Monday, February 7, 2011

Black Eyed Peas

A Bowl of Black Eyed Peas
So, my manager Mr. Bricks is still monitoring my blog for inappropriate content. Not inappropriate content in a sexual content sort of way, (although I am sure he would cop-a-peek) but no worries on that, this Blonde Greek Girl doesn't roll like that!  Unlike the Kardashian girls who seem to be allergic to clothes because they are always taking them off. But that is not my style. I believe I can be just as beautiful fully clothed in my comfy t-shirt, jeans and favorite sneakers as I could be butt-ass naked - just sayin'
The inappropriate content that Mr. Bricks is looking for from me is when I open my big fat Greek mug and say something that might offend my CD buying fans. He doesn't want me to get too political because he says common sense will tell you that 50% of the people will disagree with whatever I say. Mr. Bricks also doesn't want me criticizing other entertainers because he thinks that will make me look bad and look like I might be jealous of an opportunity they got that I did not. He calls it sour grapes, leave it to Mr. Bricks to bring everything back around to some sort of food. No wonder he has an issue with his weight.
So to make Mr. Bricks one  happy man with one lazy eye, I will be speaking in code today.
So, does anyone like those Black Eyed Peas? (Wink Wink.) Myself, I think they are kinda boring. There are so many other "vegetables" that are better. I know many people are fans of Black Eyed Peas, especially in the south.
Some people like their Black Eyed Peas with rice. Personally, you could put a black leather mini skirt and a bazillion sequins on Black Eyed Peas (wink wink) and I still wouldn't get the fascination with them.  I love to work out to make sure I look good on stage when I sing, so I know a little bit about the "veggies" I speak about.
There are certain times like say, New Year's Eve or maybe even the Super Bowl half time show here it is a tradition to have a healthy dose of Black Eyed Peas.  It is supposed to bring you good luck. Well, I had a healthy dose of Black Eyed Peas recently and I don't feel any luckier. Nauseous maybe, but not lucky. In fact my stomach is going "Boom Boom Pow." So, "I gotta feeling" that is not a good thing.
For those of you who like Black Eyed Peas, I'm not out to change your mind. We are all entitled to our tastes and opinions. They just are not for me. But don't worry about me because big girls don't cry, I will be fine. I will just look for other "veggies" that I like and no, don't worry I have already tried "carrot tops" and I am not crazy about that either.

Say no to Carrott Tops


  1. Ha! Would Mr. Bricks like to monitor my blog too? I can cut him in on 10% of my cat food supply and probably also give him a few free books.

    This whole "professional blog" thing is a still a work in progress so I can relate. How can one be honest and open without offending or running the risk of something that's more boring than the local newspaper?

    As for the peas, well, I'm an AC/DC kind of guy. :-)

  2. Brad,

    you like to eat electrocuted peas? hehe