Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Sneaker Addiction

My name is Ava and I am an addict. I am a recording artist who is addicted to sneakers.
My manager Mr. Bricks wants to do a sneaker intervention on me. I know I have a problem with sneakers, but I am not ready to give up my addiction. Sneakers are part of my sole....sorry, no pun intended. There is even an online magazine devoted to sneakers.  Click here to view it!

360 AirMax kicks
These were my dream sneakers. They are perfect for running and excellent on the treadmill. The problem is when I run I over pronate and it was destroying my IT band (a muscle) so I needed a sneaker I could run outside with.
Enter my new dream sneaker.

The Mizuno (Wave Nirvana 6) is the perfect sneaker for people who over pronate, running outside and for running longer distances. My sister who runs marathon's  turned me onto the Mizuno. Yes, some addictions run rampant through out a family.
However, not all sneakers are created equal.

Nike shox
A girl must have a sneaker for cross training, kick boxing and for doing plyometrics - which is a type of jump training designed to produce fast, powerful movements, and improve the functions of the nervous system, generally for the purpose of improving performance in sports.  For me it helps with my running speed.
Like the last few days, sometimes the weather outside is frightful and it's time to hang up the sneakers.

Ok, the addiction is not just sneakers. It's also boots. too.
Just so you don't think the Greek Blonde Girl is the only Sneakerhead on the planet (yah, we're called Sneakerheads) You gotta watch this video from Sneaker Con that was held last year. My feet are twitching for the next one coming up soon!

Sneaker Con made headlines all the way to Sneakerheads in Brazil

Sneakers are my guilty pleasure -- but most of the time they are on my feet while I am working out or running, so my sneaker addiction can't be all that bad for me now can it?
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