Sunday, March 25, 2012

How To Become a Computer Generated Rock Star

Oh good could I have missed the launch of this website?
Have you ever stumbled upon something so wonderful and then realize it has been around a while you just didn't know about it? Well that is exactly what happened to the Greek girl when I stumbled upon a website called RockCityClub - The Social Music Network
According to news reports I just read says the site started in November of last year? Where was I?  I asked my manager Mr. Bricks why didn't I know about this yet and he reminded me that last November I was in sunny Florida getting my tan on, not working on business.  OK, what ever Bricks, but seriously, I didn't find out about this wonderful site until just a few weeks ago. But it is fantastic...especially for someone like me who is pursuing a career as a recording artist, but doesn't had a sad enough story to be on a prime time show like American Idol or The Voice.
The site is founded by a bunch of music industry executives, including Jack Wishna who has worked with EVERYBODY in the music industry including Michael Jackson and Britney Spears. Also music legend Don Kirshner who was involved before his recent death. He was famous for great bands and musicians like Kansas, The Monkees, Carole King and Neil Diamond.
The concept behond this social networking site is that it is 100%  inclusive. You dont have to go from website to website to find out info about an artist (like me) everything is there in one spot: music, photos, videos, bio, etc. And it's just not for fans, it's an actual site that real music producers and executives are looking at the talent. So, that's perfect for someone like me becauise unless a music producer knew to type in, he wouldn't find all of my Greekeness! And then he would have to go to Youtube to see my videos, and iTunes to download my music....but it's all there, right at
It's a perfect site for fans to connect with their favorite artist or group without all of the clutter Facebook brings with it. I mean, when I get a message from a fan on Rock City Club no one wants to have me buy their farm animals or play their favorite online slot machine or poke me. They just want to talk about my music...  and I like that!!!
Hope to see you there!
Blessings, Love & Music ~
Ava :D

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