Monday, November 15, 2010

The blog that almost did not happen!

11:00 PM - So I was sitting there slumbered into my easy chair feet propped up on the coffee table, a large cup of coffee in my hand, some chocolate nearby and a mass of Pekingese in my lap. It was a long weekend and if I wanted to get a daily blog out bright and early tomorrow morning the weekend was going to be a little bit longer.
11:10PM I'm honestly debating about not posting anything. I could use that blog cop-out by putting some bogus caption about having writer's block and then leaving a blank page.  Nope that would be too easy I thought. I need to press on.
11:15 PM I'm sure the coffee at this late hour is fueling my decision making. But I don't want to disturb the sleeping dogs. Maybe I will just veg here for a few more minutes.
11:45 PM The fact that I have expanded my personal muckery to the four corners of the world with this blog is a huge motivating factor to turn off my Tivo'd episode of "Undercover Boss" and start writing something for a new blog post.  Besides, on the show this week the CEO was from a bowling company - who cares, he's just a pinhead! (Ok I admit, I've been dying to use that pinhead joke) Oh wait, it's almost over. I will just finish watching and then I will start writing.
12:18 AM It boggles my Greek little brain that I have faithful readers in places like India,  Pakistan, Indonesia  and Russia that want to start each and every day by seeing what kind of muckery the crazy American girl has gotten herself into in the last 24 hours. Yah, I know they are laughing at me, and not with me, but that's ok because I laugh at me as well.
12:46 AM All of this international reminiscing and another coffee encourages me to turn on the computer.
I was thinking about something yesterday. It is pretty funny to me that my blog went global almost instantly. I didn't realize the power of the almighty blog until my manager Mr. Bricks informed me that WordPress is the 19th most visited website on the planet. (According to the company that ranks website traffic.) So it started to make sense why I was getting email from people in Calcutta asking me if I know Brittney Spears. I don't.
1:00AM Speaking of email I should quickly check mine now before I write the blog post and go to bed. BRB.
1:27AM Did I ever mention that can also be found on Twitter andFacebook? I  do enjoy also having my Greek opinion splashed on other people's walls on those social networking sites as well. But here's the problem -- Twitter limits me to 140 characters. I'm Greek. It takes me 140 characters just to say Hi.  And Facebook is like going to the mall. There is so much to do I always end up hanging out there for hours and then I never getting anything else done.
2:31 AM I hate Farmville  - just saying'  It's like giving crack to city people who have always wanted to own their own farm.
3:18 AM I  have noticed that people who follow me on Facebook or Twitter tend to be users who are generally in the United States or Canada. I do not get the United Nations of followers like my blog gets. I wonder why that is? Any ideas?
3:36 AM Oh crap, look at the time. I forgot about my blog.... I need to write something quick. Oh wait. I just did. Sweet.
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