Monday, December 29, 2014

Spirit Through the New Year

Holiday Furkids!
Holiday Furkids!
I hope everyone had a very Merry Christmas! Here's to a Happy and Healthy New Year! The Aston furkids and I wanted to take time out to say we hope you and yours had an extra Happy Holidays, and we're wishing everyone a Blessed New Year!
I'm super excited about 2015! I just finished recording two brand new CCM Songs that will be released in the New Year with Music Videos to follow. In addition I'll also be working on the rest of my Contemporary Christian Music Album, along with an Inspirational 30-Day Devotional.
It's been a long time in the making. Sometimes en route to goals things just happen easy breezy. Other times on the road to success things can happen like on a greeting card my little sister sent me long ago to keep me inspired. I still have it to this day in a frame in my office. I read it often and it reminds me that no matter how long the road to keep moving. So onward I march...
Success is a Journey...
Success is a Journey...
Recently my talented buddy Alfonzo Rachel! from PJTV & the band 20lb Sledge asked me to do a little spur of the moment rendition of Vince Guaraldi’s Peanuts Gang classic “Christmas Time Is Here” with him. So here’s a happy song to add some merry to your holiday-ing.

Whether you have resolutions for the coming year or not... May you have a peaceful New Year and enjoy the spirit of Christmas not just now but each and every day. Like the song says: "Oh that we could always see such spirit through the year"...
Blessings, Love & Music ~
Ava xo

Monday, December 22, 2014

Naughty or Nice

Christmas is almost here. I love Christmas, it's one of my favorite Holidays. The Christmas music, special winter time hot beverages a la Dunkin Donuts, and yes even the snow. Now normally I hate the snow, but this is the one time of year I actually like it.
What kind of Christmas music would one find in my Pandora or iTunes?... Well that would be the Classics artists such as: The Rat Pack, Gene Autry, Nat King Cole, The Ronettes,  1940's Christmas, a Very Special Christmas (all of them), you get my drift. I can sit and listen to Christmas music for hours.
One thing I'm just not really all about is shopping. I mean I like shopping as much as the next person, but I think Christmas has become far too commercialized over the years. It seems to get worse with each passing year. I was a-gasp when I learned that one of my favorite places to shop Kohl's was going to stay open 24hrs a day until Christmas. I'm all for capitalism but that is just silly. I mean how much shopping does one have to do for crying out loud? Not to mention how it affects the employees who have to work the overnight shifts.
For me Christmas is about the birth of my Lord and Savior Jesus. I do buy a few small gifts for my immediate family, husband, and furkids, literally a handful of people. Gifts are great but I love going after Christmas and scoring some great finds, so buying gifts for me is super easy... can anyone say gift card?
So since the big day is almost upon us, why not take a break from the hustle and bustle for a little laugh? Check out this episode of "Ava The Diva" and see what happens to Greek Girls who are mean to Santa. Make that mean to Santa or Mr. Bricks her manager, one may never know.

Maybe a big ol lump of coal in the stocking... Here's my little disclaimer: "Ava The Diva" is my alter ego to the sarcastic tenth power. Wishing you and yours a great big smile, time spent with friends family and loved ones, and a beautiful blessed Christmas!
Ava xo

Monday, December 1, 2014

Christmas Shopping

#Thanksgiving #BlackFriday #Deal #Skincare #Facebook
I hope everyone had a Happy Healthy Thanksgiving! For me it is quiet time with loved ones, a time to relax and reflect on blessings. One of the blessings I am thankful for this year was the opportunity to start my own skincare line "Get Glowing". So in the spirit of getting ready for the Holiday Season and all the shopping that goes along with it, I wanted to fill you in on my Get Glowing "Cyber Monday / Holiday Promo".
One of the main reasons I started "Get Glowing" was to help people. Now that Black Friday  has passed, Cyber Monday is here and Christmas just around the corner, I want to be a blessing. How am I doing that? By offering 15% OFF entire order NOW through Midnight Monday December 24th.
15% OFF Entire Order "Cyber Monday / Holiday Promo" with Coupon Code:4D3E64BB02FC
"Get Glowing" is Medical grade skincare that delivers remarkable visible results without irritation. The result - healthy glowing skin. Cutting edge skincare formulations for men and women of all skin types that deliver results, not broken promises. The very same products I've used on my skin for over 10 yrs. causing random strangers in public to stop and ask about that "Glow".
With so many things to do, have you stopped to take time for yourself? Christmas and The Holidays will be here before you know it. Get Glowing products make the perfect gift for you, your friends, family and loved ones! So what are you waiting for? Try it for yourself and learn to love your skin again. Happy Shopping! 
#TBT #ThrowbackThursday #GetGlowing #Skincare #AntiAging #Glow
Blessings, Love & Get Glowing ~
Ava xo

Monday, November 17, 2014

Break The Internet

OK we get it... you want everyone in the entire world to see you naked. Dully noted.
OK we get it... you want everyone in the entire world to see you naked. Duly noted.
Now that some of the dust has settled and almost everyone in the universe has seen Kim Kardashian naked yet again I thought it would be a good time to add my two Greek cents to the controversy. Anyone who has been reading my blog for any amount of time just had to know I would have something to say about this muckery.
First to the people who say Kim Kardashian has absolutely no talent whatsoever and that she is famous for "not being talented", I beg to differ. Mrs. West is extremely talented in keeping her mug or in this case her naked body in the public eye. Thus further driving her fame and income. So to that I have to say she does have a talent, she is a talented business woman.
What I don't understand is why is she and so many others like her today are so fixated on people seeing their naked bodies? Really I just don't get it. I mean private parts, big deal, we all have them. Why on earth are people so obsessed with the entire world seeing them naked anymore? Is nothing sacred?
For that matter why don't we all just run around naked? Everyone from babies to grandpas. It would be a whole lot cheaper not to have to buy clothes and shoes. Heck why not break all the rules and just do everything in public. Like maybe have sex with whatever or whomever we want any time we want. How about just making it the "norm" to go to the bathroom in public while were at it too?
Seriously leads me to wonder where is the line. Why does it keep moving so far, where will it stop, if it stops at all? Makes me very sad for the generation coming up today. My little niece and nephews are growing up in a generation that isn't striving to become Dr.'s, Lawyers, Scientists, Astronauts, to cure Cancer or Ebola... but instead are striving to get the perfect "selfie" and to be "famous". To really make something of their lives, you know by making it into American Idol, Dancing With The Stars or the ultimate sign you have really made it in today's society, to get your own Reality TV show.
Makes me wish Kim Kardashian or someone would actually just break the internet once and for all. That it would be broken so I couldn't even write this blog. No Facebook, no Instagram, no Google. Maybe then people would stop trying to "capture" the perfect moment and start living their moments. Actually get their heads out of their devices and talk to each other again. Or shall I say "learn how" to talk to each other.
Has anyone besides me noticed that the more "connected" we become as a society the less we are communicating? It is happening everywhere you turn, from the workplace to shopping, even eating out. People seem more and more to have a difficult time making eye contact, and they appear to be so wrapped up in their own noggins that they are not even actively participating in what they are doing. Whether it's taking your order at Panera, the person ringing you up at the store, even at places you would think they would be paying attention, like your doctors office. I could sit here and relate over a dozen episodes from just the last two weeks that would make you wonder if someone from the invasion of the body snatchers hadn't kidnapped some peoples brains. Never in my lifetime have I seen people so disengaged in their present activity.
I'm guessing you have seen and experienced similar situations in your own life. Now I know "Change" is supposed to be good and sometimes it is.  Not all change though actually is good. Better, faster, sooner, NOW... The "Now Generation". We're moving so stinking fast that we don't even have time to experience the present moment. For crying out loud this year stores have even moved "Black Friday" up by rolling out the deals two weeks before Thanksgiving. Some stores are going to be open all day on Thanksgiving and I just heard that Kmart will be open for 48 hrs straight... What the heck in the world? How can anyone "Give Thanks" if we are focused on getting to the next deal?
Slow down. Speaking of slowing down, so I'm sitting on the couch Friday night with my husband minding my own business. It's about 6:30pm EST and were eating dinner. I look up to see a commercial for a new cable show. Before I even realize what it is for, smack dab on my TV is a threesome, you read right, a threesome. Two girls and a guy were sitting in a bathtub naked on my TV screen at 6:30pm on a Friday night. I almost dumped my dunkins on my lap. Now if you think your squeaky clean Greek Girl next door was shocked to see that image, just imagine what the little kids who were innocently watching TV at the time must have been thinking. Especially those who do not have solid loving parents to guide them.
Which leads me to a very important question. How is it that the FCC can fine someone for saying the "F" word on TV or the radio, but think it perfectly acceptable to advertise a "Me'nage a' Trois" on cable television at 6:30PM. For that matter why would a network put a show centered around a newly divorced woman with children and her sex life on TV? I mean really... who cares? The writers in Hollyweird really can not come up with anything more interesting to do a new show about? Bueller, hello calling Ferris Bueller.
Personally I would love to see people like Kim Kardashian using their "celebrity" status to sprinkle more positive into the world. Can you imagine if people like her used their finances and influence to set a positive example for kids growing up today? Just let your mind wander on that for a minute. I'm not saying everyone should dress like a church nun and retreat from the world going back into the 1950's.
Imagine how much impact could be made in peoples lives if celebrities actually paid attention to the fact that people are watching them, and they are influencing future generations whether they want to or not. We the people have a choice. Personally I'm  speaking as a Christian who is bothered by what I see in society today. This isn't just for Christians though, this question is to everyone. We have a choice. We can either retreat from the world and pop culture, or we can dig our heels in and decide we are going to impact it in a positive way. Whether that impact is something as simple as buying or not buying or watching things that don't fall in line with your values. Or using your gifts and talents to positively impact the world through business, art, music, and culture. Because if we don't do it, someone else will... Ask yourself honestly, do you like what you see?
Blessings, Love & Music ~
Ava xo

Monday, November 3, 2014

Do You Want It

My mug has stayed the same for over 14 years from these products - Now you can have them too!
My mug has stayed the same for over 14 years from these products - Now you can have them too!
What in the heck in the world kind of a blog title is that Greek Girl? Well... if you read my last blog or have been following my blog then you would know exactly what I'm talking about. ;o) For those who are new sit back relax and read on. Healthy glowing skin, so do you want it?
For those sitting there thinking: Healthy glowing skin, you're a recording artist and actor why are you asking us about skincare?... Let me fill you in. Well first you could just go back and read my last blog "Get Glowing" . The simple answer is yes I am an Independent Recording Artist and an actor. I’m also a confessed skincare junkie and have tried every product the market has to offer. From drugstore brands, to pharmaceutical products, I’ve broken the code and found what really works. People joke and ask how I can be “Aging in reverse”. Often stopped in public by strangers, people ask about my “glowing skin”, some actually whip out a pen and paper to write down what I tell them. My secret, it’s just five minutes in the morning and five minutes at night combined with no nonsense high quality medical grade skincare that delivers results, not broken promises.
I have been busy working on recording my very first Christian Music Album for some time now. I am so excited, in fact I was just in the recording studio last weekend recording vocals on two songs. I'm thrilled to be able to share this new music with people! Not only because it allows me to do what I love more than anything else, sing... but also because it is about helping others. To be able to share my testimony with other people and hopefully help someone else along their journey, that's what it is all about.
I love helping people so when the opportunity came up to brand my own skincare line, even though I was in the middle of recording new music I had to jump! It may seem like a daunting task starting a new business, but I had to do it because for so long people have asked about what I use on my skin, and why I have a healthy glow all the time. I am passionate about health, wellness, and fitness. Why not share my secret and help others at the same time, "Get Glowing" is here to do just that.
Now because I don't have an Estee Lauder or Cindy Crawford budget (if you know what I mean) there will be no infomercials, or stores to visit (not yet anyhow). What there is, a simple online store where you can buy the same products I use on my own mug. The very same products I have been using for over ten years that cause random strangers to ask about that "glow".
How can you get it? Easy just visit then enter STORE #: 10959 this is very important, you will not be able to see my store until you enter the store number. (there will also be a link to the store on my main website soon) Once you have entered my store number you will be able to read all about the line and select products. For some this might seem overwhelming, but it's really quite simple. Both men and women should be doing a few easy steps every morning and evening. Yes my products are for both men and women, there are no perfume smells, or girly packaging. It's straight forward no nonsense medical grade, dermatologist developed products that provide remarkable visible results without irritation.
Get It: Enter Store #: 10959
How you can get it!
"Get Glowing" offers a wide range of dermatologist-developed formulas:
Sun Care
Choose individual products by concern or purchase a kit that comes with all the products for your individual needs. I am offering consults either in person for those nearby or via Skype to help select products. The line is board-certified dermatologist developed and been around for over twenty one years. Rest assured once you try these products you will be loving your skin! 
I know there are companies all over trying to get you try this or that. Network marketing lines touting "all natural" organic skincare, or department store lines, infomercials and on and on. The bottom line is this... First "organic" is great to put "in" your body, but it's not strong enough to erase years of lines from a face, it just isn't. Department store lines, most are owned by one of three large companies whose products are full of perfumes and fillers. Even if they do have one or two good ingredients they are not in high enough concentrations to do anything, those companies are spending money on celebrity endorsements and marketing on TV and magazines so you see it everywhere you turn, not on quality ingredients. Infomercials... well my grandma had a saying "If it sounds too good to be true, it probably is". If a person thinks they can get an entire regimen of skincare strong enough to give revolutionary results for $29.95 then a repeat recurring charge every sixty days, no offense but I might have a bridge to sell you.
The truth is you get what you pay for, that is true for everything. I'm Greek remember? (which is code for "must buy it on sale", and sale is Greek for "you must buy it now"). So I'm all about getting a good deal and getting the best value for your money. "Get Glowing" skincare is medical grade and it is affordable. The best part, no one is going to bother you to join something, start selling something or re-bill your credit card. You order it when you want it, period. No appointment necessary, you get the products without paying a doctor visit fee and hefty markup.
So what were those simple steps I mentioned above that everyone should be doing morning and night?
1. Cleanser
2. Toner
3. Eye Cream (If you're a woman, eye make up remover first)
4. Serum
5. Moisturizer - One for AM and one for PM (Why two, because they do different things.)
So that's it! Six products in five steps, the secret to getting and keeping healthy glowing skin and I'm offering a "LAUNCH PROMO"!

10% OFF NOW to Nov. 8th with Coupon Code: 70E736AD65C7
GET IT: - Enter STORE #10959
So what are you waiting for? Try it for yourself and learn to love your skin again! Have a beautiful day!
Blessings, Love & Music ~
Ava xo 

Monday, October 20, 2014

Get Glowing

Yup you read it right... Greek Girl is going to be hocking her very own skin care wares.
Yup you read it right... Greek Girl is going to be hocking her very own skin care wares.
As many of you know I have been hard at work in the salt mines writing new music. I am super excited about this project because it is my very first Christian Music album. Sharing these new songs is wonderful because I get to do what I love to do more than anything... sing. The most exciting part for me in this new project though is not so much the singing, but the story behind the songs.
To be able to share my testimony with other people and hopefully help someone else along their journey. All of us are here for a purpose, some of us find it and some of us go around our entire lives still trying to fill that hole in our hearts. The problem is it can only be filled with one thing... God. It can be hard because it is not always easy, and we don't always understand everything that happens to us in our daily lives. These songs are inspired not only by the dark times in my own life, but in the looking to and holding onto the one thing that can see us through anything... our faith. Sometimes in order to grow just like seeds we have to be planted in the dirt. We don't like the dirt, it is dark, it's cold and we feel alone. When the spring comes though we start to grow and then before you know it a beautiful flower is in full bloom. Kind of how we are in our walk with God at times throughout our lives.
So I've been busy working on these new songs, and facilitating the recording thereof working with several talented people. In the meantime an opportunity arose and it was something I just had to do. People have been bugging me to do it for years, so when opportunity knocked I opened the door.
So as you know I am an Independent Recording Artist and Actor. What you might not know is that I grew up the daughter of a cosmetologist, and was always around beauty products. As a teenager I learned the importance of proper skincare and it's effects on aging. The rest as they say is history.

I'm a confessed skincare junkie and have tried every product the market has to offer. From drugstore brands, to pharmaceutical products, I've broken the code and found what really works. People joke and ask how I can be "Aging in reverse". Often stopped in public by strangers, people ask about my "glowing skin", some actually whip out a pen and paper to write down what I tell them. My secret, it's just five minutes in the morning and five minutes at night combined with no nonsense high quality medical grade skincare that delivers results, not broken promises.
The opportunity arose to offer people the same revolutionary skincare I have been using on my own skin for the last fourteen years. Since healthy glowing skin is something I am passionate about, I decided to take the leap and "Get Glowing" was born.
Most people don't have access to products with this level of ingredients without a prescription or a hefty price tag directly from a dermatologist. "Get Glowing" will offer everyone access. I am proud to debut "Ava Aston's Get Glowing Skincare". No gimmicks, no gotcha's, just cutting edge skincare formulations for men and women of all skin types that deliver revolutionary results. So what are you waiting for? Try it for yourself and learn to love your skin again.
The techie minions are also working hard in the salt mines to get the store up on my website. In the coming days you will be able to order it, just visit my website for details. While you're there be sure to sign up for the mailing list to stay up to date on the product launch, as well as all music related Greek Girl happenings! In the meantime I hope you have a beautiful blessed day!
Blessings, Love & Music ~
Ava xo

Monday, September 29, 2014

National Coffee Day

A little taste of my coffee brewing collection.
A little taste of my coffee brewing collection.
National Coffee Day... what exactly does that mean? Well for coffee addicts like me that means once a year we get to show up at coffee joints around the country and get a free cup of joe. Seriously though if you didn't know about it, yes there is such a thing as a "National Coffee Day", and yes some chains and local coffee houses are offering a free cup of coffee to celebrate.
Most people who read my blog if they know anything about me (besides the fact that I'm Greek) they know this one thing, I love love love love love coffee. This makes perfect sense of course because we Greek's perfected the art of coffee drinking, along with inventing  drama (acting), politics, and the windex. I laughed out loud when I visited Greece one time and on a tour of a park near the Acropolis the guide told our little group that Greek's invented drama and politics. I was thinking to myself "so that explains why I'm an actor (besides a recording artist) and highly opinionated about politics." 
The art of coffee drinking masterfully blended with drama can be wittnessed at any Greek Diner. I can almost guarantee you that somewhere in there is a table full of Greek's chatting away full of passionate talking and hand gestures. So I guess the genes carried on in Greek Girl because ever since I can remember I have loved coffee. I love the smell of it brewing, I love the taste of it, and the feel of a cup in my hands. No it doesn't help me to write better songs, or remember my lines, I just like it. What can I say? Everyone has something. Besides there have even been studies that suggest it is good for your bones/health so that's a thumbs up in my book.
Now I do have my favorites and it really depends on the day, time or situation as to what kind of coffee I'm in the mood for. My absolute favorite hot coffee ever is Dunkin Donuts. Second is McDonald's, yes they have very good coffee, and the best part is a large is only $1.08 - can't beat that!  My favorite iced coffee is Starbucks. At home I have all kinds of ways to enjoy a good cup of joe, I have a Keurig, where I can brew my Dunkins. There's also a regular drip coffee pot, a french press and one of my personal favorites my Nespresso Espresso Machine. If you've never had a Nespresso I highly suggest finding a store near you and going to get a sample cup. It brews the espresso at the optimun tempature so the taste is always perfect, and they are known for the creme on the top, it's just perfect! Nothing else to be said. Another little treat I got turned onto while visiting  Greece was Nescafe'. Yes I did just say that I like instant coffee. See in Greece it is very popular (so much so that they even sell these at McDonald's there), iced Nescafe'. It's Nescafe' in a large cup, milk, half and half, or both and sweeten to liking. Then you have a Yummoliscious iced cup of happiness!
No matter what your favorite cup of happiness is, today is the day to think about how something so simple can bring a little happiness and smile to your face. Stop by your favorite place to get one and think of all the other coffee lovers out there who love it just as much as you do. I know that participating Dunkin Donuts and McDonald's are offering a free cup, for any other places that are just check online. So raise your cup and happy sipping!
Here's to celebrating hot cups of happiness all day long!
Here's to celebrating hot cups of happiness all day long!
Blessings, Love, and Music ~
Ava xo

Monday, September 15, 2014

The Fourth Verse

Throughout history God has blessed America. It's time for America to bless God.
Throughout history God has blessed America. It's time for America to bless God.
Yesterday was the 200th Anniversary of the writing of our National Anthem "The Star Spangled Banner". Many people these days don't give the lyrics a second thought. There are even some in the media who have totally misinterpreted the lyrics and feel that our National Anthem should be changed.
When I think about where our nation was 200 years ago, in the midst of a war, I am humbled by the words. Not many people remember or even know the true meaning behind the song. We are also in a war of sorts in our Nation today. There is a movement of people who want to take God out of everything and anywhere he might possibly be able to "offend" anyone. Yet they can not see that very act is causing so much chaos and confusion, thus weakening our Nation.
An event took place at churches all across the Nation last night called "Star Spangled Sunday" put on by the Family Research Council. It was a fantastic opportunity to learn the forgotten story about the Great Acts of Faith behind our National Anthem. Yes as much as some people want to wipe "Faith" from our founding and choose to misinterpret our founding documents, America was in fact founded on Christian principals. Our founders were deeply religious men who understood what happens when a Government can give you everything, it can also take away everything, including how you're allowed to worship. They were farmers, clergymen, ordinary men and women who did extraordinary things not in  their own strength, but with help from almighty God. They prayed and believed for divine intervention from the Lord which happened on many occasions. Stories of these miracles of course have been wiped from the history books. The Star Spangled Sunday event offered an eye opening look at the true story and meaning behind the lyrics to the beautiful song that is our National Anthem.
The event was a call to action to Christians across our nation to Stand Up for our religious freedom. A key point of the event was the Fourth Verse of the Anthem that isn't talked about much these days. Reading it knowing the true story of the situations that led the writing of the song, there is no doubt about the Faith of it's author or the meaning. Although not many in government today choose to utilize our Constitution, it is still incredibly unique and what has made America the beacon of hope for people across the globe for generations. People have risked life and limb including my own father to immigrate here. One little word though misinterpreted can make a big difference to people whose agenda it is to remove God and Christianity from society. They can use the misinterpretation as a weapon in a process of a very slow fade. Done over time to dumb down our society to the point where one day you look around and realize how far its gone and wonder how in heck the world did we ever get here. How did we ever let this happen to our nation? The founding documents say Freedom "Of" Religion. However the people who desire to remove Christianity from society twist it to say "From". Little word, big difference in it's meaning.
Our founders were not Muslims, they were Christians. Christians who fled a tyrannical government in England who risked everything to be free to worship God as Christians. They did not want to be forced to have a Government appointed church, Catholic or any other set denomination. Freedom "OF" means freedom to practice whatever denomination one chooses. Yes I know, many people choose to ignore God and want to be free to do whatever they want regardless of the consequences and so they twist a lot of things, including history. The problem is when we Christians turn the other cheek, remain silent and complacent, decades go by and all of a sudden we are living in a modern day war of sorts. Not that much different from the war of 1812 when Francis Scott Key wrote that beautiful song.
We are on the front lines of a war on Christianity. Government and organizations like the ACLU bend over backwards to make sure we do not offend homosexuals and Muslims. While at the same time will not lift a finger to respect the rights of Christians. In fact going out of their way to marginalize and prohibit Christians from exercising their Faith. So far as to even prohibit our Military men and women from sharing their Faith. Really? Think about that for a minute... America is where it is today because of the brave men and women who have stood in harms way in engagement after engagement throughout history; who have relied upon their Faith in God to deliver them. So here we are, government is standing for the rights of everyone except Christians. The question is what will "we" do?
As I watched the event last night so inspired by the passionate speakers, time after time chills ran down my spine as one after another they quoted lines from a song I wrote about this very issue. Ironically I wrote my song right around September 12th, 2009. The day after the very first March on DC, where Americans gathered to Stand Up and send a message to Barack Obama and his minions that "We The People" were not happy with his hope and change. During the War of 1812 the key miracles and God intervention leading to the writing of the song took place September 11th through the 14th.
As the daughter of a man who came to America with $20 in his pocket to live the American dream, I grew up with a reverence and appreciation for the incredible opportunity that is available here in America. Opportunity that does not exist anywhere else on the face of the earth. When I saw hope and change a la Barack Obama my heart was saddened. Sad that millions of people were hypnotized into a state by the media and entertainment figures and blindly led into letting others do their thinking for them. Allowing the government to speak for them and ultimately to speak for the rest of us. By instituting things like government run health care, and so many other actions that are diametrically opposed to the entire concept of our founding principals.
The question is what will we do... the following are some of the lyrics to my song:
"What's going on, I look around, and I don't recognize this place anymore. Foundations crumbling down, when only lies abound. We can not afford to sit back and ignore. 
"Time to Stand Up, Time to Speak Out, We've got to Fight to get it back... This Country's Our's and We're Taking it Back, We The People."
I wrote that song on a cocktail napkin while working my pay the bill job as a bartender at a catering event during Fashion Week in NYC. An environment full of ultra left leaning liberals who were all under the spell of Obama praising the hope and change. After five years have passed it is frightening to see how more eerily true the words become by the day.
The Star Spangled Sunday event was a call to action to Christian Americans to stand up and fight. How do we fight? No we're not all ultra wealthy, or media figures, or talking heads. What we are though is Christians. All of us, the moms, the dads, the firemen, the Pastors, the nurses, the military, ordinary people who do the things that make our country work, we must all stand united. We must start to pay attention like never before. We must support the things throughout pop culture that represent our values especially in film, and music. Because if we don't the mainstream media will continue to produce and promote entertainment that is denigrating our society. Then we must vote our values. The Family Research Council is on the cutting edge of a movement to ensure we have the tools to do just that. They announced two new initiatives to help Christians vote our values. To make an impact to stop this slow fade and fundamental transformation of America. Visit and to get involved and learn how you can make a difference!
Remember, if we do not speak up someone else will speak for us. As we have already seen over the last five years, we will not like what they have to say.

Monday, August 18, 2014

No Excuse

I've blogged about animals on many occasions, and well what can I say? I love furkids, deal with it. Besides it's been said ones true character is revealed in how they treat animals. So you know what that means... yes that means Greek Girl is a Good Person ;o)
Seriously though besides having four furkids of my own (used to be five until our ten and a half year old Maltese "Itty Bitty" passed unexpecedly of congestive heart failure back in September of last year) I am involved with rescue. Sometimes fostering, and often do home visits for potential adopters for a few different rescue groups. A home visit is necessary to make sure the animal does not end up back in a dangerous situation. Because as you might have guessed not everyone out there is what they appear to be. Or for whatever reason their wires get crossed in their noggins and decide it would be OK to dump their pet in a shelter. So home visits are necessary and vital to make sure rescued furkids truly do go into forever homes.
After all the things I have seen in rescue nothing really surprises me. However, I was particularly upset this past week when I saw a story in the news about an outrageously horrific situation involving craigslist. I would hope that most people understand why it's never OK to put an ad on craigslist for an animal, especially for Free. It's sad but stories like the one I'm about to share happen often these days. The following link is about a story of a man who was recently arrested for having been found in a motel room with multiple animals he had dismembered. Animals he had obtained from craigslist.
Don't believe me... here ya go:
I know life can be chaotic, especially in the times we are living. The economy is rough and people have life changes, I get it. However I'm not sure why when some people start to cut back they jump to something as severe as dumping a family pet in a kill shelter. There are always options, there is always a way, it's just a matter of if someone is willing to make the effort to make adjustments that will allow them to keep their pet. Some people just don't want to be bothered.
We have an epidemic of puppy mills producing millions of puppies that are shipped to pet stores. Backyard or kitchen breeding dogs to make an extra few bucks. Then add to that the ones who refuse to spay and neuter either for financial reasons, or even worse they don't want to make their pet an "it", are just a few of the absurd justifications I have heard. When you add it all up it equates to five to seven million animals and growing being euthanized in shelters across the country every single year. The only way this is ever going to change is to change the law. Make Puppy Mills illegal, and not allow backyard breeding. Have mandatory spay/neuter and for anyone who is interested in betterment of the breed and who wants to breed, make them have to be licensed. The license would be a very hard test like a Dr. and include a high yearly fee which would keep the backyard breeders out. Believe me I'm for LESS Government control not more. The government wants to control almost every aspect of our lives i.e.: health care, cap and trade to regulate how much energy we consume, food, medicine, etc. Yet they allow the rampant torture of Gods creatures in Puppy Mills. It boggles my mind, that however is a blog for another day.
My point here more than anything is why is it that at the first sign of trouble or inconvenience, people's first instinct is to throw up their hands and "dump" the family pet? They wouldn't ever do it to you, you wouldn't do it to a child, so why on earth do it to a helpless creature who only wants your love? I'm really beginning to think that God must be rethinking the whole part where he gave man charge over the animals. I can just imagine with all the evil things that go on every day, he must be sitting up there thinking maybe it should have been the other way around. It'd probably be a lot less cruel of a world.
As you can imagine there is no circumstance where I would ever give up an animal, period. Trust me and it's not like I'm rolling in the dough either... I'm an Independent Recording Artist. That means there's no label or big machine pushing my music all over TV, radio & social media. I do the best I can with what I have and work my pants off. I built my following brick by brick, fan by fan, and work social media like mad. Like everyone else out there working for their dreams I do what I have to do and try to live my life according to my moral compass. That for me means even if I were homeless on the street, I'd be in my cardboard box with my four furkids. That's just how I roll. Animals are family, there is never a reason to "get rid" of them, period. That may sound extreme to some people, but a living creature that can not survive without you that you made a commitment to is not something to be taken lightly, or to be forgotten when life changes. It's called making adjustments. I thought it would be interesting to post a few meme's that quite bluntly demonstrate some of the illogical thinking regarding dumping pets. Some also that dispel some of the misconceptions about what happens to your pet after you dump it at a the "shelter".
The Truth
The Truth
How do these people sleep at night?
How do these people sleep at night?
There is No Excuse.
There is No Excuse.
Can you imagine?
Can you imagine?
Every day they die waiting...
Every day they die waiting...
More ridiculous excuses.
More ridiculous excuses.
You can make a difference.
You can make a difference.
Pets Do not Belong on Craigslist - Ever!
Pets Do not Belong on Craigslist - Ever!
Trust, Love. Unconditional that never ends... Don't fail them.
Trust, Love. Unconditional that never ends... Don't fail them.
You can make a difference. Not only be being vigilant to furkids in need around you, but also with social media. Sharing helps place dogs. Giving even the smallest amount, even $1.00 to a rescue who has just taken in an animal with obscene medical bills makes a difference. There is strength in numbers... if everyone who cares and has liked a page gives even the small amounts when a rescue asks instead of scrolling past, just think of the number of animals that would be saved.
Blessings, Love & Music ~
Ava xo

Monday, August 4, 2014

Dreams Do Come True

Not only a fan... one of my closest friends :D
Not only a fan... one of my closest friends :D
Ever feel your heart smile? Well mine recently has and I couldn't help but share it with you. Like many people do, Greek Girl has a "bestie". You know someone you have known your entire life. A person that no matter what in heck in the world happens, what they do, where they go, they will always be your friend. Even if twenty years were to pass, when you get together again it is like no time has passed at all, as close as family.
Well my BFF is my friend Ricky. We grew up together, and I have known him since I was a little Greek Girl of about five years old or so. I think at one time I might even had had a crush on him, that was until I realized he didn't actually like girls. lol We've laughed, cried, fought, and done all the crazy things that kids do. I remember one time we may or may not have even set an old crumbling house down by the river on fire. Good grief that was a muckery filled day that ended up with yours truly in the hospital getting a very painful tetanus shot due to a Giamungo nail going all the way through my foot and sticking up out of the top of my sneaker. Ouch! Just thinking about that episode makes me cringe.
A lot of time has passed since those days when we were little muckery makers. We have each gone onto live our own separate lives and I might not agree with everything he does in his life, but one thing is for sure. He will always be my friend, and no matter what he does I will never abandon a friend. I'm just not wired that way.
So as you might imagine when he told me what was about to happen I felt proud. My friend has as an adult had his share of bumps in the road to get to this point. You know what they say when you're down but not out, it reminds me of my friend. No matter what has ever happened, he always gets back up. Maybe it was something in the water back there in Kirkwood where we spent a good portion of our childhood. Being that Greek Girl has that same "don't quit" gene. It's always made me smile knowing that he always, always - gets back up.
This message of "not quitting" is one I am passionate about getting out to people in whatever I do. No matter what you might go through. No matter what happens in your life, whether it is of your own making from poor choices, or something you had nothing to do with but not pleasant just the same. If you never lose your spirit, your sparkle, never lose your dream, never lose your goal, work hard, and never give up that you can and will achieve it.
That's why I am so very proud of my Super Talented lifelong childhood friend! He has dreamed about launching his own cosmetics line as long as I can remember. Well his dream is coming true; Ricky Roberts Cosmetics is in full swing!
Ricky Roberts Cosmetics!  (photo by John Martinez photography)
Ricky Roberts Cosmetics!
(photo by John Martinez Photography)
I'm double proud of my friend for his dream coming true, and of my sweetheart for building the beautiful website for my friends company. The website was built by Some of you may know of my secret passion for skincare and cosmetics. So I'm super selective and picky about what I use and or recommend. Ricky Roberts Cosmetics line is high quality, long wearing, mineral based product formulas with treatment built in, that multitask for a fabulous finish that lasts and lasts.
Check out the website and if you're located in the Charolette NC Area stop by and see it in person at one of his Primp Salonbar locations! Have a beautiful day and remember... no matter what your dream is, if you work hard and Never Give Up - Dreams can and Do come true!
Don't forget to VISIT:
Blessings, Love & Music ~
Ava xo

Monday, July 21, 2014

The Mondays

Look Familiar?
Look Familiar?
It happens to the best of us. You wake up on a Monday excited to tackle the week ahead, jump out of bed and before your feet hit the floor it starts... Muckery.
I don't let days like this get me down, we all have them so I figure what's the point in letting it get me down. In my mind it's better to just plug away and eventually it will pass. Well last week I had one of those days. It was so bad in fact it ended up with one of my furkids at the emergency vet. Although it was quite annoying at the time, eventually it all worked out and looking back I even found some humor in the whole episode. So I thought I'd share it so the next time one of you is having a case of "The Monday's" you might think about Greek Girl and realize we all have them. You're not alone, just breathe and it will pass (a lot faster too if you try to find some humor in the situation).
It was Monday morning, I had a commercial audition in the city so I got ready and drove in like any other day. The audition was in a silly part of town where there is no meter parking for miles. The few meters that are available are either taken or too far away from my destination that by the time I walk to the audition; I will end up having to turn around to go feed the meter again because they are only one hour meters. So after driving around in circles I decided to bite the bullet and park. It would be $50 bucks for one hour. My audition appointment was at 12:10pm.
I think it's funny that casting directors give out appointments and have a cow if anyone shows up late. On the other hand they can make actors wait for hours as if it's no big deal at all. So I walk in and it is like a giant romper room. Toddlers and young kids everywhere literally bouncing off the walls, parents on iPads and cell phones totally oblivious to the fact that their kid are acting like animals. I sign in and ask the assistant who is doing the sign in's if she has any idea if they are running on time. She looks at me like I have six heads and says "Appointment times are out the window today, I can't give you a time just wait". I'm thinking oh gee nice, I'm glad I made it on time and am paying $50 to park.
I sat down and began to take it all in. We have a word in the Greek language for what was going on "χάος" it means Chaos! So after basking in the chaos for almost an hour they had seen a whopping one set of people for the role. It was for a family: a mom and two young kids for a food product. I could not wait any longer due to the $50/hr parking garage, so I asked if I could leave and come back - little miss sunshine aka the assistant said OK.
So I went back to the garage paid the $50 bucks, retrieved my car and drove around for about  half an hour to find some meter parking. Finally after what seemed like forever I found a spot on the corner of 30th street and 3rd avenue. I had to be extra careful to park not touching the white line (or the parking natzis will tow the car) yet far enough from the car behind me so my car would not get hit if they tried to leave. I maneuvered Jillian Jetta in the perfect spot which wasn't easy I might add as she is a 6 speed. I got out, fed the meter, got the receipt and walked back to the car. Put the ticket on the dash and was set to leave to walk back to the audition. No sooner do I lock the door does the guy behind me yell out the window he is leaving that I can have his spot.... UGG now I'm already on the meter clock. See you have to be back to the car by the time on the meter or guess what? You guessed it a ticket. So in cecil the turtle mode he leaves and I back up to his spot. I grab my stuff and run the four blocks back to the casting.
I go back upstairs (runnning four flights of stairs as the elevator is old fashioned and the operator is out to lunch) to find no movement in the casting order.  Apparently the software broke and in all the time I'd been gone they only saw one more group. Ov Vey! So I wait, and since I had to be back to my meter within an hour to avoid a ticket, guess what happened? Yup I had to leave again to go feed the meter. So I ran the four blocks back to the car, fed the meter, and returned. Finally after almost three hours of total Muckery I was able to be seen for the casting. I did a great job and kept my cool despite the circumstances. It didn't hurt that they paired me up with some adorable kids who did a great job.
I left and got over to the West Side Highway just in time to be stuck in afternoon rush hour with all the other people who live outside the city and commute in. I finally got home about five. At this point all I want to do is workout. So instead of feeding the furkids like normal, I decided to give them a treat to hold them over and feed them "after" my workout. I gave them all small pieces of the fruit from the smoothie I was making with my Nutribullet in addition to some doggie cookies.
Right about then the monsoon started complete with thunder and lightening and torrential rain. One of the furkids "Pepe" is horribly afraid of thunder so I had to stop and get his doggie drugs in him fast (all natural no worries a little melatonin and "Rescue Remedy" drops to calm him down). I changed into my workout clothes and was about to go down to the workout room when I heard a bunch of commotion from the doggie room.
I rush in and find "Punkin" turning blue and four piles of throw up. Her eyes are all bugged out and she doesn't even look like herself. I grabbed her put her in the car and rushed to the emergency vet in the pouring rain. It was raining so hard I couldn't see. Thank God I got there in time... she threw up a piece of apple at home but I didn't realize she had stolen one of the other furkids apples because we found out later this is what was stuck in her throat.
They X-Rayed her and found that in addition to swallowing an entire baby carrot whole she had a triangle shaped thing stuck in her throat. They did emergency surgery to push the item down with a tube. They were unable to get it into the stomach, only to the bottom of the esophagus. They had to wait overnight for the specialist to come to do the next step which would have been endoscopic surgery to push the item from the bottom of her esophagus where they got it the night before into her stomach.
Needless to say it was a long night. The 6am X-Ray showed the triangle in the same spot. Then at 11:30am the vet called me to tell me they would try one more thing before doing the endoscopy which would have been another $1,200 or more. They fed her a tiny amount of baby food with some powder dye on it. Then re X-Rayed her, this time they found the little triangle was in her tummy. They called me to tell me I could take her home. With medicine and no hard food for a week, as her little throat was all inflamed from the trauma.
"Punkin" being sprung from the emergency vet!
"Punkin" being sprung from the emergency vet!
The moral of the story... Sometimes you can make a bad day worse by putting off something. Although it wasn't intentional and I consider myself to be a very responsible dog owner, I put off feeding them when I got home because I wanted to workout. Which I never got to do anyhow because I had to rush "Punkin" to the vet. I didn't want to wait for them to eat, then take them out in the rain to do their business. I figured it'd be faster to give them a snack and feed them after. Even though they have dry food down all day, they love their special mash I make them every day. Had I just done it when I got home I quite possibility might never had had to spend a long night and a ton of money at the emergency vet.
An expensive lesson, but never give your furkids anything that is not mashed up or soft enough to go down their throats. The vet said they see dogs with apples stuck in their throats a lot. So the next time the Mondays come creeping up on you just sit back, take a breath and smile. The rain will stop eventually and if you find some humor in the situation somewhere, it will make it go a lot faster.  Looking back on it I realized you just can't make this tuff up. Life, it happens to the best of us... enjoy it, it's the only one we have.
Blessings, Love & Music,
Ava xo