Tuesday, January 29, 2013

This is My Story

Do what makes your heart happy!
Do what makes your heart happy!
I wanted to take a minute to share what is on my heart.  Most of my friends and fans know what Greek Girl is all about.  You know what I stand for, what my values and ideology are, and what I feel I have been put on this earth to do, and for how long I have been working towards it.
However there are people who are new to my music and message and for those people I wanted to take a minute to explain why the average person would want to help me in this endeavor, and tell you my story.
As a Christian my goal is to be a positive influence to people using the talent that God Blessed me with.  In all honesty my desire is to be a singing philanthropist.  To be able to use my voice to lift people up and to give to those in all kinds of situations who are in need.  There are several organizations I am passionate about helping which are linked to my website.  I am married to a Veteran, and my mom works for the Purple Heart helping Veterans.  I have given free concerts to all kinds of people including Veterans, and given away literally thousands of CD's to our Veterans serving over seas, to kids, sick kids and people.  Because that is what is in my heart to do.
Ever since I was a little kid, from the time I started to talk, I have been getting lost in music.  I was like a little Tina Turner with the hairbrush in the mirror giving concerts in my bedroom, writing songs in my journal.
However when I was growing up people were not going on youtube and then the Ellen Degeneres show at 7 years old getting record deals. So I kept on singing, practicing and honing my skills by recording when I could, writing and singing anywhere and everywhere I could.  I have sang everywhere you can possibly imagine, from nursing homes, to funerals, to weddings, to National Anthems starting at local high school sports games, AA baseball games, College and on up to for Professional Sports Teams all over the country.
When I was growing up - when people listened to music all they cared about was when they heard a song was if it made them feel something.  Did the singer invoke emotions?  That was it.  If it makes you feel something you like it.  If not, you don't... simple right?
Then something weird happened in the music industry...  One day I woke up at 28 years old and I was "too old".  Huh?  Britney Spears came on the scene and followed by American Idol with it's 28 year old age limit and although it had been creeping in for years before - everyone in the industry from potential producers, to managers and anyone who could open up any kind of door... All they were concerned about was the number.
Before they ever heard me sing, and even after they heard something and liked it, it all came down to the million dollar question - "so how Old are you?"...  Silly I concur, but once they hear the number - it changes the entire conversation.  Ridiculous... what are women supposed to do after the age of 28? Jump off a bridge?   It seemed inconceivable to me that anyone would think anyone, a woman specifically is supposed to give up on their dreams and goals after a certain age because they are considered "Not Valuable or not Talented or Marketable".
So I did what any stubborn Greek Girl with a fire and a dream in her gut would do - I stuffed cotton balls in my ears and ran around singing... "La la la la la I can't hear you". I continued to pursue my dream, regardless of what the gatekeepers told me.
So I started to just let people think what they want, I just avoided the topic.  I am also an actor which is about "pretending".  You can be young and play old or old and play young.
I did even sneak into an American Idol audition one time with a fake id only to be pulled aside after I sang by the casting director and told: "Honey you have a gorgeous voice, keep on singing and do not ever stop. However you are never going to be picked by one of these shows... This is TV we have to start in one place and show an arch to the top.  You are way too polished".  My heart sank on the verge of tears.  So I picked myself up by my bootstraps and pressed on.
I still audition for the ones that do not have an "age limit", even though I know that they have already made up their mind about me before I have ever opened my mouth to sing based to the answer to question #2 on the application - my age.  I go because I think maybe just maybe this one time they will put talent ahead of a sad shocking story.  It also does not help that I have a website with a large following on social media, so they google me and see all this stuff, and think I do not need any "help".
I don't have a sad shocking story... the most shocking thing about me is how long I have been working toward my dream without once ever considering giving up.
So... what is a girl with morals and values to do?  I keep going.  I keep making music, when and as I can and putting it out to you guys.  I am not complaining by any means - please do not get me wrong. I chose to follow my dream and to not give up after almost everyone says it is not going to happen, if it were it would have happened by now.
Because I believe that if you have a dream - if you have a purpose, if you know like you know like you know that you were put on this earth to do something, that if you Never Give up, you Can achieve it. Whether it is to lose weight, to be an astronaut, whatever it is... You can do it.
So... how does this tie into this contest you might be wondering?  Well... making the music is not the only thing that takes resources; it is also putting it out to the masses.  There is no way an independent artist such as myself can possibly compete with the resources of a Beyonce, Kelly Clarkson, Katy Perry, Rihanna or any of the other artists who are on labels.
Winning the $100,000 in the Veewallvocals Contest, will enable me the chance to for once in my life to be able to put my music and message out to the masses.  To be evaluated for my art and talent, not for the day I was born.
No one can control what opportunities they have had or not had in their life.  Just because I have not yet had the legitimate proper "opportunity" does not mean I am not talented.  It just means it is not my time yet.  I know that God did not put music into me for no reason.
Winning, will give me the chance that the Mainstream Industry will not give me: 1. Because I am a Conservative 2. Because I do not have Pink hair and a Sad Shocking story 3. Because I am not 15 years old.
Talent is what matters, not age.  Age is irrelevant.  You can package a rock to sell if you need to, anything can be "packaged" and it is not like there is something wrong with my package anyhow. However the music industry has a nasty little habit of putting the age, "package and sad shocking story" before talent.
If you are tired of seeing trash everywhere you look, on TV, on the radio, in magazines... If you are not happy about the new season the Kardashain's, and wonder as I do when and why it became cool to sing in your underpants for guys or girls.  Society is manipulated by Pop Culture.  It has been going on for years.  If you desire to see a change in the moral fabric of our society, then there needs to be people in the Mainstream pop culture who actually have decent morals and values.  Actor goes to rehab, great give them another movie or TV role, singer beats his girlfriend - awesome lets give him another Grammy.  Better yet lets buy more of his singer girlfriend’s records after she goes back to him... Someone please stop the insanity.
So If you would like to see someone who has a dream in their heart - who has morals and values and does not sing in their underware to finally after 25 years of banging on doors get an opportunity. Then I am asking you to please join me in voting in the veewall contest.
It is Simple, Easy and Free.
  1. Visit Veewall.com & register.
  2. Confirm Registration via email
  3. Vote Once Daily Through 4/29.
Ava Aston "I Carry You With Me" is up for voting now:
Thank you for your support helping to get my music & message out to the masses.
Blessings, Love & Music~
Ava xox
P/S: Greek Girl doesn't usually do "voting" contests, but hey for 100K this girl has got to try!

Monday, January 21, 2013

Why Should I Care

if you don't care... someone else will and you may not like the results.
if you don't care... someone else will and you may not like the results.  just sayin'

Well you probably shouldn't.  Especially if you like all the crap that passes for entertainment these days.  I mean if it makes you giddy to know the umpteenth season of Kardashian's is about to start... then it's probably a good idea to just stick your head in the sand and roll with the dumbing down of our society.
What's wrong Greek Girl?  You seem kind of sarcastic this week you might be thinking.  Well, to be honest I am, and I am also mad.  Mad as heck.  Why?  Well because I know a lot of people who do not like what they see in entertainment today.  They are tired of watching mediocre talent be rewarded for acting like lunatics.  People go to rehab, great give them another movie role.  Arrested for drugs, or battery?... hey give them a Grammy.
Anyone see a problem here?  Is it just me?  No it's not.  I hear it, I see it and in my coconut for the life of me I can not figure out why on earth if people do not like what they see, they why are they watching it?  Why support things that are not in line with your values?  I'm not talking about boycotting everything or company that you do not necessarily agree with.  Because that could get pretty lonely and boring.  After all we can not just go crawl under a rock to hide from everything we do not believe in.
What I am saying is, if people want to see a change in society, then they need to realize the culture needs to be changed.  In order to change the culture you need to change the narrative.  If you want to change the narrative and what you see going on in the world, then you need take control of it by supporting the things in entertainment that fall in line with your values.  It is that simple.  Hollywood has been doing it for years now and for whatever reason the people of this country act like sheep and just go along with it.
I guess what it all boils down to is that we all see the fabric of our society being attacked left and right.  So what do we do?  Well we turn on the TV, we tune in to the radio and buy the concert tickets and re-tweet the very junk that is destroying our culture.  What most people don't get is that our culture is what is shaping us and drives our politics that run our country.  So, in turn, we are left with a government that is corrupt, leaders we can't trust and role-models who we should be ashamed of not rewarded.
Okay, take this for example.  As many of you may know I am in a songwriting contest for my song, "I Carry You With Me".  It was written about the loss of a loved one and has helped  a lot of people deal with grief and loss.  I'm an artist who desires to be a positive role-model who wants to share a positive message and be an inspiration to help lift people up.  However being an independent artist without the help of a record label I have limited resources to do so.  I'm not complaining by any means, just explaining why I entered the contest since the grand prize is $100k.  Hey - Greek Girl's money tree hasn't sprouted yet if you know what I mean and $100k would sure go a long way towards my musical goals.
Well, yesterday I posted about the contest and was attacked for asking for support from the very people I felt would most value my cause as an artist.  This shocked the Greek Girl.  It made me wonder What in the Heck in the World is wrong with this picture?  Here you have a hardworking artist trying to be the very thing this guy supposedly is fighting to support. Yet when faced with the choice to actually support it he attacks it.  All I was asking for was a vote, that is free.  Call me confused.  What's worse is he is just one of many.  There are a lot more like him.  These people are angry at what they see and the direction our country is going but for whatever reason find it perfectly okay to continue supporting the very thing that is at the root of our demise.
Don't take my word for it.  The other day by a dear friend of mine, popular writer/blogger Daria Degiovanni wrote a wonderful blog about this very thing.  It's a blog that talks about why it's so valuable for like-minded people to support one-another especially when it comes to shaping our culture through mainstream media and entertainment. http://www.dariadigiovanni.com/vote-for-ava-aston/
All I am saying is, Why should you care?  In the end, if you don't want real change in the narrative that drives our culture then don't support me.  For that matter don't support anyone who is fighting to change our country with our values, morals and sensibility.  Or, take a stand and make a difference by supporting artists like myself and others like me.  We NEED your support.  It's not just me, there are a lot of us but for whatever reason it's not "cool" to do so.  But in the off chance you want to take a minute out of your day and help the Greek Girl win that songwriting contest and move me closer to the goal of helping shape the narrative that will help move our country back to where it once was, well then go to: http://www.veewall.com/vocals/video/avaaston and follow these simple steps.
- Register for a Free account
- Confirm your registration (check spam folder - could end up there)
- Then vote.  You can vote once per day through April 29th.
It would be wonderful to win as it will enable me to continue to share my music and message with the world.  Thank you very much for your support :D
Blessings, Love & Music~
Ava xo

Monday, January 14, 2013


Yep - the Greek Girl is trying to win $100k to help boost her independent music career.
Yep - the Greek Girl is trying to win $100k to help boost her independent music career.
What In The Heck In The World am I up to now?...  Well I'll tell you what I'm up to.  It's like this.  Greek Girl loves to sing and write songs.  Ever since I was a little kid I have been singing in the mirror with my hair brush like Tina turner in the movie "What's Love Got To Do With It".  I've been writing down songs in journals, and singing anywhere and everywhere I can.
There were even times when (if you believe it that I sang so much it would actually annoy people) :D Yes there were those times in high school where a friends parents would pick us up from sports practice, squished four girls in a backseat and I'm there with my track gear on my lap singing at the top of my lungs to whatever song was on the radio at the time.  My friends dad would be like "Hey Ava... who sings this song?" I'd say whoever it was and then he would  answer while holding back a giggle "Then Let Them...".  
They all liked my singing and they all supported me through every talent show, contest, National Anthem, and through the years my friends have never given up belief that I will  achieve my goals.  Now for whatever reason, it has not happened yet.  Will it happen?  Yes.  It just hasn't been my time yet.
In todays fast paced world where literally anyone can make a record if they have the dough and anyone can put up a video on youtube and overnight have a record deal, or show up on on reality TV with a sad story... we know what goes on.   Unfortunately Greek Girl does not have a money tree in the back yard to make new records, promote and tour as often as I would like to.  So I do as much as I can as often as I can.  However... You can help change that.
I just heard about a new contest called Veewall.  As described on their website: "VeeWall Vocals is a free online vocal performance contest where the public decides who the winner is. There are no judges so all you have to do is record your best original performance and get as many votes as you can. The entrant who gets the most votes will be awarded $100,000. No gimmicks and no promotions. The money is all yours."
So I figured Hey Why Not?  Why not rally up all my friends, family and fans on social media and try to get the $100k?  Normally I don't enter these kind of contests, but you know $100k is a lot of money.  It could literally change my career.  It would allow me to record a record without having to skimp on production or promotion.  It would allow me to make new videos and to hire a publicist.  Most importantly it would give me the chance to really get my music and message out to the world.
So would you please join me?  It is simple and Free.
You can vote Once a day every day from 1/14 - 4/29.  The artist with the most votes wins $100k.  A basic performance version (as per contest rules) of my original song "I Carry you With Me" is up now.
Click Here to Register & Vote: http://www.veewall.com/vocals/video/avaaston
Your Daily Vote would mean the ability to get my music & positive message out to the world!  Sharing via email, facebook, twitter, etc. is greatly appreciated!  Thank you so much for your support and for your time.  I know everyone is very busy and your help means the world to me.
Blessings ~
Ava :D xox

Monday, January 7, 2013

The Return of Jillian

The Biggest Loser
It finally arrived... the day I had been waiting for ever since I heard it announced (on my Birthday of all days) that one of my most favorite fitness hero's ever - Jillian Michaels was set to make her return to The Biggest Loser after a two season hiatus.
I had been so excited all through the holidays as it was getting closer and closer.  Tick tock, tick, tick tock.  Today when I woke up I felt like a kid on Christmas.  You see not just for me, but for so many people who love fitness and working out and even those who have yet to make that change in their lives, Jillian is an inspiration.
Those of us who watched saw that she did not disappoint.  She steamrolled back onto the show by throwing not one or two but three contestants out of the gym.  She does not take any bull, and she does not want to hear excuses.  Over 10,000 people submitted applications to be on this season, and I do not blame her.  If a contestant is there they should be grateful for the spot and the opportunity to once and for all fix what is broken and change their lives forever.  If they are giving her resistance, not doing what she says, whining, complaining, and still having a victim mentality then they should leave.  They are taking up a good spot that one of those 10,000 would only love to have.
Yes it is hard, yes the people have health issues, yes it is going to hurt.  The thing that Jillian whips into each and every contestant if they have the backbone to dig in and really grasp what she is there giving her time to show them is that - there is no "TRY" you either do something, or you don't.  It's that simple.  All the chatter in your head, if you do not tap into your will and find the why - you will not find out how strong you really are.
We have seen it season after season.  Just when you think you have seen it all, in comes another heartbreaking story and inside my head at least I'm thinking, my gosh my heart is breaking for these people who have lost their will.  Jillian has a way to break through all the crap and get to the heart of person and help them to find their "why" and push and push them to reach their goals.  That is, if they can get past her tough exterior.
There are those that like to bash her in the media for this or that, methods, yada yada.  Muckery I say.  I used to be a little fat kid, just like she was.  The kids picked on me, and I struggled with weight my entire life until I was an adult.  (That is until I discovered my love for sneakers ;) ) Her methods - they work.  Because I like to workout at home (as I'm not really into being ogled at the gym when my face is all red like a tomato head) I have every single DVD she has put out, and trust me I have every workout system you can think of just about.  P90, p90x, insanity, slim in 6, tapout, turbofire, rev abs, urban rebounder, the firm, tae bo, Bob Harper, Jackie Warner, and on and on.  I love them all, and I always no matter what I'm doing incorporate Jillian's workouts.  Why? Because Jillian's workouts are effective and do not waste time.  You do not have to be super coordinated or able to do a bazillion push ups in order to do them.  You just have to keep going even when you do not "feel" like it.  She has workouts as short as 20 minutes, from beginner on up to advanced, all give results you can see and feel.
Anyone can go buy any one of her DVD's or systems, put in the DVD, push play when the calendar says to and see the results for themselves.  The best part, they do not cost a fortune.  So literally anyone can workout at home and watch along with the Biggest Loser week after week and see her help people while they are getting in shape at the same time.  I don't know about you, but for me, it is so inspiring.  To see people with serious weight issues change their entire lives.
Some Awesome Jillian Quotes:
"Unless you puke, faint or die, keep going." 
"Transformation isn't a future event, it's a presant activity." 
"Pain is fear leaving the body." 
"Your legs are not giving out, your head is giving out, keep going." 
"When you have a Why, you can tolerate any amount of How." 
So it's no surprise that this Greek Girl gives The Return of Jillian (also a Greek Girl) a great big Giamungo Thumbs up!  Can't wait to see what this season has in store.  Happy losing.
Blessings, Love & Music ~
Ava :D xox