Monday, July 29, 2013


Beyond overdue for this!
Beyond overdue for this!
Withdrawal is Muckery! Don't you hate it when you are just dying to have something that you know you can not have right at this very moment?  No I'm not talking about withdrawal from coffee (dunkin's of course), chocolate, Vitamin Water Zero, or even time with my sneakers...  I'm talking about withdrawal from the beaches of sunny south Florida!
Whatchutalkingabout Greek girl?  Well let me see July is almost over and I have yet to take the yearly road trip to the sunshine state to see family and get some Vitamin D therapy.  Oy Vey, for reals!  Last year we even went two times, but this year has just been too busy to go yet.  Plus having one extra fur-kid in the family makes planning that trip a wee bit harder since "Glama Aston" has to watch all five of them.
So... I was sitting here thinking about all the reasons I know I need to get to South Florida pronto!
1. Because I lost last years tan line just before Hurricane Sandy dropped not one but two trees on our house back in October.
2.  New bathing suit I scored at TJ Maxx that I'm dying to try out!
3. Vitamin D Therapy... the kind of Vitamin D I need doesn't come in a bottle from The Vitamin Shoppe.
4. Everyone goes a lot slower in Florida, which is exactly how Greek Girl rolls!
5. Ice cold beverages are best when there is sand on the outside of the cup, just sayin.
6. Need to test out the new VW Jetta #TDI "Joel Jetta" vs. the old one "Jillian Jetta" to see who gets the better highway mileage. (what, doesn't everyone name their cars)?
7. Bingo withdrawal... Everyone play BINGO with their Nana don't they? 
8. Seafood... HELLO South Florida has some of the best places to dine out right smack dab on the water!
9. To get away from the Obama Health Care Propaganda Tour.  You knew I had to slide that one in there didn't ya? ;D
10. Casino... Nothing beats spending time at the Casino with a bunch of family.  Yes I admit it, I'm addicted to slot machines.  What is more fun though is to watch my nana laughing at me when I win loads of dough.
So there you have it, the top ten reasons I know I need to get my pasty self to south Florida pronto!  I sure hope everyone has had ample fun and sun time so far this year.  If not, get on that before it's snowing again already
Blessings, Love & Music!
Ava :D 

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