Sunday, July 29, 2012

We The People

What would they be thinking now...?
There's an election coming don't you know? What? You mean you didn't know the election for President is only 100 days away... Whatchutalkingaboutwillis?  All joking aside, this is kind of a big deal.  At least in my coconut it is anyway.
I mean I know it seems that most people in our culture are too afraid to offend anyone, so they tend to go by the old rule don't talk about the three dreaded topics: Religion, Sex and Politics.  Or I often hear people say "the news is too depressing, so I just don't watch it."  Maybe that explains why more people seem to know what Kim Kardashian was wearing last week when her "scared face" pic hit twitter with her bo Kayne West, what stars are coming next season on "Dancing With the Stars", the contestants on "American Idol", or most importantly that Kristen Stewart just broke Robert Pattinson's heart - gasp - can you imagine.   Seriously my friends, this just makes no sense to me.  In fact it is almost enough to make my noggin explode.
I don't really care what political side of the isle anyone leans towards.  We're all free to think and believe what we want.  The fact of the matter is good men and women fought and died for our freedom.  They fought and died so we could have the freedoms we have, and that includes the freedom to vote.  It's maddening to see so many in our culture today with their heads pretty much buried in the sand when it comes to our political process and what is actually going on in our country.
To me that is spating in the eye of our founding fathers.  Our country was intended to be "By the People" and "For the People".  But how can we have a political process that works if half of the country knows more about show's like "Toddlers and Tiara's" and yet has no idea that US Taxpayer Funded Aide was recently given to the Muslim Brotherhood in Egypt in the amount of $1.5 Billion Dollars (yes I said Billion with a B).  Why are we giving "foreign aide" to Egypt anyway, because last I knew there were plenty of places right here in America that hard working American's tax dollars could have been much better spent.  Although that's probably a whole other rant altogether.
What I'm saying is no matter who you are or what your personal beliefs are, all of us, we are All Americans.  We should all at the very least pay attention and educate ourselves as to what is going on in our nation.  I don't mean just listening to the news because Lord know they all have their own agendas.  What I mean is, listen to and read multiple sources of information.  There are plenty of places to go to gather information and decide and digest the information for yourself.
It is our duty as free Americans to educate ourselves on the candidates, and what they stand for.  Not listen to what is being fed to us by either side of the media, political slogans, platitudes or negative campaign ads.  It is our duty to know ourselves, our values, what our own individual belief systems are, and vote accordingly.  Then and only then will we have a political process that works the way it was really intended for the People and By the People.  Until then, we have a Washington that is broken, politicians who stay in office for way too long in many cases, and a public who is not taking control of the very freedom that was laid out for us so very long ago.  This saddens the Greek Girl...
That's why I wrote my song titled "We The People".  Because I love my country, I value my freedom, and I respect the men and women who died for my right to vote.  So I'm on a mission to share my song with every American before the coming election.  Please visit and help me to "share" the message of the song and video with Americans everywhere by visiting and sharing in all the usual places.  Because at the end of the day whatever you believe, we are All Americans and we are All "We The People."
Blessings, Love & Music ~
Ava :) xox

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