Friday, October 22, 2010

Is it a Full Moon?

All of the lunar calendars are saying that a full moon is scheduled for October 23, 2010 or October 22, depending on which chart you look at. Epic Fail. Based on the kind of day it was yesterday with all of the inbound muckery, I would say the rocket scientists and astronomers missed it by a couple of days.
When I was  younger I use to call the moon the night sun. Ok, quit laughing at me it was when I was little...well, alright I was in high school, but I was only joking. My family still teases me about that.
Seriously, yesterday was a drama filled day usually reserved for days when there is a full moon at night.  When I looked out last night the moon looked pretty full to me. I should have known that something was up yesterday because Mr. Bricks eyes were actually looking normal.  No wandering eyes. What's up with that? Do you think the alignment of his eyes is based on the lunar calendar? That would be pretty freaky, but with Mr. Bricks, nothing would surprise me.
OK, so I  had to make change my dental appointment yesterday and it was like I was trying to relocate the gold from Fort Knox to Tampa, Florida. If I had to push one more button on my cell phone yesterday afternoon to hear a prerecorded messgae say "to hear a message in English, press 1", I think my ears were going to start bleeding. It was really the number of times I had to do it within the same conversation that annoyed me, not the fact that there was an option. What did they think? That during the middle of the conversation I decided I wanted to hear the rest of the message in Vietnamese? Come on people, think.
So, Punkin and my other dogs were also acting really weird yesterday. They were all  huddled on a bench together and when I walked in the room I heard Punkin say,  "shhhhh, here she comes" and then they all just stared at me as if nothing was going on. Ge'ez, nothing like them ganging up against me.

 I think they might have some doggie shenanigans up their sleeves. I just know they are up to no good, but I can't prove it yet.
So according to the lunar charts, either tonight or tomorrow will be the next full moon. That means there is still plenty of muckery ahead for the next couple of days.
I don't want to sound like a Debbie Downer because some cool things are happening with my career. And I wrote a really cool new song and I got the new car. So I guess overall, I do feel really blessed.  Happy Friday!!

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