Tuesday, October 19, 2010

My Right To Blog

I'm Greek. I have a tendency to want to explain why I do anything and everything. I've been writing songs my whole life, but this blog thing is a whole new animal for me.  So I really do appreciate the encouragement.
Today I think I want to talk about why I am writing this blog. When I was doing my workout my mind was going over everything I had to get done. I thought to myself why am I also committing to writing a daily blog? But after thinking about it in-between the lunges and the cardio moves I realized that I am doing this for several reasons. (Yes I often have these internal conversations with myself.)
First off, by sharing what's going on in my life there are now people all over the world who have to put up with the same muckery I do. I guess I don't quite feel so alone anymore. Hey, a big shout out to my blog readers in Ambon, Indonesia!
I figure this is way cheaper than paying for therapy. There also isn't a doctor in a white jacket staring at me shaking their head in disbelief at what I am saying like there would be in therapy. At least I can write the blog and have no idea of who is rolling their eyes as they read it. Ignorance is bliss. (Disclaimer) Well, I must admit I actually don't know if a therapist would shake their head in disbelief from my muckery because I have actually never gone to therapy. I think the closest I've ever come to therapy is having lunch with my manager Mr. Bricks and he was rolling his eyes the entire time. Now that I think about it, maybe Mr. Bricks has that medical diseases called Strabismus, it is a disorder  where it looks like a person has a "lazy" or "wandering eye."  Note to self: Ask Mr. Bricks why do his eyeballs wander all over his face.
OK, that was me being a little silly. Guess what? That's the great thing about a writing blog. It's just like real life!! It's not suppose to be serious all of the time. I love to laugh and goof off, as much as I like to work really hard. So I do get a little silly on here especially if I am writing early in the morning before I have had my coffee, so  reader be warned....No Coffee and the horns come out. I'm just sayin'
I remember in school when the teacher would ask who would want to come up in front of the class and read a short story they just wrote, my hand was always the first one up in the air. My Teacher Mrs. Dawson would say, "OK, Ava we have heard quite a few of your stories, don't you think we should share and let the rest of the class read some of their stories?"  I was like, "No."
Blogging is great for me because I've always had way more things to say, than places to tell them. That is why I started writing and recording my songs at such an early age.  All of my little girl friends (the imaginary and real ones) would be wanting to play dress up with their dolls and I would be sitting crossed legged on my bed with a pencil and a notebook writing songs. No wonder my life seems so mucked up, maybe I didn't have a normal childhood after? No, I had a fabulous childhood.
I can let more of my personality out on this blog. It's not that I am trying to be wicked funny, because I don't think I'm funny at all. Although, when I am on stage I am pretty entertaining, or so I have been told. I just try to always do my best. Wicked funny or not.
I've done a heck of a lot of radio interviews lately and the Dj's or radio hosts are kinda left scratching their head after my segment is done. They all keep saying I have way too much energy for such a petite little girl. I keep reminding them...I'm Greek.  I'm not just going to sit somewhere and not talk. I can't do it. If I had to sit somewhere and be quiet for very long I think I would just burst into flames. People would be like..."What was that?" And someone would say, "Oh Ava Aston just exploded again." If God didn't want us to talk he wouldn't have given us a mouth to talk with and ears to listen with. I can't help it if he supersized my mouth!  And while we are on the subject...I don't get why they would ever call me a little girl. What, do I look like I am a 2-year-old for Pete sake? I bet I could kick their butt any time, any place if I had to... I'm just sayin'  I'm tougher than I look. I'm not no girly girl, but I do clean up pretty nice.
So where we're we? Oh yah, I was talking about why I blog.
I blog because I have to.
Have a blessed Day,
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