Monday, July 1, 2013

Fireworks Scrapped

You've got to be kidding me!
You've got to be kidding me!
When I read this on my Yahoo homepage recently the words screaming in my coconut were "Whatchutalkingaboutwillis?!"  Seriously...  I actually almost spit my Dunkin's hot cup of happiness all over macbook when I read it.  We have resorted to canceling Fireworks on Military bases to save money, really?

OK it's no big secret that Greek Girl rolls to right side of the political isle but this should be a no brainer for anyone using their brain on either side of the isle.  HELLO our men and women in uniform are the reason we are free to think, be and speak freely.  They serve at home and abroad in countries across the globe in conditions that most of us wouldn't last five minutes in.  Yet we can't find any other place to make cuts to our budget than to cut the one thing that represents that freedom to the people who are standing up to keep us free on the day that represents Freedom?
Houston I think we have a problem.  The king on his throne in DC has no problem shutting down tours to the White House to make a political point, yet at the same time could not find anywhere to cut any money from the $100 Million trip to Africa?  It's common sense people, simple math at the most elementary form 2 + 2 = 4.  In order to cut a budget you need to make actual cuts.  Cutting from one place and then continuing to spend uncontrollably adding extravagances to other places will not change the math in the end.
So while all this finger pointing goes on the people who do the most are getting short changed and on the most important day, of all times.  Independence Day is sacred to our History as a Nation.  It's not about the sales and the barbecues, it's about Freedom, Liberty, and Independence.  An experiment called America that was once and although being stressed to her limits still is the last great beacon for Liberty and Freedom from Tyranny in the entire world.  While the media slug it out for their guy our men and women in uniform will be left standing there to an empty sky.
I find this so sad... where is the reverence, the respect, the honor for the job they do?  Sure we can get sponsors to put on a great Macy's Fireworks display and concert to be televised across the nation.  Yet where are these same sponsors to put on fireworks displays at the bases who are getting the cuts?  Just wondering...
I might not be a big music star yet, but if I were I would surely be putting on a big show for our men and women in uniform with Fireworks!  In the meantime I offer what I have.  Inspired by ignorant comments from Bill Press and Daniel Tosh saying the Anthem was "embarrassing and un-singable" among other things;  my good buddy Alfonzo Rachel (click to learn about Zo here) asked me to do a special version of our National Anthem with him.

To all of our men and women in uniform past present and future, Thank You for your service.  In my humble Greek Girl opinion you are a National Treasure!  Please know that although there may be mixed messages coming from the top, we the American People still value and appreciate your sacrifice more than words can say.
Have a safe, fun and blessed 4th of July, and please don't forget to say "Thank You" to a Service Member.
Blessings, Love & Music ~

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  1. Obama doesn't want us to have the freedom that we have under the Constitution. This is just another stab at the very heart of what our flag and our Constitution represent. They certainly had enough money for the first family to go to Africa and Ireland at a cost of about $120 million dollars.