Sunday, April 10, 2011

No Big Whoop

I can't believe what I am seeing. Who abandons a donkey?
I am not there yet and it is a place that I hope that I never come close to getting to. No, I'm not talking about Cleveland (please no hater comments on that, it was just a joke.) When I say I am not there yet and I hope I never get there it's because I'm actually not even talking about a real destination. I am talking about getting to a place in my little Greek noggin where I can just sarcastically blow something off and not let others know something is bothering me. Getting there means being able to just say, no big whoop. I can't get there. I really can't.

Part of the problem is that I am Greek and I am passionate about everything I get my fingerprints on or everything I place my eye balls on! Things like my morning coffee, my daily work out or run, the food I eat, a stray dog or even the sneakers on my feet. I have a strong opinion about them all. Don't look to this blond Greek girl to say no big whoop if I don't get in my daily work-out. Don't look for me to just say no big whoop if I don't get my morning coffee, heads have rolled for a lesser offense. Don't look for me to just say no big whoop if Facebook crashes in the middle of updating my status, that's not how I roll. I know people who go about their life with an attitude like, "oh, my hot water heater just blew up and flooded my house, I just lost everything...and then they say, "no big whoop, I have insurance." My house flooding would be a huge whoop to me and it would probably make my head explode.

I get it that it is in my DNA to be just as high-strung as Mr. Bricks' wire hair fox terrier. And I get it that I can create unwanted muckery when I see something like an abandoned dog looking for scraps of food on a hot summer day. But the alternative is a lack of compassion that is akin to being brain-dead and I hope I am never so cold or out of touch that I stop caring about others. What's so wrong with being passionate about everything and everyone?

Recently when I was in Greece visiting my Dad (did I ever mention I was Greek?) I came across a car, truck a piece of crap parked on a side street with a donkey tied to the door in the hot sun with no water or donkey kibble (I don't know what they eat). I know it was a fellow Greek who did this, but what the hell people? I am sorry but when it comes to animals I will never say no big whoop. I have had to rescue many stray dogs or had to rescue mistreated dogs because some people don't have enough brain cells to treat animals with compassion and when they get bored with them they just abandon or abuse them. So to me a donkey is just like a lost or abused dog and it is still an animal.

Most people certainly know where they stand with me or where I stand on any specific issue because most everything in life is a big whoop to me.




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