Sunday, November 28, 2010

Web Service Composition Management

You can basically take a high performance implementation platform to enable the numerous standards that are easily accessible on a highly functional system that has an operability with a reference to the extensible easy-to-use web services that it stacks.

You could combine any JAX Technology (JT), as an extra measure for Quality Control of Service (QOS) features such as security, reliability, and transaction if the added support warrant the costs.

OK let me cut the techno mumble jumbo crap.....THIS IS PUNKIN. - And I'm back and I hacked my mom Ava's blog today.

I had to put all of that techno stuff at the beginning of the blog today so you could realize just how smart of a Pekingese I really am. Yes, I write my own computer code. Get it straight, this Chinese girl is not just a pretty face, I'm smart too. Look at me!!

OK, A few weeks ago I noticed my sister doggie, Pookie had hacked Mom's blog and told everybody it was her birthday. Pookie got a ton of birthday wishes. Well, folks, today is MY BIRTHDAY. Everybody say Happy Birthday Punkin.

I think the world needs to spend today resting and relaxing, in honor of my birthday! But first, you need to send me a comment to Mommie's blog wishing me a Happy Birthday. See, I want the bragging rights over Pookie saying I got more birthday wishes than her.

I think Mommie is going to have a surprise party for me. She hasn't said a word about my birthday and she has been acting like she has totally forgotten my birthday - which usually means she is up to no good. But that's Ok, I like surprise parties....when Mommie and all the dogs jump out and yell "Surprise -Happy Birthday Punkin" I will just wag my tail really fast, pee on the floor, and act like I am surprised...but it will just be an act. I am a great actress. Actually, I think I am a far better actress than Mommie is. I keep saying Mommie's manager Mr. Bricks needs to represent me and not her. At least I would never make a cartoon and whine about wanting more auditions like she did in yesterday's blog called Saturday Morning Cartoons #2. Pathetic.

So yah, I am a pretty smart dog. In addition to writing computer code I am also working on making a new big scientific discovery. Yep, this is a true story. You see, when Mommie is out on her daily run and the rest of the dogs are lying around the Aston house taking a nap, I am in the basement, wearing my white lab coat looking at stuff under the microscope that I found in the back of Mr. Brick's refrigerator. Mr. Bricks calls it leftovers, I call it black mold. I don't think Mr. Bricks read Mom's blog the other day called Leftovers. Mr. Bricks is a big of an egomaniac and unless he is mentioned in the blog he doesn't read it.

I know I should feel sorry for all of Mom's fans who clicked on her blog today to read what she had to say and instead have to read all of the thoughts that are rolling around in the Peekingnese canine melon of mine. But I am a bit biased and I really think it is much better reading than one of her typical blogs where she goes on and on about being Greek, eating healthy and having blonde hair! Don't you ever get sick of hearing that? I know I do. Whenever she opens her mouth at the house all I hear is white noise.

Oh crap, she just drove up in the driveway....gotta go and pretend I am excited when she yells, Happy Birthday Punkin!!

Love and Fishes,


Woof Woof

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