Friday, December 17, 2010

Knick-Knack, Paddy Whack Give a Dog a Bone

Me and Bobo
The other night at around 9:30 pm (after hours for any vet) Bobo, one of my little furbabies started uncontrolablly shaking. I thought he might be having a seizure. So I wrapped him in one of his dog blankets and packed him up with the other 3 in the car. I knew things were not good for my little Bobo.
I headed for the vet and my mind started racing, as much as I wanted sugar plums to be dancing in my head there was no fancy fruit doing the jig -- instead there were just dollar signs jumping over fences and taunting my Greek little noggin.
Now for me, if any one of my 4 little canine babies get sick or need help I don't care what it costs, they are getting what they need, Stat. That's just how I roll.  They are more valuable to me than any amount of money in the world -- but at the same time, I just know what an after hours emergency vet visit would cost -- and that thought wasn't too far out of my mind either.
As we were driving around I noticed Bobo stopped shaking. In fact he even climbed from the front seat and had joined the ranks of the other 3 dogs in the back seat. Well this was certainly a positive sign I thought.
I decided to drive around a little bit more before I decided to help a veterinarian (I had never met)  put his kids through college. In all fairness to the vets out there, I realize your after hours prices are high to discourage people from calling them in the middle of the night for a case of doggie diarrhea. The the vet still has to get up and do a 12 hour day in the morning and then they will be on call again the next night! So guess I would charge high prices for emergency calls as well.
I was just giddy because Bobo was coming back to his normal self without the vet looking at him. Now this might be wrong for me to think like this -- but as we were driving around,  and with all 4 of the dogs seemed to be doing well - I realized the Greek Girl just saved about $300 - $400 by not actually having to go to the vet, thanks to Bobo's miraculous recovery.
So when I drove past Kohl's I fought a good fight, but the car won -- I (the car) pulled into Kohl's, left the dogs in the car with my Sweetie and went inside to check for any bargains. And no I wasn't on a sneaker hunting expedition this time -- just looking for any good old-fashioned Christmas sales.
45 minutes later, and with my wallet  $150 lighter I emerged from the store. Bobo and the dogs were all happy to see my return. They never know if and when I will return when I'm out shopping. In fact if the doggies could talk (well actually they can, but I will leave that for another blog at another time) I was saying, if the furbabies could talk they would have a nickname for me. They would call me "Ave the Great."  Yah, for all of the right reasons because I spoil the snot out of them, but also because I can do magic. Yep, I can walk down the street and within seconds I can turn into a mall.  Amazing!!! tap, tap hello is this thing on? Can anyone hear me?  Come on folks I'm using my A material here.
As I was driving home I tried to think what was behind Bobo's shaking episode. And then it dawned on me...he had been watching the Biggest Loser with me and there was a lot of screaming and yelling going on since it was the finale, I think all of the commotion spooked him.
When we all got home I was much relieved that it was all really much ado about nothing with Bobo - so I gave him his typical night-time dog bone, a hug and also gave him and extra set of Mommy kisses -- just to let him know how much he is loved.
Have you hugged your dog today?
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