Monday, February 28, 2011

We Go Together Like...

Yesterday was one of those days where spring was in the air and you could just smell it. So I decided to lace up my sneakers on my feet and I went for my very first official outside run since old man winter made a visit way back in November. It was everything
I wanted it to be. It felt awesome to get that feeling again, that one that comes after a long run, that you can do anything, literally! A nice chill was still in the air and I even came across a family of deer out for a stroll. It was magical.
After I got back from my run (high on endorphins I might add), I posted on my Facebook wall that I'm an endorphin junkie! You can "like" my Facebook page here. I am dangerously close to reaching 10,000 "likes". You can help me out by liking the page and suggesting it to your friends. Thanks.
My specific running shoe of choice is the Mizuno Wave® Nirvana® 6. They are like jelly to my feet's peanut butter and my life is just a slice of bread when I am out running. And for some reason that song by the Ying Yang Twins about peanut butter and jelly was going round and round in my coconut while I was out running. Along with all the cool tunes on my ipod. Somethings are just meant to go together. It's just like me and my working out... I am the apple and the work out is the pie.
I like using these sayings of what goes together. Here are some other fun ones:
  • like cheese and crackers
  • like ham and cheese
  • like chips and salsa
  • like love and marriage
  • like ying and  yang
  • like bees and  honey
  • like wine and cheese
  • like black and white
  • Melissa Leo and the "F"  Bomb
or these...
  • like fish and chips
  • like spaghetti and  meatballs
  • like song and dance
  • like salt and pepper
  • like bacon and eggs
  • like green eggs and ham
  • like gin and tonic
  • like mashed potatoes and gravy
  • like strawberries and cream
  • like pen and paper
  • like chips and dip
  • like peas and carrots
  • like meat and potatoes
  • like rice and beans
  • like sweet and sour
  • like sugar and spice
  • like hot and spicy
  • like you and me
  • like hot and dry
  • Charlie Sheen and stupidity
There are so many. What can you think of that goes together??
But sigh, not all things in the Greek Girl's life goes so well together. Somethings are like oil and vinegar... much like my business relationship with my manager Mr. Bricks. He is the thorn to my rose - just sayin'.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Other Oscars

This Oscar is a grouch, lives in a  garbage can and doesn't have a nose.
This Oscar is a Golden Boy, lives in a mansion and has a mean left hook.
This Oscar is a slob, lives in an apartment and wore a New York Yankees baseball cap.
This Oscar is a top fashion designer, lives in a NYC Penthouse and has a new awesome Spring Collection.
This Oscar wrote a crap load of Broadway Musicals, died in Doylestown, Pennsylvania and won two Academy Awards.
Honestly, I think the name Oscar is kinda silly sounding and I am wondering if perhaps my manager Mr. Bricks' first name is Oscar.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Ava Wants To Start A Rumor

It’s time for another Saturday Morning Cartoon from the Greek Blonde Girl.  I hope you enjoy watching the ego inflated Ava the Diva once again put her manager Mr. Bricks in his place.
NOTE: No real talent mangers were hurt during the making of this cartoon.

Friday, February 25, 2011

Ava the Greek Predicts the Oscar

Ok, I'm Ava the Greek and not Jimmy the Greek. I have put all of the crap about all of the movies that I watched in 2010 and crammed it into my Greek little noggin and now I would like to present my 2011 Oscar predictions.
Drum roll please.

Actor in a Leading Role

James Franco - 127 Hours

Actor in a Supporting Role

Christian Bale - The Fighter.   First, this is a movie about boxing... Hello...that's my favorite  kind of movie ! Remember my blog about my love affair with the Rocky Movies?  (Also I loved Cinderella Man) ... now as for his acting performance - insane. Christian is hands down one of the best actors of our lifetime. He always transforms himself into these outrageous characters. Who cares if he is cocky as some say, because  seriously the dude has a lot going on in his coconut and is insanely talented. If he does not win he will go down with actors who were robbed of the Oscar in my Greek noggin/ Another great Oscar robbery was Joaquin Phoenix for Walk the Line. and Viggo Mortensen for Eastern Promises. Two acting performances that were just so brilliant for the transformation into the characters that they will live on forever in my mind.

Actress in a Leading Role

Who I want to win: Jennifer Lawrence for Winter's Bone - It was an incredible performance.  Who I think will win: Natalie Portman for Black Swan since she is the darling this year. I was not that impressed with this film. I think they took the A - bus on the story. It had way too much sexual content in it... they could have shown the struggle and conflict within a dancer and all of her problems without going all college freshmen fantasy on it. Really, I know I'm no Steven Spielberg, but it's just my two cents. She's a great actor and all, but I think she has done better work - just sayin'.

Actress in a Supporting Role

Melissa Leo - The Fighter.  Seriously have you seen how gorgeous this woman is in real life? She morphed into a worn haggard old-looking mother way beyond her years. The accent was spot on and she must win this. If not, she goes down with actors I previously mentioned who were robbed, period and I might just have to throw a sneaker through my television set.

Animated Feature Film

I honestly havent seen so it's not right for me to comment, but from the trailers and clips I have seen of them... How to train your Dragon, it has an animal in it, so I  have to pick it. I am sure that is how many members of the Academy cast their votes anyway.

Art Direction

Inception.  This is a groundbreaking piece of artwork and truly beautiful film making.


Inception.  Mostly for same reasons as above.  The film is simply gorgeous photography... A  total work of art.

Costume Design

Kings Speech or True Grit, both are period pieces and tougher to dress 'em up.


Hmm this is tough. I'm torn... The Fighter - since I love all boxing movies. But it is a true story and I love a good comeback - any story where the human spirit to overcome wins out, that is for me. And, they did an amazing job on this film. but.... if it does not win, I want the Social Network. This film was brilliant and really captured the essence of FB and how it has changed all of our lives. Hang on..gotta go change my status update...
OK, I'm back now...
Music (Original Score)
This is easy... Social Network - amazing.  Hands down!!

Music (Original Song)

Okay I cant believe I'm saying this because normally I am not a fan of actors who decide.... oops I think I wanna  be a singer now. But I do love her as an actor - and she does a decent job on this movie. But the writing - really pulls at the heartstrings. So after all that, I'm picking "Coming Home" from Country Strong - Music and Lyric by Tom Douglas, Troy Verges and Hillary Lindsey.

Best Picture

The fighter.  Obviously for the same reasons about this movie I listed above. I love a good comeback, it's about fighting, and it is a true story... the acting was superb and the main reason I think it will win Best Picture is that my manager Mr. Bricks wasn't in it!!

Visual Effects

Hereafter or Inception - both amazing visually and simply spectacular visual effects and gorgeous works of film art.

Writing (Adapted Screenplay)

Social Network. This film did an incredible job of documenting how Facebook has changed almost everyone's life. Well written. I had read the book  "The Accidental Billionaires: The Founding of Facebook, A Tale of Sex, Money, Genius, and Betrayal" and I was anxious to see the movie and how it was adapted.

Writing (Original Screenplay)

The Fighter.  It's a true story...  it was awesome in every aspect you can measure.. and like I have said a bazillion times already, it is about boxing (again, my favorite  type of movie) and it is about a good comeback. you just cant beat that!!! Am I repeating myself?
OK, there are a few other categories like sound editing and short films live action, short films animated, etc that I did not go out on a limb and make a prediction about because well, quite frankly I just don't care who wins in those categories.
And for those of you have asked if I am going to be at the ceremony, the answer is sadly, no not this year. If Mr. Bricks hasn't gotten me a record deal yet, I really had no faith he was going to get me on the red carpet for the Oscars. So you can just sit back pop some popcorn and watch them at home like I will be doing.
But next year -- that's a whole other story, baby!

Thursday, February 24, 2011

How To Break Up With A Snowman

Mr. Snowman in Happier Times
Dear Mr. Snowman:
You were kinda cute when I first met you way back in November. In the beginning I liked you because you were a cool guy. Normally you do not come to New York City and visit me that early in the year, but after a long hot summer, I was really happy to see you again!
As always, you have a knack at making Christmas seem more like Christmas when you are hanging around during the month of December. I hope you liked the new red scarf. I knitted it myself for you. And I love how you joked with me about taking your eyes and putting them into my stocking for being a bad Greek Girl this year. You really know how to make me laugh Mr. Snowman. You we're kidding weren't you?
I was happy to have you spend New Year's Eve with me. It's always nice to welcome in the New Year with an old friend like you. I just wished we did not have to spend the entire night out side. I froze my noggin off. I do not understand why you did not want to come inside and enjoy the warm crackling fire I had built!
Normally you leave and come back a couple of times throughout January. However, this year you felt the need to stick around - every frikin day!!  Things changed during January between you and me. You turned very cold on me so I tried to break it off with you several times. But each morning I would open my blinds and there you were. Are you stalking me Mr. Snowman? I thought you would get the hint and leave when you would see Mr. Sunshine visit my house. I would even lace up my sneakers and go for a quick run with him. But no. When I came back from that refreshing brisk January run with Mr. Sunshine, to my surprise, you were still there.
As we wind down the month of February I honestly can say I am so over you Mr. Snowman. My love for you faded weeks ago. I can no longer even stand to look at you. What did I ever see in you? You need a nose job Mr. Snowman, that carrot looks stupid it has rotted and turned green. Over the past month your right eye has shifted. You now look like my manager Mr. Bricks with one lazy eye. I despise you Mr. Snowman.

In case you did not get the memo Mr. Snowman I am now in love with Mr. Sunshine. He is hot, you are not - just sayin'  I really want you out of my life! I hate you right now. I wish you would die Mr. Snowman.
All my love,

Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Live Like You Were Dying

Ava Aston at Shea Stadium singing National Anthem before Mets game
I always try to make the best of each and every day. I guess to borrow a phrase from the Tim McGraw song, I could say I like to live like I was dying. Don't fret, The Greek Blonde girl isn't going anywhere just yet. You can't get rid of me before my manager Mr. Bricks gets me a record deal, can you?
Speaking of old man Bricks, When I asked him if he felt like he was living like he was dying he said,  "Ava, I always live like I am dying."  And I had the best come back on the planet, I said, "Yah Mr. Bricks, that's because you eat a McRib at McDonalds everyday. That'll make you die."   I thought it was funny, but I guess he was wearing his Mr. Grumpy pants that day. He just rolled his one lazy eye at me and left the room.
Live Like You We're Dying by Tim McGraw
"Like tomorrow was a gift,
And you got eternity,
To think about what you’d do with it.
An' what did you do with it?
An' what can I do with it?
An' what would I do with it?"
I think Tim McGraw is an awesome singer. I think that song happens to be one of his best songs ever. I have never met Tim, but one time when I was asked to sing the National Anthem at the old Shea Stadium I had a chance to meet his dad, baseball player Tug McGraw. This is a pretty funny story....lots of muckery for sure.
I was schedule to perform the National Anthem for "The Greatest Day in Mets History" day and since I had sung at that stadium several times before, it was kinda like routine for me. I knew exactly where to go and exactly where my dressing room was. However, when I got there my normal dressing room was filled with a bunch of guys. My baby sister Marie was with me to do my hair and to do my make-up.  I call Marie, Nene, which is Greek for "baby."
After Nene was finished with my make-up, and since I'm not trying to keep Up with the Kardashians, I wasn't going to change my clothes and get naked in front of a bunch of guys, so I asked all of the guys in the room to leave. Ok, I said "Get Out!" Now remember, I'm Greek, so whenever I talk, I talk fast and loud and I use my hands. So, when I said "Get Out!" Greek style these guys went running!!
That's right I kicked them out.
Nene was standing there with her jaw about ready to hit the floor after they all left. She said:
Nene: "Ava, Do you know who you just kicked out of the room?"
Ava: "No" why? Who were they?"
Nene: "Umm, Willie Mays, Keith Hernandez and Tug McGraw."
Ava: "Willie Mays, That's a funny name....and What's a Tug?"
Nene: "Shame on you Ava"
Ok, so I am not up to par with all of the names and faces of the great New York Mets. There are worse things in life...I could have a lazy eye!
Have a great day friends and don't forget to make it a great day and live like you were dying!

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Isn't it Ironic?

I was working out and listening to a little Alanis Morissette and I thought to myself, isn't this ironic - I am a singer and while I am working out, I am listening to another singer and somewhere in the world there was someone else working out while listening to one of my songs...(at least I hope there is.)
Life is full of ironies. Sometimes the irony is an old law that is still on the books.
  • In Maryland a woman cannot go through her husband’s pockets while he is sleeping. Not even if she really wants a piece of gum or "borrow" $200 for a new pair of sneakers
  • In Tucson, Arizona, women are not allowed to wear pants. No word on the stance on booty shorts,thongs or going commando.
  • In Carrizozo, New Mexico, it is illegal for a woman to appear unshaven under their arms in public. Why doesn't Manhattan have such a law on its books - just sayin'
Other ironies are just a fact of life.
  • Everyone has a photographic memory to some degree. However my manager Mr. Bricks doesn't appear to have any film.
  • Whenever I need to use a flashlight my batteries are dead. Whenever I need a battery I am out of that size of battery. This irony holds true for light bulbs.
  • It was recently discovered that doing research caused cancer in rats.
  • Keeping up with Kardashians is called a reality series, but nothing about it reflects reality at all.

Its ironic that shoppers at Wal Mart didn't notice the original price
I have also noticed that the muckery in my life is filled with ironies.
  • I eat healthy, work out and I am in good health. My manager Mr. Bricks eats Mc Ribs at McDonald's, doesn't work out and  his blood pressure is higher than the national debt.
  • It was 60° the other day in New York so I started putting away my gloves, uggs and puffy winter jacket and I was going to bring out the spring sneakers. Yesterday it snowed 8 inches and the high was only about 10 degrees.
  • I am Greek and Blonde, yet I still have a good coconut on my shoulders.
  • Days I plan on running errands I get called for meetings and auditions. On days I have nothing to do and would like an audition the phone never rings.
I have a manager with one lazy eye. But I do not yet have a record deal....isn't that ironic?

Monday, February 21, 2011

Mystic Pizza

This is a great old school movie
When you are looking for an old-time classic movie to rent from Netflix or Blockbuster, I highly recommend Mystic Pizza. When you are hungry for a tasty snack I highly recommend pizza, whether it is mystic or not. One of the best part of living in New York City is Pizza. Yup. Pizza. You can get the best (and worst) pizza 24 hours a day in Manhattan.

Real New York City Pizza - yummo!
When I am on the road doing shows and start jonsing for pizza, I will from time to time ask a local where is their favorite place in that city is to go get a slice of  pizza? Sharing the name of their favorite pizza place must be like sharing a juicy rumor about a former BFF, because most people were excited and eager to give up the information where to get a slice of pie.
Not all pizza is created equal. Recently I was in nearby Connecticut and I was hoodwinked into going to the reported birthplace of the American pizzeria, the Frank Pepe Pizzeria of New Haven, Connecticut. I say hoodwinked because my friends convinced me that I would enjoy a slice of the white clam pie, claiming it was the pizzeria's most popular type of pizza. I can tell my friends were not on the company's payroll. They couldn't have been for making a recommendation like that, because it was not a good recommendation. Clam as a pizza toping - that is just so wrong - on so many levels. And let me tell you it was just as disgusting as it sounds.  After that experience, I made a pledge to my little Greek self that any slice of pizza I put in my pie hole (and yes, it's a pizza pie hole) needs to have red sauce, not white sauce - that's just how I roll. I tried to be polite and eat one slice, but I felt like Mr. Bricks trying to swallow vegetables. I was gagging and coughing and using massive amounts of water just to get down each bite. It was not a site for the faint of heart.
So what do you like on your pizza?

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Who Let The Dogs Out?

Today's blog is written by Guest Dogger Bloggers BoBo, Itty Bitty, Punkin and Pookie.
Enough of this crap. The four of us can only sit back for so long before we were compelled to speak up against the so-called goody two shoes image our Doggie Mommie Ava is trying to paint of herself on this blog.  As that pudgy TV psychologist Dr. Phil says, "Get Real."
She is always talking about how healthy she eats. Well this is some of the crap that really goes on in our house. Last night she was watching a movie and when the movie got over around 1 am she ate a candy bar! That's healthy? Mom said it was something called a Zone Bar and Mom assured us it was really healthy, but hey, it has chocolate and it is all gooey inside. We say that is a candy bar no matter what she calls it. Well if it was so healthy why didn't she give us a small bite? We would understand if it was real chocolate because we can't eat chocolate, that would make us poop ourselves to death.
Our Doggie Mommy is always telling us to pick up our doggie toys, yet a quick glance around any room in the house and it is scattered with wall-to-wall sneakers. Why doesn't Miss Fancy Pants learn to pick up her own stuff if she expects us to pick up our toys? Sounds like a double standard to us. But her noggin doesn't see it like that.
We're not going to lie, all 4 of us are dogs and we all love to sleep. In fact sleeping is one of our favorite pastimes. (well Bobo also likes licking his own butt too) But none of us can sleep as many hours as Miss Van Winkle can. Holy crap, we had never seen anyone take so many frequent 4 hour "power naps" as she does. She says she needs her beauty sleep. We will give her that, she is pretty.
Our Doggie Mommy says she is Greek. We are doubtful of that. We think she is just making up a fancy pedigree of her own.  We know a terrier mix down the street who says he is a bichon frise. Our Doggie Mommy is an actress after all - so nothing will surprise us.
Another thing about our Mom Ava that gets us hot under the collar is how she treats her manager Mr. Bricks. She treats him like...ahem, a dog. We like Mr. Bricks, we think he is a funny old man. Whenever we see him he always has food in his pockets like old cookies or half eaten sandwiches to feed us. And Mr. Bricks always gets down on the floor to play with us and scratches our bellies. We all giggle when he tries to stand up because he usually wobbles all over just trying to catch his balance. We think it is hard for him to stand up because he is over weight and he has that lazy eye. Whatever the reason its kinda funny to watch and we like Mr. Bricks. We feel bad for him and just wished our Doggie Mom would not boss Mr. Bricks around so much.
Another thing that is not fun in the Aston household is watching TV with our Mom. OMG, I think we all would rather get sprayed by a skunk than to have to sit through a night of TV watching with her. We don't think she knows that when she screams at the TV the people can not hear her. How blonde can she be? I mean we're dogs and we even know that they can't hear her. She says she thinks Mr. Bricks should lose weight and eat healthier, yet one of her favorite shows to watch is "The Biggest Loser" - which is all about fat people who use to eat doughnuts, but now have that lady Jilliann yelling at them to eat right, keep working out and to get a positive attitude. Hmmm, that kinda sounds like a typical phone conversation Mom has with Mr. Bricks on a daily basis.
Well, you-know-who is awake now and she needs to use this computer to check for email and to update her Facebook, Twitter, Ping and YouTube pages, which she does like a bazillion times a day instead of paying attention to us. So we better sign off for now.
So hopefully we shed a little light on Ms. Goody Two Shoes and you can get to know her like we know her. Don't let her pretty face fool yah. But we do hope you continue to enjoy her blogs, enjoy her music and her wicked fun sense of humor. Just be glad and count your lucky stars that you don't have to live with her. To borrow her favorite's Muckery!!
Love and Fishes,
BoBo, Punkin, Pookie and Itty Bitty
(Woof, Woof)

Saturday, February 19, 2011

How's Your Chakra?

Good Saturday Morning! Here is your weekly cartoon. I hope you like it. Thanks for all of your support.

Friday, February 18, 2011

Step Away From The Coffee Cup

                                                       Ava Aston                        Getty Images © 2011
Of course I'm smiling in this photo, I have a cup of coffee in my hands. The photo was snapped of me as I walked back to my car after getting my morning cup of coffee yesterday. I think the photographer was waiting for me. For those of you who are daily readers of my blog, you might remember the time I sent my manager Mr. Bricks undercover at this Dunkin' Doughnuts location to find out what other people thought of me. The blog was called Undercover Boss.  You can read that blog post here. I must admit, I thought it turned out pretty funny.
I love, love, LOVE coffee. I seriously think I should check myself into the hospital and have an MRI done on my noggin. I highly suspect that caffeine is running through my veins and that coffee is my blood type. I know it is silly that I am powerless over a freshly brewed cup of happiness, but I am and I admit it. I did try to check myself into a Coffee Drinkers Anonymous but they kicked me out. Apparently, they are called 12 steps, and not 12 cups!! Hey, I just thought I was working the program. Personally I have always thought coffee as one of the major food groups anyway.
So, I showed Mr. Bricks this photo of me that was taken and he said I look hypnotized by the coffee aroma. He said my eyes looked glazed over. That was coming from a dude with a lazy eye. Then Mr. Bricks asked if I got him a glazed doughnut? His eyes are going to be glazed over when I smash a dozen glazed doughnuts into his noggin some day. He is not right I tell you.
Did you know Mr. Bricks doesn't even like coffee? In fact he doesn't like any hot liquids, which includes teas, coffees, soups, gravy's  and most sauces. When I was interviewing managers I should have asked him the question, "Do you drink coffee?" But I didn't, because I thought all normal people drink coffee....but then again there is nothing normal about Mr. Bricks.
Did you also know that in some prisons coffee is the currency for the inmates because they are not allowed to have real money while they are locked up in the big house? When they go to the canteen or the "store" as they call it, they buy bags of instant coffee and then repackage it into little baggies of individual serving amounts. That is what they use to pay other inmates to get tattoos, buy cigarettes, homemade liquor and any other illegal drugs that they want, but can't buy at the "store." I know all of this because I am Greek and smart...and because I watched an episode of "Hard Time"on the National Geographic channel. When I started watching the show I thought it was a co-ed prison because there were guys and girls in the same cells. But as I looked closer I realized those guys....ummm, they were girls. In this case it wasn't Dude looks like a Lady it was Lady looks like a Dude - just sayin'.
Seriously, I couldn't handle being locked up like that. But if I ever was... it's nice to know at least I could still get my coffee!