Monday, August 12, 2013

Going Back to Cali

You know it's a cool song... just sayin.
You know it's a cool song... 
I lived in LA for a short while about ten years ago and haven't been back there in gosh I can't remember when.  So when Mr. Aston & I were invited to a shin dig at the Reagan Library you just had to know Greek Girl was going to jump on the nearest plane!  (and I hate flying)... 
First off this event is at the Reagan Library HELLO... Ronald Reagan is one of my heroes!  Remember Greek Girl is also a Tea Party Barbie dontcha know?  ;D  I can't say what exactly the event is because it's private, but I will say there is going to be a keynote speaker at the event that makes me absolutely giddy.  Let's just say if Greek Girl were to start her own country... this guy, he would be president.
So since I'm busy packing and still trying to get everything done before I leave it got me to thinking about some of the reasons why I'm super stoked to be "going back to Cali".  I mean besides the obvious ones like we're both actors, I'm a recording artist and all that, after all California = Entertainment.
1.  Sunshine - Vitamin D (living in NY I'm always lacking it).
2.  See top secret keynote speaker give speech... I'm actually still pinching myself.
3.  We're staying with my editor Ann-Marie Murrell which is going to be super fun!
4.  Meeting a lot of facebook friends who are going to be at a "Rage Against the Media" Rally.
5.  Beach... there is no way I'm going to the West Coast without spending time on the actual coast!
6.  Get to see my little sister who moved there about a year ago.
7.  Did I mention I'm going to take a tour of the Reagan Library?... :D
8.  Alfonzo Rachel... what's an Alfonzo Rachel?  He's our good friend who is super smart and puts the smack down on stupidity for and he lives in LA.  Hence we'll be spending time with him and who wouldn't be excited about that?
9.  "Pinks" what's that you might be wondering... only one of the coolest hot dog stands in the entire country.  It's iconic and they serve a mean mean hot dog, fries and all kinds of other good junk food. :D (yes - they even have turkey hot dogs it's California remember)   
10.  Endorphins... you just know Greek Girl is going to lace on her sneakers and get some quality time on the road with iPod and that California Air!
I hope everyone has a great week!
Blessings, Love & Music ~
Ava :D 

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