Monday, August 5, 2013

Powerball Dreams

It could happen...
It could happen...
It's happening again... the Powerball Jackpot is back up to a near record high.  So even if you don't play regularly, how can you not be tempted to go get a ticket?  Because just like the guy on the NYS Lotto commercial says "Hey you never know".  
So I guess that means apparently the guy who sold us the two tickets in the Poconos on Saturday night that said he just sold us the "winning" tickets was wrong (who knew)?  Time for Greek Girl to get back out and get more tickets.  Only this time get them from the right guy ;o) I pretty much have a good idea about how I will use the loot.  Do you know how you would spend it if you win?  Here is how things will roll should the numbers come up in my favor.  I mean besides the obvious things like paying off my mom and the rest of my families debt of course.
1.  Start my own record label (hello you had to know that was going to be #1).
2.  Give boatloads of money to animal shelters that are near and dear to my heart.
3.  Fund one of my favorite Veteran Non Profits (check them out, they are doing amazing things for our Veterans who need help in all kinds of situations).
4.   Fund one new Christian business every month.
5.  Buy AETV & make sure the show "Duck Dynasty" never goes off the air.
6.  Pay Justin Bieber to never sing again.
7.  Start my own news network with "real journalists" you know the kind who actually report the news vs. talking points.
8.  Buy a strip mall with a Dunkin Donuts, Kohl's, Frozen Yogurt, Wendy's, Subway, a Massage Therapy Spa, Manni Peddi Salon, and a Gym.
9.  Pay chevrolet to start making the Camaro in a Diesel.
10.  Black opps intervention with Obama until he is reprogrammed into a conservative and decides it is best to repeal Obama-Care. (you just had to know that was going to be in there... didn't ya)?
Well there you have it.  This is how it's going down should Greek Girl win the dough.  Good luck with your Powerball Dreams.
Blessings, Love & Music ~
Ava :D

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