Monday, January 13, 2014

Beauty for Ashes

Is it possible that anything good can come from something so horrible?

There are a lot of things readers of my blog know about me from reading over the past few years, one of which I hope is that Greek Girl loves & adores animals.  There are very few things that upset me more than a helpless animal hurting.  Some people argue that they are just animals and they don’t really matter.  I have to argue (I’m Greek remember we invented arguing along with acting, politics and the Windex) that God made them therefore they matter.  They are His creations and the decision to abuse or walk by and ignore one who is clearly in need of help is an expression of your character and God sees everything we do.
I’ll be the first to admit many of my animal rescuing episodes have led to muckery.  What kind of muckery you might be wondering, well let’s see: rescuing a dog tied to a parking meter on Houston St. in NYC, chasing down and rescuing a dog on Hollywood Blvd. in LA for over three hours, rescuing a dog while on vacation in FL, etc., is it any surprise that I ended up having five dogs?  Until recently of course when my beloved Maltese “Itty Bitty” passed away of Congestive Heart Failure, so now we only have four.  Even with all the joy and heartbreak, it’s a muckery I wouldn’t change for anything in the world.  To have an animal who was hurting either from neglect, or abuse to have them in your care to see the change, to see them safe and loved it is something that would never trade.
So like most people when I heard about the horrifying situation with NFL Star Michael Vick back when it came out I was not only sad but also angry.  It’s been some time now, he paid fines and you know I'm all about forgiving people but really? Michael Vick took not just one life, the innocent life in this photo is just one of many lives.
It’s so upsetting that a person could easily jump to thinking something like: “Not only is he "not rotting in a jail cell" but he gets to continue to do what he loves play football, make obscene money and to add insult to injury own a dog. This is so wrong!  If anyone buys his clothing line they need to have their head examined.  What moronic investor would put up good money to fund such a venture?”
Well that is exactly what I was thinking until I learned that he is actually a “Born Again” Christian who apparently got saved after being arrested and pleading guilty to the charges.  In fact he is being mentored by Tony Dungy a well-known and outspoken Christian retired NFL coach for the Indianapolis Colts.  So it makes sense that he would call his clothing line “Redemption - V7”.
Since his salvation he has written a book titled “Finally Free”, started the clothing line called “Redemption” and is giving proceeds from both the book and clothing line to the Humane Society’s “Pets For Life” Program, and also to programs for Youth at Risk as well.  How much of the proceeds I am unaware, my hope is that it is most of the proceeds.
My first thought when hearing about him being able to return to playing football was here we go again.  This is just another example where we are promoting and rewarding "Mediocrity" in this country.
Be vulgar and obscene sell a bazillion records, abuse and torture animals and no worries you get a slap on the wrist and are back playing in the NFL in no time. People wonder what is wrong with society today…. Take a good look. Sad… very sad.  Michael Vick has over One Million "Likes" on Facebook? What exactly is it that people "like" ?
Then I had to stop and ask myself if I had done something like that wouldn’t I too want a chance to be forgiven?  If his heart is truly changed and if he wants to try to stop animal abuse and raise money to help animals, why shouldn’t he be allowed to play again?  It’s definitely a situation that makes you stop and think.  As an animal lover I can be very quick to turn my heart off to anyone who has done such despicable things, yet as a Christian I am called by my creator to not only forgive him but also to hope he succeeds.  So that he may in turn be able to make a larger impact.  Not only to demonstrate the grace and goodness of God, but also to illustrate to people that it is wrong to do those things to animals.  God willing maybe even make a dent in the horrible Dog Fighting epidemic in this country.
Honestly I am torn because I see the photos, my heart breaks and I am enraged.  Then I think of the funds that can be raised by him being able to continue to play, selling clothes and books.  Which can enable helping abused and neglected animals and youth and then my heart softens.  One could also argue he is just using Christianity as a front to garner sympathy so he can sell a lot of merchandise and continue to live the lifestyle in which he was accustomed.  No one but Michael Vick knows what is in his heart.
In no way shape or form do I condone what he did, or what happened to his animals.  To be honest if I ever ran into him I'm quite sure I would not be able to stop myself from giving him an unfiltered piece of my mind via my Big Fat Greek Yap trap.
However, I for one am hoping it is a true heart change and that in this horrible, awful situation there truly can be beauty for ashes.  That something good can come from so much bad.
Blessings, Love & Music ~
Ava :D xo


  1. I've wrestled with this quite a bit. I am all for redemption and forgiveness. But I've seen NO visible or credible evidence of his transformation. I am not sure I can forgive him even with his transformation. That is my failing.

    1. I agree... I wrestle with it myself which is why I blogged about it. It is a hard thing - I just pray he really has changed and wants to stop this horrible practice of dog fighting. I pray it is a real change.

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