Sunday, January 9, 2011


The Weekly World News has the exclusive on this story!!
Facebook to end March 15th!
I saw this website  and I peed my pants.....not at the absurdity of the headlines, but that actual human beings who were typing comments pleading Facebook not to shut down. OMG. For reals people?
Here are a few choice comments left at the site. I had to correct spelling and grammar on some of them just so you could understand the actual comment -just sayin':
  • "Don't ever close this website. It's part of my life, dude!!!"
  • "After what they know already about all our life?"
  • "I hope its not. :S I love Facebook. :S"
  • "Life without Facebook will never be the same"
  • "Noooooooo plz plz plz don't I love everything about facebook its my life I have a lot of friend btw out of the fb but for example I have 7 friends that are are out of town and they are going to live their forever how can I comunicate with them again just plz plz plz don't close facebook I play games and I chat I do every thing plz don't"
  • "Why did u guys decide to close it soooooo soon1 its not fair, pliiiiiiiise don't close facebook, what will my life become without facebook? plise think again! or is that not a joke? please let it be a joke! u cant just close facebook its millions of peoples life what are we suppose o do now? and our friends?"
  • "plz dont dlete it plz friend we awlll devided into many parts plz we love each other plz :("  <--- I didn't correct that comment because I have no idea what they were even saying.
  • "I think that Facebook is being blackmailed by Twitter"
  • "PlesEeeeeeeeeeeee don't shut down fb.......we beg u.....der r people who can't leave without 1 of them....if ur agreeing I will buy this siteeee" <--just a hunch, this person can't afford a popsicle let alone buying Facebook.
  • "Closing Facebook down? My life will change:("
  • "NOOOOOOOO. Please don't close Facebook, that is how I get all of the real news."
    And my all time favorite one is...

"My babies' mommas are on there man. Don't do me like that dog."

This obviously bogus story is sad for many reasons. First off, so many people are addicted to Facebook like a fat boy is to a chocolate cake, or as in closer to the Greek Blonde girl's life, many people are addicted to Facebook like my manager Mr. Bricks is addicted to the McRib sandwich.
The other sad part about this is that we are all bombarded with so much information it is hard for some people to know what is real news and what is fake news? We also wonder how people can get sucked into those Nigerian email scams and lose all of their life savings. We wonder how the world can be glued to their TV sets like we were when a crying mom goes on national TV saying her son is floating away in a spaceship balloon.   And now we need to wonder how anyone can possibly believe Facebook is closing down on March 15th.
To quote Mr. Bricks favorite hero, P.T. Barnum, "There's sucker born every minute."


  1. Hahahaha, what a bunch of pathetic suckers. Hey I have some land I need to sell out in the Gulf.

  2. Dear Ava, Please tell Mr. Bricks that ole P.T. never said this:"There's a sucker born every minute." I grew up in Bridgeport,Ct. where he lived and was Mayor...Luv your Music and Blogs...Glenn

  3. Thanks Glenn, and since I love to find a reason to go head to head with Mr. Bricks, rest assured I will tell him! :)