Sunday, October 3, 2010

Great things are around the corner!

I was heading to visit my Mom this weekend and it was truly a beautiful weekend in New England  for a road trip. I love seeing all of the fall foliage and the vibrant colors they bring to the area this time of the year. The reds, the yellows, the oranges, the browns...they're all from God's crayon box. As I was being driven down the winding road it seems that every turn revealed more breath taking beauty that the previous one.

This got me thinking. Isn't that just like our own lives where more great things are always just around the corner? We certainly were not born and that ended up being the highlight of  our life, we grow and experience everything life has for us, it just keeps getting better.

I have been blessed to be in a career that has allowed me to travel all over, visit amazing places and meet some wonderful people. But I'm just getting started, and I believe, just like I saw with all of the beautiful New England leaves this weekend, great things are just around the corner for me...and for you!

Obviously I really love to sing and also to write music. I'm always going to give 100% of my energy to every crowd I perform for because they made an effort and they showed up to hear me. As long as God is allowing me to do what I feel I am put on this earth to do, I will try to never disappoint any of my fans. I appreciate all of the love and support they give me at the live shows, on Facebook, MySpace or Twitter.  So, I don't know what God has in store for me or what is just around the corner, however, I do know it will be great.


Ava  xox
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