Friday, December 3, 2010

Slippery Roads

I am calling my post today Slippery Roads. The words I write, my blog per se, may not make you chuckle, but that's Ok because I found this hilarious picture to go along with whatever muckery nonsense I do end up writing. This picture just cracks me up!
No - it's not a picture of my manager Mr. Bricks slipping on the ice outside a McDonald's. It's a polar bear -- although for you farsighted folks it might be hard to distinguish between the two. You have to get up real close to be able to tell the difference between Mr. Bricks and a polar bear. They both have very coarse hair all over their body, they both have a certain pungent smell about them, both are clinically overweight, they both could use a pedicare and manicure, and they both could slip on ice and end up on their back and not be able to get up.  The only real difference is, one lives in the zoo. -- Guess which one? I'm not telling! Sometimes I do crack myself up.
As winter starts to settle in, many of us who live in colder parts of the country will soon find ourselves driving again on slippery roads. It's what we must put up with when we choose to live in a place that has cold frigid winters. Like clockwork, after the first snowfall every year the local TV news highlights all of the accidents from the first winter storm. The smarmy weatherman warns about the dangers of driving on slippery roads.  Blah, blah, blah - we get it Mr. Weatherman. Eventually we all do quickly re-learn the art of driving on ice after a few days and for the most part we still get to where we are going, we just realize it takes longer.
Living our life is a lot like driving on slippery roads.  (That was a nice blog segway for a blonde rocker chick, huh? ) You can live your life  slow and cautious in everything that you do. And in the end you will be where you wanted to be and most likely have a life full of proud accomplishments for your efforts. On the other hand you could speed through your life recklessly not caring about yourself or others and most likely you will end up dead in a ditch somewhere.
To further illustrate my point. When the roads are slick out there on the highways and byways, there always seems to be one yahoo travelling 20 - 30 miles over the posted speed limit as if it was a nice hot summer day! They don't care about themselves or others. This person just wants to get where they are going and they want to get there now! In reality they are driving/living on thin ice, literally and figuratively! This is most likely the same person who talks out loud throughout and entire movie. It is the person who has a basket full of groceries in the 10 items or less lane. The world is full of a bunch of knuckleheads I tell you.
This person thinks they are in control -- but somewhere in life or perhaps somewhere on the highway, they are going to unexpectedly hit a patch of black ice and lose control. The sad thing is, they usually end up causing harm to other people when they go out of control because of their carelessness.
I say, what's the rush? Enjoy the journey, whether it be your weekly journey to the mall to get new sneakers or on your journey of life -- be safe, go slow and watch out for the slippery roads!
Have a great day!
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