Tuesday, September 3, 2013

Birthday Week

Yup it all started with spaghetti-O's and ended with a Cartman Cake... who knew?
Yup it all started with Spaghetti-O's and ended with a Cartman Cake... who knew?
It's my Birthday!  No not today silly... it's tomorrow September 4th. This makes me "happy happy happy".  Yeah, I did just quote Si from Duck Dynasty one of my very favorite TV shows!  Ever since I was a little kid... I have always loved my Birthday!  It makes me so happy in fact that one year it got me to thinking... is one "day" really long enough though to celebrate being born?  It's a really big deal you know.  So why not have a "Birthday Week" instead of a Birth Day?
So I unofficially changed the rules in the Aston Household... we do "Birthday Weeks" round these parts.  What does that mean exactly? Well... it means that for the week leading up to your special day you get to do things you normally wouldn't mixed in with your favorite things.  Like say for example eat a Twinkie.  See normally (most of you who read my blog know by now) that Greek Girl is a bit of a health nut.  So if one were to see me eating a newly back in business Twinkie they might think their eyes were playing tricks on them ;o) Alas it's true.... I did eat half of a Twinkie over the weekend.  (which tasted like cardboard I might add).  In any case on one's "Birthday Week" you get to do things the you want and have fun.
No Way! This is Not Real.... I would never eat a Twinkie ;o)
No Way! This is Not Real.... I would never eat a Twinkie ;o)
So what's on the agenda for Greek Girl?  Well since my mom lives a few hours away and she is the one who supplies the specially made "Cartman" Birthday Cake, I have to wait until next week to get it. We'll be making the trip to see my mom and get some Cartman Cake, whoooo hoot!  Seriously it's Yummo - made by a super talented baker in my hometown in upstate New York.  If ever in the area you should check it out, "Camille's Cakery".  My cake is a double layer, yellow cake with marble chocolate on one layer.  The other layer is all chocolate.  In the middle is custard and raspberry filling.  To top it all off is a real buttercream frosting decorated in the shape and image of Eric Cartman from the cartoon Southpark.  Don't ask, it's a long story... listen I like him he makes me laugh.  Yes I know he has a potty mouth, and do I think kids should watch it?... NO!  Hey if you think about it... Cartman is really like a church nun compared to twerking - just sayin.
So until I can go and get my cake I'm doing some things that according to Greek Girl are fun.  Not in any particular order: Well... except the working out part, that is first thing in the morning.
1. Workout (I'm in the middle of "Les Mills Pump" right now).
2. Get a manni-peddi.
3. Get my hair done. (hey it takes a lot of upkeep to keep my roots blonde) ;o)
4. Go for a Massage! (After over a month of Les Mills Pump with a bar & weights I sorely need it)
5. Go for Sushi with my sweetie at our favorite sushi joint.
6. See a movie!
7. Hit TJ Maxx looking for treasures! (hopefully some sneakers) ;o)
8. Roll into Dunkin Donuts for a hot cup of happiness!
9. Stop at Kohl's and spend my Kohl's Cash!
10. Count my blessings!
See what I like to do on my Birthday week is basically the same stuff I like to do all the time.  I just get to feel special because it's my Birthday!  Maybe one day I will get my dream car the Bumble Bee Camaro after I finally get a record deal...  and that will be awesome! But the really important things to me are spending time with my favorite person in the whole world, my fur-kids and getting to see my family.  Which in my mind everyone should do every day, not just on your birthday.  Because life is crazy, we are living in very perilous times.  The world is a mixed up place where things seem to be upside down most of the time anymore.  So in my mind, we should savor our loved ones and enjoy this life which is truly a gift.
Yeah I do silly things like eat a Twinkie and travel all the way to my moms to get a special Birthday Cake with a cartoon character on it. But hey, it's my Birthday I can do what I want! ;o)
It's worth the wait... Yummo!!!
It's worth the wait... Yummo!!!
So Happy Birthday to me and I hope you too have a beautiful day! 
Blessings, Love & Music ~
Ava :D xo

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  1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY - Tomorrow - and all week Ava!! And - uhm - didn't Keith say it was THREE twinkies you ate?? lol