Sunday, August 26, 2012

Hurricane Season

Now this might be the one and only time anyone will ever hear me say this.  It's a good thing that I'm typing it because it might hurt a little bit if the words were actually coming out of my mouth.  This is the one time of year that I'm really glad that I live up north and far away from the sunny beaches of South Florida.  No, it's not because it's so hot down there and I might get a sunburn.  In fact I would rather be in the hot heat baking it up right now.  But when you start to hear weather reports of ah-hem (I hate to even say the word) hurricanes, the Greek Girl wants to run and hide.
Before you say anything, no I'm not a wimp when it comes to these things.  Sure, I like to play it safe and a hurricane party can be fun, that is assuming you like everyone involved.  What I don't like is the amount of flashbacks I have from watching Cartman getting eaten alive by ants.
What in the heck in the world am I talking about...??
Well, let me explain... It all started back in the summer of 2004 when my sweetie and I were staying in Palm Beach for an extended vacation with family when not one, not two but three hurricanes decided they would come and march across my birthday celebration.  My actual birthday is September 4th, we had to evacuate the day before September 3rd.  Every year for over 10 years now my Mom gets me a birthday cake made in the shape of Eric Cartman from Southpark.  That year was no different except this particular time she shipped it.
Marble cake, with real old fashioned Buttercream frosting, with a custard filling... Yummo!
That's right.  My mom overnighted via Fed-Ex a full-sized Eric Cartman sheet cake to me.  Now this is the funny part because there was a hurricane coming, picture this: here we are my sweetie, his mom, dad, grandmother our two dogs (at the time we only had two) me, and my bag of sneakers & vitamin waters all standing huddled in the foyer of their house waiting to evacuate.  But we couldn't do it before my cake showed up.  Meanwhile a category 3 hurricane was barreling down on us when suddenly in the distance the white truck shows up and the driver raced to the door carefully carrying my cake all safely packed into a tupperware container.
We drove off and evacuated to the other side of the state to stay at a friends condo and wait out the storm.  The cool thing was we were able to enjoy my birthday, play some cards, watch some movies, and thanks to my awesome mom even have my special cake.  Because it was so big we decided to take the leftovers back home with us two days later.  (Oh yeah, before I forget, since the package was guaranteed by 11am and he was 30 minutes late, my mom was credited part of the $75 shipping fee. - That's what I call a Greek Girl bonus)
After the Hurricane left the state when we got back to my in-laws house we found not only was it a total mess, lots of damage, but there was also no power.  So in order to save any perishable food we stored it all quickly in the fridge hoping some of the remaining cool air would prolong the decay until we could get things in order.  In Cartman went where he would be safely kept (or so I thought).
About 2 hours later I was getting the munchies from cleaning up the mess in all that heat.  That's when it happened, my life stood still and all went black as I opened my Cartman cake box to find the horror inside.  The entire cake was covered in itty-bitty-teeny-weeny ants eating him...!!!!!  I nearly passed out and haven't been the same since.
Now, when I hear about how Hurricane Isaac might ruin the RNC's week or how Louisiana and the neighboring states will have to batten down the hatches once more, all I can think of is that little cute cartoon face staring up at me gasping for his last bit of life as he was being devoured by the terrible Florida ants.
All kidding aside, I sure do hope everyone in the path of Issac stays safe and sound, and has plenty of rations all ready in an "ant free" zone.  I hope and pray that the storm breaks up and fizzles out before it can do any real damage to anyone or anything, and especially to anyone's birthday cake.  Hope you have a big smile and a beautiful day!
Blessings, Love & Music ~
Ava :) xox

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