Sunday, October 10, 2010

Put this on My List of Things To Do!

Sometimes I wish I could invent more hours in the day. I always run out of hours in the day way before I run out of things that need to get done. So I am a list maker. There, I said it. Laugh at me if you wish, but it is what I need to do to get it all done.
I would be living in total muckery if I didn't make lists to help me schedule my day. It is not a minute-by-minute accounting for my time, I just look at it like a really cheap personal assistant that doesn't talk back. I know, I know that there is an iPhone app for that, but I'm your old fashioned kind of list maker that needs pen and paper (wooden clipboard optional) to get the job done. The whole concept of making a list on my phone and then having my cell phone actually reminding me with voice recognition what needs to get done (and also doing some of the things for me) kinda gives me the heebie jeebies. It makes me wonder if there isn't actually a tiny little person inside the phone machine that is making it work. See folks,  there I go again allowing the muckery of technology make my head bleed for over analyzing how things might work.
StopBreatheRelax.  <--- that was a mini Ava list, free of charge.
Today I have a pretty big list of reminders and things I need to do. Some of the things that made the list were:
1. Buy a case of old-fashioned light bulbs
2. Change password on laptop as dog hacked computer
3. Give dog time out for hacking computer
4. Workout
5. Write Blog  (I'm doing that now, duh)
6. Leave post of Facebook Wall asking friends to visit my Facebook Music Page and click on "like" it. Must get to 10,000 likes soon.
7. Eat
8. Mail out CD orders and Autographed picture requests
9. Watch Friday's  "Days of Our Lives" that was Tivo'd
10. Make list for things to do next week
11. Laundry
etc, etc, etc
You can see it's not very exciting, but it does keep me on track. Because I am such a good little list writer I think it helps me in not just my song writing, but also now in writing this blog. Sometimes something fun will happen during my day and I will add it to the "Possible Blog Ideas" list.
So the question is, do I have a master list of all of my lists or don't I? Well, I'm not telling you because somethings a girls' got to keep to herself.
PS. I hope you add my blog to your "list" of favorite blogs

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