Monday, October 7, 2013


Punkin Aston here to ask you to help me
Punkin Aston here to ask you to help me
This is "Punkin" and I am about to flip my little lid.
If you don't know what I am talking about then it's time you were brought up to speed.  Here is what happened last year:

See what I mean?  Every single stinkin' year my mommy, Miss Ava-Aston, the so-called-self-proclaimed-doggie whisperer thinks it's a good idea to dress me up in a torture device.
What am I talking about?  It's simple really.  She thinks it's a good idea, no she thinks its a fabulous idea to ruin my dignity and embarrass me and all my doggie-siblings by putting us in ridiculous Halloween Costumes.  The worst part is, this year she is taking it one step further.
Now hear me out, I am all for a bit of fun now and again but this is just beyond torture.  Instead of just dressing us up one time for our routine march of shame, she decided to "try out" the costumes on us first.  What I don't understand is why she always thinks of me as a bug.  I am always getting dressed up to look like a stinkin' bug.  I am not a Bug or a Pug, I'm a Pekingese Dang'it!
Still not sure what I am talking about...?  Well here is the evidence:
ava aston shopping for dog costumes
Caught RED-HANDED buying the torture devices
See what I mean? She dressed me up to make fun of me.
See what I mean?  This is crazy stuff right here.
For the love of God someone please make her stop!
So as you can see, it's time something is done to help me from this kind of ongoing and inhumane torture.  If you have it in your heart you will help me stop my mommy from always doing these terrible acts on us doggies.  Thank goodness my little brother "Itty Bitty" is in Heaven now at the Rainbow Bridge... at least he doesn't have to be humiliated anymore in the torture devices.  However the rest of us remaining four Aston doggies  (me), Punkin, Pookie, Bobo & Pepe we need our mommy to be stopped!
Thank you,
Punkin Aston

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