Wednesday, November 10, 2010

You're The One That I Want

A couple of years ago I was invited to audition for a Broadway revival of Grease.  At the time I thought it was what I wanted more than anything.   In fact, it was the one thing that I wanted so badly that I was considering making a side deal with God during one of my prayers.
I was so tempted to bow my Greek little blonde head and say,"Oh God I want this role more than anything -- I promise that if I get cast as Sandy, I will go to church every single Sunday -even if there is a blizzard."
My justification was that it was a nice touch to add the part of a natural disaster not even being able to stop me from fulfilling my committment. So the blizzard was added simply as an emphasis to the importance of it.
Just like my Mom would always tell me and my sisters how she had to walk two miles a day to school, in the freezing rain. I am convinced by adding inclement weather to any joke, story or prayer request adds validity, I'm just sayin'!
I was pretty sure at the time that if I got that role of Sandy it would have been my ticket to stardom.  I now know that is not true, but it certainly was my perception at the time.  I guess I was all excited and giddy because casting for the role was being done in a very unique way, via a reality series competion on NBC called "Grease: You're the one that I want."
Well, I didn't get the role and you know who did? Neither do I  and that's my point! I was so sure that the whole reality series scenario was going to be the big break for me or for whomever got that role. And it wasn't. The reality series was generally panned by all of the television critics and tanked in the ratings, so I am thankful I wasn't even a part of it.
How many times has that happened in your life? Maybe with a new relationship where you think..."Oh I just know this is the guy/girl for me"  and then 6 months later you're digging your keys into the side of their new Candy Apple Red Ford Mustang Coupe.   The reality is we don't always know what is in own best interest, although we think we do. However, we are all given free will to make the right and wrong choices. (ok, ok the whole keying a car -- not so much a good choice)
On certain issues some decisions are much easier to make. It is apparent to me that my manager Mr. Bricks makes more wrong eating choices than I do. I too would be a little spud if I did not eat healthy and did not work out. But I choose to do what I feel is right for me.
Sometimes we can want something so bad and despite it not being a good thing for us we feel we must have it in our life. People with addiction problems face these type of decisions every day of their life. I may have my share of daily muckery, but I am thankful I do not have any addictions.  OK, wait...I lied. I do have a serious problem. And I have heard that the first step is to overcoming an addiction is admitting that you have a problem. So, goes:
My name is Ava Aston and I am addicted to coffee.
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