Sunday, January 30, 2011

Bad Day

So my manager Mr. Bricks asked me what my blog was going to be about today.  I told him the title was "Bad Day."  Mr. Bricks then asked me - "Bad Day? So what is it going to be about?" I know why he was asking. Mr. Bricks is very worried I am going to go all negative in my blog posting. No worries.  Not happening.
This week I posted a couple of positive quotes on my Facebook page from one of my all-time favorite books, "When God Winks"  by  SQuire Rushnell.
‎"Shoot for the moon, and the worst that can happen, you'll land among the stars". Tony Orlando

‎"Destiny is not a matter of chance. It is a matter of choice. It is not something to be waited for. It is a thing to be achieved". William Jennings Bryan

I always try to find the positive in everything I do. However, I am no Blonde Greek Pollyanna. That's an oxymoron. All Greeks have opinions and we need to express them - good or bad. I feel that you don't have to ruin someone else's day just because you are having a bad day. Like wise, you can't let someone else ruin your day either. You alone have the power to make it a good day or bad day.
Remember that song "Bad Day" a few years ago from Daniel Powter?

I love some of the lyrics to that song! Like the title of my blog today,  "Bad Day" by Daniel Powter sounds negative, but really it's not. It's all about turning things around. Yes, we all have days we'd rather forget. But there is nothing going to be gained by having a pity party. In those tough times you need to find a reason to buck up, pull yourself up by your bootstraps, or however you want to say it.
Some times those so-called bad days will be days you can laugh about later. Case in point, my initial meeting with my manager Mr. Bricks. We met at Felidia Ristorante on East 58th Street in the city. It's a nice italian place with great food. (of course, because they have a woman head chef - just sayin') Anyways, I'm not going to lie, I was a little nervous meeting Mr. Bricks, because we had spoken on the phone a few times before and I could tell we would work well together. I wanted the meeting to go well.
When Mr. Bricks showed up the first thing I noticed was he had forgotten to mention on the phone that he had one lazy eye. - Ok, I am not a judgmental person - I can deal with a manager with a bum eye.  I also remembered he was wearing black jeans and the whitest shirt I had ever seen.
Well, as you can imagine I had to sit on my hands and just try to not talk, talk talk and dominate the conversation. I'm very good at doing that! I also didn't want something silly coming out of my noggin. Silence was going to be my approach.
Mr. Bricks was talking and eating and somewhere along the line a glob of marinara sauce, about the size of a 50-cent piece landed on his shirt - and he did not notice.
Now in a split second decision I had to decide do I tell him and risk embarrassing him? Or do I just shut my pie hole and pretend I don't see it? I know, I know I do normally pride myself on always trying to do the right thing, which would have been to tell him so he could have possible treated the stain immediately. But that time I chose to keep my yapper shut. I didn't tell him. Truth be told, I think even Stevie Wonder could have even seen it! It was a giant red glob of marinara on a crisp white starched shirt - I was dying inside. I didn't know whether to laugh or cry, I chose neither.
After lunch was over we talked for a little bit longer. My eyes were torn. I did not know what to look at. I did not feel comfortable staring at his lazy eye. I did not want to look at the marinara experiment now growing on his shirt -- so I concentrated my gaze just above his right shoulder. It gives the illusion I was looking at him, but I wasn't really for the two reasons I just stated... it's a trick I learned in acting class!!
Later that night Mr. Bricks called me. He said, "Well I have bad news Ava. It's not a good day for me." I thought for sure he was going to then say, after thinking it over I decided not to represent you. But instead he said, "It's not a good day because I just ruined my favorite white Claiborne shirt - but good day for you, I would love to represent you!" Woot Woot score one for the Greek Blonde Girl!!
I truly believe other managers would have handled it differently. I think they might have been embarrassed when they finally realized they just sat through an entire meeting with a new client with a side of spaghetti clinging to their shirt. Then they would have just passed along their bad day on me by saying they did not want to represent me - even though it had nothing to do with me - but was all about their bruised ego, sloppy eating habits and ruined shirt.
Having a bad day is all about how you handle it. How would have you handled it if you were in my sneakers at that first meeting with Mr. Bricks and the now infamous marinara sauce incident had happened?
I like the way Mr. Bricks handled it. Oh and now I  just make sure I ask for a bib for him whenever we eat at Italian restaurants.


  1. You are so funny! I think we've all had that moment where we wonder whether to tell someone they have something in their teeth or on their shirt! Mr. Bricks appears to be quite good-natured and you two are quite a duo!

  2. Thanks Karen. I appreciate the kind comments. I enjoy reading all about you and your son...I think about your daily struggles with your little boy and others in similar situations and realize I should never have anything to complain about. compared to what a parent with a child with austism must deal with!