Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Green M&M's

Who doesn't like green M&M's anyway? She's so cute.

So we have all heard about some nightmare "ryders" for the latest rock act or diva to hit the stage.  You know with all their silly demands like, "I must have green m&m's or everything but green m&m's."  Or one of my favorites, "I have to have organic white lotus' in three locations of the room."  Then you have the others that require Pop Tarts and a toaster to be available.  But of all the crazy ones I have heard is something about how the limo driver cannot look at so-and-so in the rearview mirror or even make eye-contact.
My question is, "are you serious?"
Note to rockstars: Hello people, we are all "people" and therefore your need to be difficult is just plain silly.  I'm just sayin'.  Sure it's nice to be on tour and have some perks.  But there is a line between having some nice or special stuff you need to put on a good show... then there is the need to be totally and utterly ridiculous.
The obvious question is that there must be something that must go into the Greek Blonde Girls dressing room and her ryder.  Well yes of course there are, but they won't break the bank, put someone out in the rain or cause some media tabloid conspiracy.  That is of course unless you think my obsession with coffee is a kin to a drug habit, then ok I'll give you that :)
So I decided to list my demands in no particular order of importance (whatever randomly comes into my greek noggin):
1. Vitamin Water Zero / Go-Go and Glow flavors allowed.
2. Ghiradelli caramel squares and/or Peanut M&M's (all colors allowed no discrimination here).
3. An outlet near the mirror so I can blowdry my hair. (nothing worse than seeing me trying to find an outlet before  a show.)
4. A door on the bathroom stall - even if I am the only one who is in the dressing room.
5. A soft bed for my Pekingese to snuggle up on, (must be big enough for at least 2 of them).
6. A mirror, so I can put my makeup on before I hit the stage. (I'm a big girl I can do my own makeup thank you very much, that is unless it's really important).
7. Coffee.  Starbucks, Dunkin Donuts, McDonalds or even 8 O'Clock coffee will do, as long as it's hot and fresh I am good to go. (you can't exactly import diner coffee all the time, just sayin.)
8. Wireless access - self explanatory. (of course I have to write my next day's blog and tweet about all my muckery.)
9. Zone Bars.  They're my favorite snack and are perfectly balanced to keep you in the "zone" for 3 hours.  Perfect before a show.  I eat them all the time and they come in Yummo flavors.
10. A pillow and blanket to rest my head in case Mr. Bricks gets long winded and puts me to sleep about his stories from days of old.
So there you have it.  The Greek Girls top 10 items for the Ryder.  So when I come to your town to do a show you will know just how I roll.
Have a beautiful and blessed day!
Ava xo

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