Monday, March 18, 2013

Out Like a Lamb

Time to see some Lamb weather - just sayin.
Time to see some Lamb weather - just sayin.
Most people who have been reading my blog for a while know one thing, I loathe the Winter.  What you didn't know that?...  Well now you do.  So why do you live in the North East Greek Girl?  I don't know and every year I keep asking myself the same question.
Is it just me or does March seem like it's taking entirely too long to get to the "Out Like a Lamb" part or what?!  Oh it definitely got the "Coming in Like a Lion" part right this year.  Let's see we've had one, two, three, nope make that Four snow episodes so far this March, and it is only March 17th.  Good grief, seems like every time the snow melts all the way off so I can finally see the grass again... guess what - more snow.  Oh goodie gumdrops.
So in case anyone can't understand why Greek Girl loathes the Winter, here are ten reasons why.
1. Too cold to go for a nice long date with my sneakers, the road and my iPod.
2. Too cold for Flip Flops.
3. Mud.
4. I have five furkids (that's dog for those who are not animal savvy). Therefore when five furkids come in from going potty ten to fifteen times a day... there are oodles of paw prints all over the house to clean up.
5. Did I say Mud?...
6. Shoveling snow.
7. Sleeping in the equivalent of an eskimo outfit and still being cold.
8. Outrageous $400+ utility bill every month of the winter.
9.  Greek Girl needs some Vitamin D.
10. Winter is too dang long... Time for some warm weather already!
Here's to March going "Out Like a Lamb" sooner rather than later.  ;D
Blessings, Love & Music ~
Ava :D xo

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