Monday, December 2, 2013

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Pledge & Get Rewards for helping me make my 1st "Faith-Based CD"!
Pledge & Get Rewards for helping me make my
Very 1st "Faith-Based CD"!
What in the Heck in the World is "Operation Mustard Seed" and why on earth has Greek Girl's weekly blog been hijacked for the past several weeks talking about it?
It's simple. Operation Mustard Seed is my campaign on a New Crowd funding website called - to fund my very 1st Faith-Based CCM (Contemporary Christian Music) Album.
Why crowd funding you might be wondering…? Well that's simple. Greek Girl does not have a record label or minions (yet). So in order to produce, manufacture and distribute music I rely on the people who love my music to in essence be the record label.
It's YOUR chance to be a part of my Very 1st Faith Based CCM Music Album. Pledging will help me to utilize my gifts and talents to make a Positive Impact. Music to encourage and lift people up… Music that Means Something.
This Can Only Happen With YOUR Support! 
I believe the best way to share the New Music is to give the people who love my music & message the chance to invest.  You have the opportunity to be a part of my journey, as I hope my music will be a part of yours.
I am truly honored to have your support. Please considering pledging to the campaign, All pledges over $5 come with Music Rewards! Each and Every Pledge helps get these new songs recorded!  So check out the "5W's of Operation Mustard Seed" video for more info.
It's the Holiday Season… why not #FeedTheSeed ... #OperationMustardSeed that is.

Thanks so much for your support! Have a beautiful day!
Blessings, Love & Music ~
Ava :D xo

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