Friday, December 24, 2010

Predictions for 2011

Oh no....really?
Wrapping a white bath  towel around my blonde hair to give myself the best swami appearance.... Here are the Greek girl's predictions for 2011.
  1. Lindsay Lohan will be arrested for possession of drugs
  2. Lindsay Lohan will avoid jail time by crying and asking for rehab
  3. Lindsay Lohan will get released from rehab and make a mockery of the court system
  4. See number #1
  5. The state of California will declare bankruptcy
  6. The state of California will be purchased from the US bankruptcy court by a Mexican drug cartel
  7. 3 random celebrities will die within a short period of time of each other
  8. I will get a record deal ( right Mr. Bricks?)
  9. CBS will change the meaning of their corporate name to (CBS) Complete Bull Shit
  10. NBC and ABC will follow suit with their name changes to (NBC)  Never Been Correct and (ABC) Always Bull Crap
  11. My blog will not win a Pulitzer Prize
  12. Sneakers will become all of the rage at NY's Fashion Week
  13. McDonald's will introduce the "Double McRib" - 2 fake processed pork patties in BBQ sauce with pickles and onions on a toasted bun. My manager Mr. Bricks will be their first customer
  14. I will get to 25,000 "likes" on my Facebook Fan Page
  15. My dog Punkin will hijack my blog again
  16. TSA will get a smack down after a pat down with the Hell's Angels
  17. John Walsh and America's Most Wanted will announce they found Osama Bin Laden. Amazingly, he was living in Washington DC and had a job with an eight figures a year salary in the Obama Administration as an advisor on Muslim tolerance in America
  18. General Mills will rescind their Don't Ask Don't Tell policy about their cereal mascots much to the liking of the Lucky Charms dude and the Trix rabbit
  19. The ESPN executive who approved a tv special about the paper, rock, scissors national championships will be promoted to Head of Programming at MTV
  20. With the success of Michael Jackson's latest CD, Madonna will have herself declared legally dead to help boost her lackluster sales
  21. The Biggest Loser TV show will be cancelled because Michelle Obama solved the nation's obesity problem by making the sales of Girl Scout thin mint cookies illegal
  22. The surprise reveal on Oprah's final show will be that she isn't retiring. Oprah will also shock her audience by announcing that she will pay off the home mortgages for everyone in the country
  23. A sex tape will be leaked starring Miley Cyrus. The title of the video will be "Hannah Banana Fe Fi Fo Montana"
  24. All 12,200 Burger King outlets in 73 countries will be permanently closed by the FDA because they serve beef and it offended one Muslim woman in Boise, Idaho. A similar claim against Wendy's will be dismissed when the FDA determines that Wendy's doesn't use real meat in their products
  25. My blogs throughout 2011 will continue to be filled with useless trivia, accounts of my day-to-day muckery, jabs at my manager Mr. Bricks and yes some typos from time to time. Would you want it any other way?
These are just my predictions -- I might not get them all right, but I feel really strong about most of them! Hopefully you enjoyed my light-hearted blog today and it was my sincerest desire that I made you smile on this Christmas Eve.
Merry Christmas & Happy New Year
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  1. The Scary thing is I could see some of those things happening...Love your Blog...Glenn

  2. Great post and Merry Christmas to you!

    Chuck Norton

  3. Thanks for the kind comments!