Sunday, June 24, 2012

Tech Support

Does this conversation look familiar to anyone?...
When it comes to technology it's almost like I have a forcefield around me.  For some reason no matter what, when I have something important to do on my computer the Gremlins come out and play.  It's like my computer, iPhone, printer or fax machine decides it's not going to work when there is something I have to get done.  I admit, I don't have much patience with this stuff so I do have to lay some blame on my being "Greek" and taking it out on the computer, but the other part I have to thank none other than my mom and dad.
It never fails, no matter what is going on with some sort of technical issue that either one of them have, they call me to fix it.  Hello? Me?  They don't call AT&T, Apple or Staples, they call - me.  Keep in mind they both know that I have this technical bubble that I no doubt inherited from them around me that makes things "not work".  So why are they calling me?  Yet they always seem to think I am their personal Tech Support hotline.... I think something must be askew in their coconuts.
For those of you who don't know, my dad is Greek and from Greece, so just talking with him about technology is one of the most challenging things.  Not only does he think in Greek but he has to translate everything I say to him in his noggin before he can actually process what I am telling him.  His idea of a computer is a calculator, not just because it is what you count your money on.  Because he literally grew up on an island with a house made of stone, a dirt floor, and a donkey outside.  Seriously, I'm not kidding, he showed me the remains of his childhood home when I traveled to Greece.  So for him, the computer as great as it is, well he just prefers the calculator tape, if you know what I mean.
Then there's my mom.  She has an iPhone4,  why I have no idea because she couldn't even work the iPhone 1 2 or 3 she had before this one... but when she heard about "facetime" that was it.  She was down to the AT&T store faster than you can say "contract".  She didn't care that she has no idea how to do anything on it, she had to have it.   So I'll be talking to her trying to ask her something important like which sneakers to buy or when is Kohl's cash going on again, or even more urgent - mom can you please text me a photo of the 30% off Kohl's Cash coupon you have so I can use it - like right now?... and mid sentance she's like "Ava... so How do you get the message thingy up, and how do I get my messages, and how do you send a picture in a text again, and why is this thingy doing that stupid thing again, oh this is just malarky - I hate this phone..." Meanwhile Greek Girl's is standing in line someplace waiting to check out.  Can anyone say "Muckery"?
Then there is my mom or Dad in Greece on a simple Skype call.  Never mind the fact that neither one of them can figure out how to get the video on no matter how many times they use it.  The conversation always starts out like this... blank screen... and voice - "Hello are you there, why can't I see you?" and ten minutes later after talking them through getting the video on I forget why we were even skyping in the first place.
As frustrating as it can be... they are awful cute when they do it.  So what's a good Greek Girl to do but try to help out as best she can.  In most cases I get them by with the knowledge I have.  However in cases when there is a real serious problem, I have to call in the big guns ~ that's when I have to say... "Hey Honey can you please come help me with this"....  ;)
All I know is I have to get a record deal and make it big pretty soon because I have to get me a real techie minion.  Because at the rate technology is going I might just be turning into my mom and dad sooner rather than later.
Have a smile & beautiful day!
Blessings, Love & Music ~
Ava :D xox

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Change the National Anthem… Whach-u-talkin-about-willis?!

Change the What?... Good Grief!!
Most of my blog readers know that the Greek Girl has been known to temporarily lose her filter from time to time.  Well today my friends is one of those times, so sit back grab your favorite beverage and read on.  You see recently radio talk show host Bill Press went on a rant about how it was his mission to "Change the National Anthem".  (I know, crazy talk right?...) 
Yup he did say it and a whole bunch of other things.  Things like it was: un-singable because it has two octaves, the words do not mean anything and are offensive, yada yada yada yada, it was a complete muckery sandwich.  Feel free to listen to his debacle here:
Bill Press Rant.  Something else most of my readers know, is that Greek Girl loves her country.  I admit it, I'm an old fashioned girl with simple values, and there are two things you do not mess with in my coconut: Respect for Our Country, and our Military.  Good men and women fought and died for our freedoms.  Maybe Bill Press skipped the history section where they taught about America and our Founding Fathers when he was in school, but the Greek Girl did not.
Imagine, some silly talk show host has the audacity to spat in the eye of the Men and Women who shed their blood for our country. Our National Anthem has a very deep meaning, no not from "modern day" living, but from our Revolutionary Roots.
Our forefathers would be ashamed to hear someone belittling something so sacred. Sorry Bill Press but you are wrong.  The fact that our modern culture is full of people being rewarded who can not sing and then they get up and do silly things like sing our National Anthem on TV with the lyrics written on their hands or flub the words and worst of all sing it off key, doesn't mean the "song" is bad.  It simply means we should stop giving people a pass just because they are a "celebrity" or they showed up on a reality show and are all of the sudden a "singer" - just sayin.
So when my very talented good friend Alfonzo Rachel from "ZoNation" asked me to sing the National Anthem with him I was honored and thought it was a great idea.  Check out Alfonzo's website at:  We decided to show Bill Press that it's not the songs fault that some chose to sing it disrespectfully.  The song has a very special and deep meaning to anyone who loves America and values the sacrifice it took to build it, make it free, and to keep it Free.
Yes there are plenty of other patriotic songs that are wonderful, beautiful even, and we love and cherish them as well.  They all have their place, but our "National Anthem" is our National Anthem for a reason.  America did not just suddenly appear of out osmosis.  It was born from struggle and from a people who yearned to be and live free from tyranny from the oppressive rule of a Monarchy.  It was a hard fought and yes ugly and bloody battle.  The words in the song reflect the magnitude of what was done to give us our free America.  The flag "The Star Spangled Banner" was and still is a symbol to so many who fought in that battle, and it is very sacred.  I mean hello... I can't imagine Bill Press hasn't seen the movie "The Patriot".  Even someone who might not share all my values should be able to get an idea of what it took to make us America and why the lyrics would have meaning.
Oh, say can you see by the dawn's early light
What so proudly we hailed at the twilight's last gleaming.
Whose broad stripes and bright stars thru the perilous fight,
O'er the ramparts we watched were so gallantly streaming.
And the rocket's red glare, the bombs bursting in air,
Gave proof through the night that our flag was still there.
Oh, say does that star-spangled banner yet wave
O'er the land of the free and the home of the brave.    

So if you agree with Zo and I and are sick and tired of people trying to change America, and think our National Anthem should stay the same, by all means please feel free to share the video above with your email, facebook, twitter, all the usual suspects.  That is your mission should you chose to accept it...  Thank you for your support, it means the world to me!  Have a beautiful day!
Blessings, Love & Music ~
Ava  :D  xox

Sunday, June 10, 2012

It's All Greek To Me

Get your Greek on & get your butt to your local Greek Festival!
What in the world? Yours truly is yapping her big fat Greek Yap trap about being Greek again? Yes... I am!  Hey I've been overtaken with the hellenic spirit what can I say ~ and it's that time of year dontcha know.  Summer is in the air and your local Greek Community as it does each and every year has taken over towns all across the US.
Everywhere you drive for the last month or so I'm sure you have seen them, the gigantic blue & white wooden signs announcing the local community Greek Festival. In case you missed them (not sure how you could though that is unless you are driving around like Mr. Magoo) but just incase, you can click this link to find one in your area. Of course you could be like Mr. Bricks and the only color signs you notice are yellow & red (like Mc Donald's - eh hemmm).
Now if you don't know what the Greek Festival is all about, it is a celebration to cherish our heritage and support our local Greek Orthodox Church & Community.  It's a wonderful opportunity to learn about Greek Culture, food, art, music and so much more.
So being that I'm Greek (to those of you out there who missed that somehow after all this time, don't let the blonde hair through you off - that's why they make hair dye) ;D It would be sacrilege for me not to partake in my own local festival.  So I did extra working out today, got my sweetie and we were off to have a Yummo dinner with food that reminds me of my yaya & listen to some awesome live Greek Music!
Feat your eyeballs on this...
This sure beats those spongey fake pork McDonald's sandwich's Bricks likes to eat!
Meet Mr. Ava Ava Aston
"Loukoumades" - deep fried dough (I know those words are normally banned from this Greek Girls vocabulary) soaked in cinnamon, honey, and sesame seeds... HELLO!
We shared all this ~ Yes I did, and I enjoyed every bite!
Well that was our trip to this years Greek Festival.  I have to admit it would have been more fun if my dad wasn't back in Greece and any one of my four muckery making sisters were around and not scattered all across the country... but my sweetie & I had a great night nonetheless!  So I'm Ava your roving reporter signing off live from the Greek Festival. Have a beautiful day, and don't forget to smile ~ Yassas (see you later) ! 
Blessings, Love & Music ~
Ava :D

Sunday, June 3, 2012

A New Greek Phone Hacking Scandal

Many bloggers spend countless hours upon hours trying to figure out the best way to get more eyeballs on the words they write. After all, what's the use of writing a blog unless a lot of other people are reading it?
So, give the Greek blonde girl, (yours truly) some credit for possibly coming up with a brilliant new way of developing current topics for my blog. Yep, I decided to go Rupert Murdoch on a bunch of famous people and start hacking their cell phones!
I'm not sure what I would write for each post, but here are some of the cell phones I hacked and some of the conversations I overheard during my hacking:
Mark Zuckerberg- Called Bank of America and complained. He thought there was possible fraud on his checking account. Mark said he is missing about $5 Billion dollars from his account in the last few days.
Danica Patrica - Called Yoko Ono and said, "I am more popular than the Beatles!"
Barack Obama - Called Allied Van Lines and asked for a quote for a move from Washington D.C. to Chicago. When the moving company asked if he had a date in mind for the move, Mr. Obama said, "Shortly after November."
New York Mayor Bloomberg - Called 7-11 and said they need to change the name of their signature hotdogs. he said he won't allow them to be called "Big Bites."
Phillip Phillips - Called Rolling Stone magazine and asked if they wanted an interview with him? They asked him, "Who are you?" Phillip told them that he was the most recent winner of American Idol. The reporter at Rolling Stone told him that they quit writing about the winners on American Idol after their story on Kris Allen in 2009. Phillip said, "Kris Allen? Who's that?" The reporter said, "Exactly!"
Mr. Bricks - Called the McDonald's headquarters and complained that the McRib wasn't on the menu anymore. They apologized to him for the inconvience and told him that some fat man, with googly eyes, in Hollywood, ate them all. Mr. Bricks said, "Well technically, I have only one eye that googles."
Bethenny Frankel- Called the Governor of Wyoming and told him that she had just bought the entire state of Wyoming. And when the Governor asked Bethenny why Wyoming, she said, "She was bored, wanted to spend some money and besides, it wasn't as expensive as Rhode Island."
Kim Kardashian -  Called Kanye West and asked if he thought that her cell phone made her butt look fat? Kanye responded, "Yes, but that's Ok, because I like a 4g Butt."
OK, maybe I really didn't hack into anyone's cell phone... but hey at least I was able to create another blog post, and probably made ya laugh!  Score one for the Greek girl.
Blessings, Love & Music ~