Friday, November 19, 2010

Happy Birthday To Me!


This is Pookie Aston here. I need to get a few things off of my little Pekingese chest.
First off, I have read some previous blogs that were written by Punkin or as I call her Punky. Most of what Punky said is not true. Punkin is not Mommie's favorite dog...I am the #1 family dog. Look at this photo. Who do you see? Me and Mommie.  Notice, I did not say Punkin and Mommie, I said  Me and Mommie. Personally, I don't think Mommie even likes that red bitch. (for those who are language challenged, bitch is French for female dog) Yes this Chinese girl knows a little French.
Punky said that Mommie treats us bad and that we all want to run away. That is also a big fat red Pekingese lie. There is no better Doggie Mommie than Ava. If Punky doesn't like it here she can hit the road Jack, and she should make sure the door doesn't hit her butt on the way out!
Oh, before I forget today is my Birthday! Yep I'm 8 years old -- That's 56 -- about 46 years younger than Mommie's manager Mr. Bricks. She made me say that. I actually think Mr. Bricks is pretty cool for an old guy.
No matter what any of the other dogs tell you, I  was the first Pekingese in the Aston household.  Did you know we are the Royal Dog of China? Yep. You can check out all about us on Wiki-Peed-ia.
When Mommie got me I spoke a mix of Chinese and English. Mommie called it Chinglish. But now I speak full-fledged doggie English. I wished other dogs that immigrated here would speak the native language...oops Mommie doesn't like when I get all political.
Did you know my Mommie is a singer? yep, she is. She has even written songs about me -- not Punkin. Here is a little diddy she wrote about me:
Peekingesse Power
It's growing by the hour
Big as the Eiffel Tower
Feels good inside
Pekingese Power
You sing it in the shower
It's always sweet and never sour
Makes you happy inside
and so on.....
I love my Mommie's singing. She has a beautiful voice, don't you think? I know most of you have checked out her MySpace Music page, but did you know I have my own MySpace Page? Check it out Pookie's MySpace Page.
Mommie says I'm spoiled. I say no, all dogs smell this way. She has so many crazy nick names for me it's almost embarrassing. Mommie calls me Pook-a-Lina, Ming-Ling, Mulan, Mooch-Chie-Choo, LooLa and Moolie.
So yah, I just needed to log on to Mommies computer and set the record straight from the lies Punkin was spreading. Oh, I got her real good last night.  She was going to hijack Mommie's blog, the one about Hell's Kitchen and make up more stuff about saying the real Hell's Kitchen is where Mommie locks us up for days on end while she is out on tour without food or water. She was hoping by telling a lie like that someone would come take us away.
Well it's not true anyway, we are never locked up like that. Mommie is the best Mommie ever. So, anyway after Punkin had written the blog she asked me how to save it and replace the blog Mommie's wrote yesterday. I told her to hit Ctrl-Alt-Delete. LOL, Punkin is so dumb she believed me and it deleted her post. I laughed so hard I peed all over a pair of Mommie's  favorite Abercrombie & Fitch jeans that were on the chair... Don't tell her it was me, I blamed Itty Bitty and she believed me.
Ok...I'm tired. I need to go take a nap.
Have a good day friends.
Pookie x
PS ~ Feel free to send me Happy Birthday bones if you want to.

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