Monday, April 11, 2011

Upstairs, Downstairs

Barking up the wrong staircase
Upstairs, Downstairs, don't you think that sounds more like a line from Rebecca Black's song "Friday" - Upstairs, Downstairs what stairs should I choose?
Upstairs, Downstairs is also the name of a popular BBC television series about the expolits of two different families,  the lives of the wealthy Bellamy family ("upstairs"), who reside at 165 Eaton Place in London's fashionable Belgravia, and their servants ("downstairs"). Those crazy Brits, what a bunch of nuts! American audiences spent four seasons falling in love with “Upstairs, Downstairs” families as part of the long-running Masterpiece Theater on PBS, where it won seven Emmy Awards. It was kinda before my day, but I have watched a few repeat epsiodes from time to time, so I do have a little knowledge of it. I just have trouble understanding what they are saying - I have the same issue when I watch Piers Morgan on his new CNN talk show so I turn on my closed captioning just to be able to read the subtitles in order to be able to understand what he is saying. I think my manager Mr. Bricks is missing a chromosome because he understands everything Piers says and even thinks that  Piers' dry type of humor is very funny.

My Favorite Soap Opera. I'd love to be on the show!
Back to, "Upstairs, Downstairs" - it was like a soap opera about the uppercrust Bellamy family. In my opinion, it was no "Days of Our Lives" where the Horton, Brady and DiMera families have been creating muckery in Salem for the past 45 years. For some reason the Brits love to have a superior family structure, it is never more evident than with their royal family dramas and how much attention is given to every move any member of the Royal Family makes or does not make.

Mr. Bricks home computer
So I ask you, are the wires in my Greek noggin all mucked up or is it just me who is the only one on the planet who could really care less about the upcoming royal wedding with Prince William and Kate Middleton?  My manager Mr. Bricks will kill me for saying all of this because it seems like I am ranting on the British, I am not - it just seems that way today.  I love England, I love Shakespeare, I love Fish and Chips and when in London I love riding the London Eye. Mr. Bricks says I should always be Switzerland so I do not alienate any fans. I am sure Mr. Bricks will be hunched over his vintage IBM 5150 PC today searching my blog stats to see if anyone from England has cancelled their subscription or unfollowed my blog after all of these anti-UK declarations today:
  1. I can not understand a thing Piers Morgan says
  2. I am not a huge fan of British Humor
  3. I think Days of Our Lives is way better than Upstairs, Downstairs
  4. I could careless about the upcoming Royal Wedding
In the world of common sense, you can say Mr. Bricks lives Upstairs, I live Downstairs.
Tally Ho,

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