Tuesday, October 26, 2010

10 Random Thoughts by Ava Aston

1. Why do so many bloggers use the word random in their blog title at least once a week?
2. Is it just a coincidence that A & E advertises their show Billy The Exterminator during Hoarders.  Can you tell I am obsessed with  the show Hoarders?
3.  I chew 5 -6 pieces of gum all at once. Do you?
4. Smoking is a nasty habit. Why do smokers freak out and start  fanning the air like a bunch of killer bees has descended upon them when the smoke starts coming towards them? Don't they know where the smoke is coming from? It's coming from their own butt? (pun intended!)
5. Fantasia has her own reality series...why? Word.
6. Some idiot made up a fake Facebook profile using my name and picture.  Get a life dude.
7.  Do all TV meteorologists have a hint of sarcasm in their voice when they announce possible snow in October?
8. Food prepared by others always tastes better. Unless it was prepared by Mr. Bricks.
9. If I ever cop a bad attitude and a sense of entitlement like Lindsay Lohan has, please shoot me.
10. A week from today could be one of the most important election days in modern times. I hope you make the right choice.

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