facedown", yet I still do not have a record deal? So now I know what he spends his time doing, that is besides eating McRib sandwiches all dang day long...  He spends his time reading up on things like planking when he is supposed to be getting me a record deal (just sayin). I think I am going to tell Mr. Bricks that I think planking is really cool and that I would love to get a picture of him planking in between my two tour buses when they are parked side by side loading up for my US Tour.  Yeah, that's a good idea. ;D
All joking aside here because we all know I'm all about laughing and having a fun time, but really I do not condone ~ anything ~ that can possibly cause harm to yourself or others.  Life is precious, I do not feel it wise to risk life and limb just to get a "funny" or outrageous photo.  I heard on the news a few weeks ago that someone was even killed falling off of a balcony trying to get a photo of themselves "planking".  So of course have fun, take risks, live your life to the fullest - but do not do anything just for the "shock" value of it.  In this humble Greek Girl's opinion, it is simply not worth it.  (in full disclosure, my "planking/facedown" photo was taken in a parking lot away from any space any car could drive on) :D Be smart blog friends!
Have a beautiful blessed day!
Ava :D xox

Thursday, June 16, 2011

Whistle While You Work

My producer Damien & I in the studio, he sure is one funny guy...
Do you have one of the jobs where you sit a cubicle all day and listen to the person next to you whistle all day? That would make my coconut explode. Then there are those Cubicle A-Type  Personality Dwellers (CADS) that you can hear their every perfect phone conversation  with every girl with a heart beat who this CAD has buffaloed into thinking she was special.  Makes you want to sprint into his cubicle when he takes one of his frequent breaks to visit the bathroom so he can check himself out in the mirror and hit redial on his phone and tell the unsuspecting lady just what a jerk this guy is.
I am lucky, the only cubicle at my job is the recording booth....  The only thing I have to listen to is the sound of my own melodies & my producer Damien saying "That's Hot". Which is actually quite funny, because he is a big guy with a wicked sense of humor which makes for lots of goofing around at times.  But hey, like they say "if you can't laugh... you might as well be 6 ft under".  I know I don't want to be there anytime soon, so I plan to keep on laughing.  So I hope you enjoy the little clip of Damien & I doing just that, goofing around while working on a new song.  Looking to have this song finished mid July and God willing a whole new project done by my B~day in September.

Have a beautiful blessed day my blog buddies!
Ava xox