Monday, January 20, 2014

Let The Games Begin

Will you be watching?
Will you be watching?
Everyone knows the Greeks invented the Olympics along with everything else. We invented church, drama, politics, the art of drinking coffee, and the Olympics along with the Windex. One thing I know is that we sure as heck did not invent the "Winter Olympics", why? Because it's cold and we Greeks hate the snow, and you know we definitely did not invent the Polar Vortex! In fact the only ice I like is in my iced coffee. Which was probably also invented by us Greeks since it is an ingenious way of blending warm and cold together.
So if not us Greeks, who did invent or start the "Winter Olympics"? Well according to the information I found on the interweb the Winter Olympics was started in Sweden with the Nordic Games in 1901 by Vicktor Gustaf Balck; who later brought it into the International Olympic committee back in 1926. Which is actually interesting because contrary to popular belief the original settelers of Greece were "Dorian" which are Nordic people. They all had blonde hair and blue eyes, and according to my dad the only reason they got the dark skin, eyes and big noses is because... (imagine for a minute as you read the following a thick broken Greek-English accent) "They mixed with the Turks!" Don't believe me look it up. Think about it... "Alexander The Great" blonde, blue eyed. So, in a way it's almost like we did invent the "Winter Olympics" too in a round about way of course. There I rest my case, Ut Oh, I guess that would make us hypocrites then because we don't like the cold... oy vey!
One thing is for sure, if there were an event for coffee drinking the Greeks would win hands down every time. Why? Because no matter what is happening or going on in ones life the first thing a Greek person says to you when they see you is something to the effect of "it's OK, come on let's go for coffee, sit down and talk about it". We sure can talk and drink coffee.
So anyway you can bet I'll have a hot cup of my very favorite coffee a la Dunkin Dounts in my hot little hands parked on the couch with my fur kids as I watch the parts of the "Winter Olympics" that I like. Yes I said "parts", honestly I don't care for all of it. I like the Figure Skating and Hockey pretty much, and a little of the downhill skiing, that is about it.  Remember, this Greek Girl, like most of my people don't care for the cold, that is why they left the Nordic regions in the first place.  So that being said, just the thought of it makes me cold so why would I torture myself watching all that cold activity when I would rather be in Tarpon Springs Florida in a pair of flip flops, or as we like to call it the "Little Greece" in America.
Blessings, Love & Music ~
Ava xo

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