Thursday, February 10, 2011

Friday Night Lights

I like Thursdays because it means that Friday is only one day away. I love Fridays because that means it is almost the weekends. Every Friday I look for something special to happen to signify that it will be a great weekend for me. I call these special happenings my Friday Night Lights. Don't laugh at the Greek Girl, but they are like a flash of positivity - that signals everything is going to be OK for the next several days. I was calling it that long before the Friday Night Lights television series came out.
I don't think I'm looking real hard for these positive flashes because almost anything can be that special happening - something as simple as a driver letting me go  in front of them at the gas pump or if I am lucky, having my manager Mr. Bricks calling me with a last-minute audition. It doesn't have to be anything big really.
As I mentioned Friday Night Lights is also a TV series that was based on a book with the same name. It primarily deals with the people in a small-town in Texas whose lives revolve around their high school football team. Friday Night Lights uses the small-town backdrop to address many issues facing contemporary issues of middle America and their dreams of good things to come.
The characters in that small fictional town are using their high school football team to find their happiness for not just the upcoming weekend but for the rest of the week until the next game. If the team wins everyone is in a happy celebratory mood. If the team loses the game it is like a giant wet blanket has been draped over the town.
When the show first debuted on NBC in 2006 it was a huge hit. I think because we are all looking for something that will let us know that everything is going to be OK. A God Wink or anything to reassure us when we need reassuring. I think the series has less to do with football that it does with searching for internal happiness. When your favorite team wins - well then you just feel a little bit better inside. I am sure there was a lot of very happy people on Sunday in Green Bay, Wisconsin. The people of Green Bay and all the Packer fans around the world are the same people as they were on Saturday, but after the Super Bowl win on Sunday it did not change anything about their lives, but I bet most of them found a boost of confidence after their team won. It's like their noggin says to them that all the crap that is going on in their lives is going to get better now because the Packers just won the Super Bowl.
It doesn't really matter whether you use a friday night football game or some other special happening in your life as a positive yardstick in your life. Just  as long as you realize that the most important thing is what is in your noggin. You alone control your positive and negative thoughts. Now go out and have a great day! I know I will.

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