Friday, July 15, 2011

Harry Potter

Everything Must Come to an End.
Unless you have been living under a rock like the guy in the GIECO commercial (and if you don't know what GIECO commercial I'm talking about then you really do live under a rock), Harry Potter is coming to an end tomorrow.  Cue the somber violin music... I must admit I did watch the first and second installments, then after that I kind of lost track. Hey I'm just being honest :D
When I saw the previews for this new one I realized I just had to run to Blockbuster and rent the entire installment of movies I have not seen. Then I could have an all-day/night movie marathon.  Of course I would have to do it with a troth of popcorn (Orville Redenbacker's Lite Popcorn of course) and a case of Go-Go flavored Vitamin Water zero, a pot of coffee for the late showings and a bag of peanut butter M&M's.  Now of course I have yet to do this. Why? Well procrastination of course.
Regardless, the fact that this movie represents an end to not just a series or a group of characters but an actual end to an era.  We have spent the last decade+ watching these characters quite literally grow up.  This brings me to something of what I call an "Ava The Greek Philosopher Aston Moment."  As we draw to the end of this era and this series it reminds me how important and powerful endings can be.  Sometimes in life like in films we have two types of endings: The Hollywood ending and the Independent Filmmaker ending.  The Hollywood ending is the one where the Hero gets the girl and saves the day as they all ride of in the sunset.  The Independent filmmaker leaves the audience wondering what the hell just happened and why did the dog have to die?  My point as abstract as it is, is that we can choose to embrace an ending or reject it.  So often we want to re-write the ending of those films and we can't.  Other times we wish our story had ended just as was on the big screen, but it didn't.  The great thing is that we have the ability to change our endings.
Okay, here's my point: We don't know how Harry Potter will end, until we watch it.  The great thing is when it's written well enough we as an audience can continue dreaming up what will happen even though the credits roll.  So just like in life we sometimes accept the so-called "ending" in a situation, a season, a time, a job or even a relationship at it's face value.  I mean unless you are playing my music - that is what the repeat button is for, just sayin'.
So next time you find yourself facing down some evil warlock and all that stands between you and your destiny is a little magical stick, you have the ability to choose how you embrace the ending.  Just don't leave the audience wondering, "what the heck just happened?"
Blessings, Love & Music,
Ava xo

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  1. So, I love this blog. As a huge HP fan, I am sad to see the movies end. I can only hope that I can one day make a film (or, preferably, a film series) as good and memorable as this one.

    I'm actually heading to the theater as soon as I finish this comment, and I can't wait to see this final installment. HP 7.2 will, hopefully, be an amazing ending to an amazing series.