Friday, April 22, 2011

I Just Ate Deep Fried Pickles

Yummo. Deep Fried Pickles. My new BFF?

Still in Florida and loving it.
The best part about traveling is being out of your comfort zone. It's good to not get too complacent in life. When you are not in your own home night after night you tend to need to improvise to make things "more like home." Choosing what to eat on this vacay, has certainly  put me out of my comfort zone on a few occasions so far.
I normally make my own meals or have my meals prepared for me exactly the way I want to ensure that it is not loaded with unnecessary sodium and/or fats. Whenever I travel for a length of time like this I always have my secret stash, just in case I need a dose of healthiness.  However a Greek girl can't live on Coffee and Zone Bars alone, so I had to venture out of my comfort zone yesterday and try something new. Deep fried pickles.
At first I wasn't going to even try it because, well it was deep-fried. I was thinking, who do they think I am Mr. Bricks? He will eat anything deep-fried, I eat very little fried food. But at the last-minute I decided to throw caution to the wind and try them. And guess what? They were good. Don't get all excited Mr. Bricks you won't find deep fried pickles on my tour bus anytime soon. But in a social setting if they were being served, I wouldn't pass them up. I couldn't eat too many fried pickles as I still have a few more days I need to look good on the beach in a bikini.
Why is it that we take more chances doing things on vacation than when we are safe and sound in our own house and home towns. There are always pictures being posted on Facebook from people saying they just got back from vacation and look what they did, ate or saw. On the beach I also saw a few people who decided to wear things that I am pretty sure they do not wear in Oklahoma City. My Greek eyeballs are still burned with the image of those two older men in speedos ~ yikes!
I suspect that we all do things outside our comfort zone on vacation just for all of the bragging rights. Because look at me, not only did I eat fried pickles on my Florida vacation, I also bragged about it right here on my blog!
Time to put a little more sun screen on the nose....

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