Saturday, October 1, 2011

Hindsight is 50/50

What is wrong with Lemons anyway?
There is the old saying that says, "hindsight is 20/20" but really I might have to disagree.  Sure, if you can look back and see what you did wrong or right in a situation you can "see clearly now" what did or didn't go the way it should or shouldn't have.  But really, let's take a closer look.  The only time Hindsight is truly 20/20 is when we are past a choice or circumstance and look back on it.  However, what we don't know are the repercussions of the choices we made at that time when we get down the road from where we are seeing things as being 20/20.  What we may think was either a good or bad situation in our past may in our future come to be a curse or a blessing in disguise.
What do I mean?  Well it's like this; we all know the saying, "you're damned if you do or you're damned if you don't", right? Like the women who knowingly always ask the same stupid question, "Do these jeans make me look fat?" Well if you don't want the answer, don't ask the question.  Better yet put yourself in the guys shoes.  Either he lies and says, no when you do, or says yes and then she gets mad at him for answering a question truthfully that she really doesn't want the answer to.  The poor guy knows he's damned if he says yes or no.  Either way it's a no-win situation.  So why put yourself or him through that?
Here's an example that just happened to me just this week.  I was out doing some errands that didn't need to get done immediately.  I was just filling my day/night with stuff to do. So after leaving Wendy's (If my fitness coach is reading this - relax I had a side salad and a dry baked potato) and on my way to Kohl's with a pitstop scheduled at Dunkin Donuts (doesn't everyone drink coffee at 9:30pm?... well greek people do) Back to the story... I was rear-ended at full speed by a lady in an SUV while sitting at a red light.  At first all these thoughts of, "If I just had stayed home" or "I should never have gone to Wendy's" ran through my head.  All I could think was what I should've done or wish I had done different.  The truth be told, I still don't know what the lesson is that I am being faced with through this situation.  Yes my car is a wreck and yes I was injured, but is there something in my future I have yet to come into that is a blessing?
Sometimes life is like that.  Take Michael Jackson and his doctor.  He is currently defending his entire life's work and what he did in those last moments of Michael's life.  His defense is that he removed the vile's of medicine to preserve the image that would be portrayed of MJ had he killed himself.  Though on the other hand it looks like he was trying to hide something instead.  In the end, the Doctor's still damned if he did or didn't because he should never have left MJ alone with such drugs within his reach let alone give him those drugs in the first place.

"Your windshield is bigger than your rearview mirror because you are supposed to spend more time looking forward than you are looking back." - Joel Osteen
Now, no I don't want to get all doom and gloom and that's not the point of my blog.  My point is that in life we have to make choices.  In reality the only thing we truly do possess to be 100% all our own ~ are our choices.  So here's how I look at it in my Greek Noggin.   Sure life can give you lemons, but who says you have to make lemonade?  Why can't you just slice the lemon and enjoy the wedge in a cool glass of iced tea?  What's wrong with lemons anyway?  Oh well then if life is a bowl of cherries, you have to deal with the pits, right? But what if they are maraschino cherries and plopped on top of a vanilla sunday? Then what?  Is life still sour grapes? because if it is, isn't that we make wine out of?
I guess what I am trying to say is, no matter what we are faced with in life it's all a matter of perspective as to how we perceive things.  Let your Yes be Yes and your No be No. Own your choices and learn to be content with what life hands you.  Like Michael Jackson said, sometimes we are "talking with the man in the mirror" and that man is us, and sometimes life is a test and on the other end you never know what blessing may come from what you perceive to be a curse.  Like my beautiful blue "Johnny Jetta" being destroyed could lead to a Bumble Bee Camaro... a Camaro named Camille or Christian Just sayin' ;o)
Love, Blessings & Music,
Ava xo 

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