Friday, October 15, 2010

Blogging....It's all Greek to Me

Next to a good 5 mile run, I love a good great Greek diner! Yummo.
Unless you were late to my blog party, you know I'm Greek and proud of it. I can talk (or blog) for hours on end about absolutely nothing. The proof is this is my 17th day writing this blog and I still haven't said anything that is meaningful or important yet. My Sweetie says that at home I sometimes carry on full blown conversations with myself. Luckily there's no need to check me into the local loony bin because I'm not a whack job, I have an excuse...I'm Greek...that, and I'm blonde.
I am convinced who ever invented "the blog" had to be Greek because today the Freshly Pressed homepage said: "The best of 362,330 bloggers,1,196,830 new posts, 395,874 comments, & 194,564,175 words today on" That is some serious blogging stats my friends and I know it's totally made possible by the people with the gift of gab, the Greeks. Who else has that much to say day after day? I rest my case.
I was surfing on YouTube checking out my site
and I came across something that made me want to pee my pants. It's a bunch of videos made by a Greek comedian. The page is called Mr. Panos Video Blog. Oh my Lord, it's hysterical. Here is a link to cut and paste into your browser:
Now, if you are Greek, you'll die laughing like I did, because you know a bunch of people who look and sound just like the character Mr. Panos. But maybe not so much if you are not Greek like my manager Mr. Bricks, because he just sat there with a dumbass expression across his face not understanding a thing he was watching while I was dying! Someone needs to get his funny bone checked, I'm just sayin'.
I have total respect for the American dream. My dad immigrated to this country from Greece with $2.00 in his pocket. He worked his butt off and built up a very successful bridge painting company. At one point it was his dream that someday me or my sisters take over the business. News flash -- This blonde chick doesn't paint bridges. Thank goodness I knew early on that I wanted to be a recording artist and an actress. I'm not sure there are enough paramedics in the entire city of Manhattan who know that much first aid for me to be dangling from a rope painting a bridge. Nope. Not now, not never, not no how. It ain't happening folks.
I think the world is a much safer place if this Greek girl is behind a microphone singing, behind a camera acting or doing my newest favorite pastime, sitting behind a keyboard blogging!
Have a greek oops, my bad, I mean great day!

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