Friday, February 4, 2011

The Super Bowl.

So what is all of the fuss about this Super Bowl?

So why all of the fuss over a super bowl? OK, I am going to humor you all for a second and pretend I just crawled out from under a rock and I don't really know what all of the Super Bowl hype is about. In fact, I have some questions rolling around in my little Greek noggin as to about what the game of football is really all about anyway.

From what I see, it just seems like a bunch of high-priced athletes fighting over money. At the beginning of the game they get the biggest guy from each team to go to the center of the court, track, diamond, field or whatever this sport calls it. Then they flip a quarter. And for the next (what seems like) 8 hours they fight over that twenty-five cents. I know that is true because I can hear them yell, "Get the quarter back, get the quarter back!"

I hope you like that, I'm using my best "A" material.

I really didn't discover the game of football until I was in high school...and then I really didn't learn much about the rules of the game of football. What I did learn was that all of the cute boys in school were on the football team. So I tried out for cheerleading as an excuse to be near them, and as a way to harness my inner Greekness. And I wasn't just a cheerleader, I was named captain of the cheerleading squad. Yep this big Greek yapper has its advantages I tell you. They said since I was always talking, I might as well be in charge. Ok, so I know a little bit about football, so bring it on!

The part of the Super Bowl hype that upsets me the most is that a football game seems to have more importance than a major religious holiday. Furniture stores, car dealerships, the grocery stores and even Subway are all having Super Bowl specials. I am sure there are more than one confused little kid who wakes up on Sunday morning, runs down stairs and is disappointed that there are no Super Bowl presents waiting for them. Don't we always give kids present on holidays like Christmas, Halloween, Easter and their birthdays?

In reality I think the Super Bowl gets far more media attention than Easter, more stores and companies advertise for the Super Bowl than for Easter. Just think how easy it would be for a company like Subway to advertise during Easter?

Jesus took five loaves of bread two fish and fed 5,000 people. We take one loaf of bread and throw on some sliced process meat and a crap load of veggies on it for only $5.00. The $5.00 foot long now at Subway! Happy Easter.

But alas, like Bieber Fever swept over a nation of pre-teenaged girls, so has the Superbowl fever swept over an entire nation. I will be on my couch on Sunday watching the commercials and laughing, watching and wondering out loud why they would get the Black Eyed Peas to be the half-time entertainment, and not get a real band like Journey or Foreigner to perform. I will also be watching The Pittsburgh Steelers kick the butts of the Green Bay Packers -Just sayin.




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