Monday, April 28, 2014

Rising Star on ABC

Want to see little ol' me on this new show? ;o)
Want to see little ol' me on this new show? ;o)
Would you like to see me on a "New Music Talent" Show by ABC called Rising Star ?
If you're sitting there thinking "What in the heck in the World are you talking about Greek Girl - did you fall down and hit you noggin?!" I know most of you know how I feel about TV Talents shows... but hey a little National Exposure can go a long, long way for an Independent Recording Artist like myself. I had actually planned to attend the open call in NYC this past week. However, due to the relapse in my back injury from the car accidents I was unable to attend as I could not even stand that day. In fact I spent most of that day at the Chiropractor & getting an MRI, I know sounds like oodles of fun.
Thank goodness I'm on the mend again, and decided to do a video submission instead. So with that said I need to ask a favor, hey you never know. If people nominate me it could help. I value your support and trust you would write a good recommendation about Greek Girl! If you'd like to help, here's what to do:
Visit This Link to Nominate Me: (follow the prompts)
When it gets to the Video Submission. Below is my "official online video audition". You may use it if you like or any of the other videos on my youtube channel.

Here's the link to my "Acapella Channel" on my YouTube page. There are over 60+ songs, so you can choose whatever you like best.
"Ava Aston Acapella Channel Youtube":
HURRY though the LAST DAY to nominate me is This Wednesday April 30th Midnight Pacific Time! Just follow the prompts and tell them why you think I'd be great for the show. I appreciate your time and support very much! Thank you so much guys, your time is very much appreciated! Have a great week!
Blessings, Love & Music ~
Ava xo

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