Tuesday, May 28, 2013

90 Days of Summer

This is a serious amount of Muckery...
This is a serious amount of Muckery...
Can anyone tell me what is wrong with this picture?  I mean it is pretty and all, that is if you happen to like snow.  Anyone?  Drumroll... This big fat pile of Muckery fell on Memorial Day weekend right here in the state where I live New York!  Um HELLO Summer, where are you?  Have you been kidnapped?  Are you being held hostage, there are plenty of people who are dying to see you, namely yours truly Greek Girl.

What in the heck in the World is going on with the weather lately? The 90 Days of Summer is supposed to be the time between Memorial Day and Labor Day.  Does this look like Summer to you? Me neither...  By now we know that Al Gore and his compadres over at the Global Warming headquarters were wrong... but I'm beginning to wonder if they decided to somehow kidnap Summer in some new evil genius green scam.

Not my idea of Memorial Day fun...
Not my idea of Memorial Day fun...
Last Memorial Day it was about 90 Degrees, I had every curtain in the house drawn to keep the sun out, and the air conditioner blasting to keep all the Aston fur-kids from getting too hot.  This year I'm still sporting my Ugg slippers when I should be in flip flips by now.  Walking around bundled up like "Nanook of the North" and I'll admit I even considered turning the heat back on yesterday.  Good grief, this is just plain craziness.

According to the meteorologists we might go from Winter to Summer in one day later on this week.  I will be praying every single day that they are right until it happens.  Because I don't know how much more of winter I can handle.  This one day of having semi nice weather with sunshine then five or six days of rain with torrential downpours is getting really old!  Taking five fur-kids out to potty in the rain in just no fun if you know what I mean.

It's high time to Summer~ize things.  You know like Swapping slippers for flip flops, swap hot cups of happiness for iced cups of happiness and time to open up the sunroof already!  Please join me in praying for Summer to be released from captivity very soon!  Have a beautiful day!  Well as beautiful as it can be in cold, overcast, windy weather that is ;D

Blessings, Love & Music ~
Ava :D xo

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