Sunday, June 10, 2012

It's All Greek To Me

Get your Greek on & get your butt to your local Greek Festival!
What in the world? Yours truly is yapping her big fat Greek Yap trap about being Greek again? Yes... I am!  Hey I've been overtaken with the hellenic spirit what can I say ~ and it's that time of year dontcha know.  Summer is in the air and your local Greek Community as it does each and every year has taken over towns all across the US.
Everywhere you drive for the last month or so I'm sure you have seen them, the gigantic blue & white wooden signs announcing the local community Greek Festival. In case you missed them (not sure how you could though that is unless you are driving around like Mr. Magoo) but just incase, you can click this link to find one in your area. Of course you could be like Mr. Bricks and the only color signs you notice are yellow & red (like Mc Donald's - eh hemmm).
Now if you don't know what the Greek Festival is all about, it is a celebration to cherish our heritage and support our local Greek Orthodox Church & Community.  It's a wonderful opportunity to learn about Greek Culture, food, art, music and so much more.
So being that I'm Greek (to those of you out there who missed that somehow after all this time, don't let the blonde hair through you off - that's why they make hair dye) ;D It would be sacrilege for me not to partake in my own local festival.  So I did extra working out today, got my sweetie and we were off to have a Yummo dinner with food that reminds me of my yaya & listen to some awesome live Greek Music!
Feat your eyeballs on this...
This sure beats those spongey fake pork McDonald's sandwich's Bricks likes to eat!
Meet Mr. Ava Ava Aston
"Loukoumades" - deep fried dough (I know those words are normally banned from this Greek Girls vocabulary) soaked in cinnamon, honey, and sesame seeds... HELLO!
We shared all this ~ Yes I did, and I enjoyed every bite!
Well that was our trip to this years Greek Festival.  I have to admit it would have been more fun if my dad wasn't back in Greece and any one of my four muckery making sisters were around and not scattered all across the country... but my sweetie & I had a great night nonetheless!  So I'm Ava your roving reporter signing off live from the Greek Festival. Have a beautiful day, and don't forget to smile ~ Yassas (see you later) ! 
Blessings, Love & Music ~
Ava :D

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