Monday, November 14, 2011

Give Him The Boot

What? I didn't see anything?
No I'm not talking about president Obama....  I am talking about Joe Paterno from Penn State.  Nothing sits worse with the Greek Girl than someone who is involved in something like this.  It simply blows my mind how someone can allow such an atrocious act to go unreported for so long and to so many innocent children.  The whole thing just hurts my noggin.
If you ask me all the idiots who stormed the campus of Penn State are just as dumb as Ashton Kutcher for being such a #Twitter #Tool (yeah I said it - so what).  How can anyone in their right mind support someone who didn't stand up for those kids.  Instead he chose to save his friend from being punished.  Needless to say, Joe Paterno should have also been sitting in the back seat of that cruiser with a pair of silver bracelets if you ask me.  The sad thing is, just yesterday before I was winding down I read that there is a probe into other campuses for the same thing!!!  What is this world coming too!?!
I think we need to support the choice to "Give Him the Boot" and kick him off campus, and YES even that bronze trophy sculpted in his likeness.  We can't be continuing as a society to glorify people like him who turn a blind eye.  Our society has become so numb lately to this kind of thing.  It's like those rioters on Penn State's campus were there to "Occupy Penn State" because they couldn't get a bus ticket to Occupy Wall Street.  How ignorant can these people be?  He is just as guilty by allowing it to go on for so long and not saying anything.  It's called being an "accessory" - (Yes I admit it I watch Law & Order a little too much and I was even a body double on SVU once ;D.)  All to preserve a football team... how petty and so very sad.
On a lighter note, you can give me a boot too if you want to!  Instead of kicking me off campus, kick me onto the campus.  What am I talking about...?  My Kickstarter campaign silly, (selfish plug). What, most people may or may not know about the Greek Blonde Girl, is that unlike Joe Paterno who allows bad things to happen to good people, I want to do good things for all people.  One of those ways is by being able to give back, especially to kids/people/animals in need.  However, I can't do that until I move to the next level in my music career. Why kickstarter, why now you may be thinking? Well.... that money tree that I planted in the back yard has not sprouted dollar bills yet. ;D Seriously though, without the assistance of a record label or backing, recording and promoting an album is very costly.
This is why I'm offering Rewards to my Friends/Fans old and new in order to raise the capital to help me make this NEW Album happen, and happen with the means to properly promote it. Up until now everything that I have done has been on a shoestring budget, with little to nothing left for promotion. This project will be the first opportunity to do it right.
So I'm really looking forward to support from my friends, fans and family who all can give me the boot & get some cool Ava loot in return on Kickstarter.  Sometimes, all it takes is a little "kick" to get things moving in the right direction.  Just think, you'll be helping to put one good thing (your happy - go lucky - friendly - squeaky clean - girl next door - who doesn't sing in her bra & undies - music) out there in a world filled with so much "ick".

Blessings, Love & Music ~

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