Sunday, November 14, 2010

What's on Your iPod?

You can tell a lot about a person by what songs they have on their iPod.
A wall street banker might not want to share the fact that he has a Miley Cyrus playlist or a tough looking gang-member will not be very comfortable letting the homies in the hood know that he has Captain And Tennile's "Muskrat Love" on his playlist. That would be an epic fail for both of them, or would it?
As a singer and songwriter, I believe that music is universal and it alone could bring together the different cultures of the world when sometimes war and diplomacy might fail. But then again maybe I've been wearing my rose-colored glasses a little too long. But a girl can dream can't she?
I recently grabbed my manager Mr. Bricks' iPod to get a peek at the songs he had on it. First off, I initially did not even believe he even had an iPod because he is so far behind in technology. You remember this blog about his cell phone don't you?  Seriously, I thought maybe he still had a Sony Walkman with cassette tapes.

Secondly, of course I wanted to make sure he had my songs on there -- hey, I was just checkin'. I am proud to say Mr. Bricks gets an A+ because, yes, he had a whole slew of my music downloaded to his iPod. He also had songs I had never heard of. It turns out that Mr. Bricks is a huge disco lover and it appears he also likes any music that was recorded during the 1970's. It was all there on his little machine for the world to see. (little machine = iPod. That's what I call it.)
So what is on the Blonde Greek girl's iPod? Well, I have spoken about some of my musical tastes from time to time and it is all over the musical landscape. I know I surprise some people when they find out I might like a certain song or artist. My diverse love of music is also shown in the music I record and what I sing at shows. I think Mr. Bricks best summed it up today when he said that my own music appeals to everyone from babies to grandmas, and everyone in between. And that is so true because I have been exposed to every genre of music and I am influenced by it all. So I will continue to record and sing all types of music and I don't think that is a bad thing, no matter what the homeboys in my hood might think of me. Sista Ava is down wit dat.
Here are some of my favorite tunes that are in heavy rotation on my little machine:
Carrie Underwood  -  Jesus Take The Wheel
Almost Over You -  Sheena Easton
I'll Never get Over You Getting Over me - Expose
Lose Yourself - Eminem
My Life Would Suck Without You - Kelly Clarkson
How Am I suppose to live without you? - Michael Bolton/Laura Branagin
I have Nothing - Whitney Houston
Everlong - Foo Fighters
I'm Your Baby Tonight - Whitney Houston
Power of Love - Celine Dion
Alone - Heart
Dreamboat Annie - Heart
We The People - Ava Aston
Independance Day - Martina McBride
Love Will Lead You back - Taylor Dayne
I Believe In You - Amaanda Marshall
Reflection - Christina Aguleria
I also have tons and tons of other songs from POD, Nirvana, Police, Sting, Jermey Camp, Switchfoot, Natalie Grant, Johnny Cash, Journey, Eminem, Daughtry, Evanescene, One Republic, more from Kelly Clarkson, almost eevrything from Journey and the new stuff from Goo Goo Dolls and Heart and blah, blah, blah  --so many more I could go on for hours. Infact I have almost 15 gigs of music with a little more than 4,000 songs on my iPod Nano - If I ever fell down in a ditch while out running and no one noticed me,  at least I would have about 10 days worth of music to keep me going.
So if you look over my playlists you can see that I am a rocker chick with a sappy side. Just look at how many of my favs have the words "over you" or "without you" in the title. yep, I have had my heart broken a few times. Broken love is also is a common theme on my latest CD, "Gone". NOTE: I am proud to point out that my iPod is Lady Ga Ga free, sorry little monsters no Lady G for me -- that's just how I roll.
So, what's on your playlist? Let me know.
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